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Want to be a Sidekick?

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. What is your favorite pastime?

Slaying demons
Researching the undead
Sitting on your couch, watching tv and playing on the computer

2. Who is your idol in life?

Albert Einstein
Arnold Schwartenager
Alfred E. Newman

3. What would you say if a vampire lunged at you?

You're dead meat, mister!
Wait, you are a verilian vampire, correct? Wait here while I get my books!!

4. If given a choice of classes to take, which would you pick?

Level 3 Calculus
Archery, Kickboxing and Karate
Intro to basketweaving

5. Which is a quote you might use when a witty retort is necessary?

"I kill him. Plain and simple."
"It's rather like Longfellow, don't you think?"
"When do I get to ride the boogie train?"

6. What describes your physique and attire?

Fit, active and dressed in tightly fitting, revealing clothes
Stuffy and British
Pajamas, sweat pants. Sometimes you get up to change the channel when the batteries die in your remote.

7. What do you do in your spare time?

Work out, dance and lust after vampires when no one is looking.
Read that charming new book on the metaphysics of virtual portals.
Um, I like squirting cheese in a can directly into my mouth, then grossing out my friends my making it ooze from my lips.

8. What is your most prized possession(s)?

Your stake and cross
Your complete collection of the Life magazine demons of the year issues.
Your autographed picture of the Fonz!

9. Which describes your personal philosophy best?

I am the chosen one. I must sacrifice myself to save the world.
Knowledge is everything.
I go where the cheezy doodles go.

10. Was this quiz too long?

No way! Give me more!!
It was just about right, but I would have proof read the entries much better. And the grammar is atrocious!
WAY TOO LONG! I've broken out into a sweat already!

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