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So any fan of Buffy has heard the group called "The Scooby Gang". Well I started thinking one night about how scarily true the parallel is. I could pair up the characters so easily, and for lack of having anything better to do, I decided to make a webpage about it. Call me a loser. Please. No really, I don't mind!!!

Fred was the male brainiac who plotted all the traps for ghosts and demons. He dressed very... stiff. Giles is the male braniac who plans and researches all of the demon and ghost fighting. They both seem to feel superior to most people, but know they cannot get along without their special helper...

Daphne was the no-brained beauty queen type of Scooby Doo. She wore dresses that were too short for her to actually fight in, and always had great reactions to frightful situations such as "Jeepers!" Cordelia is the semi-no-brained beauty queen type of BTVS. She wears clothing that makes it nearly impossible for her to do anything constructive. She reacts to frightful situations with phrases such as, "But daddy just had this car detailed!!"

This seems the most frigtening! Velma was the INCREDIBLY smart redheaded female of the show Scooby Doo who could never get a date. Her brains helped the group figure out all of those difficult problems the group faced (like when the Harlem Globe Trotters were around!) Willow is the increrdibly smart red-headed female of BTVS who had trouble getting a date (until Oz). Her brains help the group find crazy things on the internet and her research into witchcraft has saved them many times!

Okay, another easy one. Shaggy was the dim-witted guy who sometimes came up with witty phrases, liked to eat and often stumbled over the bad guys when either hiding or looking for food. Xander is the... less then intellectual guy who comes up with witty phrases, likes to eat and lust after women and often stumbles into the bad guys when hiding, looking for food or trying to get laid.

This is where my theory runs into problems. Each other character is covered, but when trying to equate Buffy and Scooby, I found little in common besides that their names are both silly and end in Y. Each is an integral part of their group, and their shows are named after them... BUT Scooby was a scaredy dog and Buffy is never afraid. Scooby is a putsy kind of dog-guy and Buffy is pretty damned dextrous. I thought maybe Oz could be Scooby, since they both have some canine going on... but that doesn't fit either. So maybe it's a conspiracy. Maybe the writers of the show have done this insane parallel on purpose, only to leave us pondering the Scooby/Buffy connection. Maybe this is an integral part of driving the fans mad! Or maybe I'm making WAY too much out of this. But I don't think so. It all seems a little too coincidental to me...