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United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.

The Brigader

The Brigader had a 'true military mind'. If it poses a threat five rounds rapid should deal with the brute. Of course, that line of reasoning didn't work very well in the Doctor's world. ("Just once I'd like to meet an alien menace that wasn't immune to bullets.") He often made things worse with his stong arm tactics and the Doctor was quick to point this out. Still, although the Doc. and the Brig.'s friendship had it's ups and downs, they remained mates all the way through the series. Every single incarnation of the Doctor met the Brigader except Colin Baker.

Sargent Benton

Sargent Benton served under the Brig. at UNIT. He had a very "happy" personality even though he often got into trouble for smiling on duty. He was with the Brigader even before UNIT was formed. Before the Brigader was Brigader, actually. He and Mike Yates were the only officers under the Brigader we actually got to know. Bit like 'Dad's Army' in that respect... Any way, the Sarg. was lots of fun, especially in "The Green Death". ("Here pussy, pussy, pussys, come get your lovely din'dins!") --You'd have to watch the ep. ...

Mike Yates

Capitian Mike Yates also served under the Brigader. His character was originally introduced as a "love-intrest" for Josephen Grant, but that idea was soon dismised. Yates wasn't quite as layed back as Sargent Benton, but he was still kind of fun. That is, until he sided with the enemy one time and held a gun on both the Doc. AND the Brig. Of course, he thought he was "doing what was right" so maybe he can be forgiven... MAYBE...