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There are alot of people out there who go to the "Want to be a slayer" or "Want to be a watcher" sites. Those are all well and good. But what about those of us who really don't want to work that hard? What about those of us who like playing on our computers, sitting on our couches and watching our tv? What about those of us who smoke too many cigarettes to actually be "active" and physical?

I decided being a slayer would be WAY too much effort, so what about being a sidekick?

What requirements are there, really? Firstly, you need to be friends with someone who has much more power, talent and ambition then yourself. You need to be able to get yourself into trouble so they can save you once in a while. And you sometimes need witty lines so you don't seem as completely useless as you really are!


If you think you can too, maybe your destiny also lies with being a sidekick. Take this test to find out!