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  The Master  

The Master was with the show from Jon Pertwee's time to the very end. He went through several regenerations and even ran
 out of lives once, but managed to survive somehow. He was a master hypmosist (no pun intended) and a brillent mathamatition.  He and the Doctor went the the Acadamy together but somewhere along the way the Master developed a deadly hatred for the Doctor.

The Doctor and the Master were both renegades from the Time Lords. But while the Doctor was devoted to fighting evil, the
 Master was devoted to creating it. He would do anything to gain power. The only thing, it seemed, that was more important to him than power was his desire to kill the Doctor.

There was speculation at one time that the Master might have been the Doctor's brother. There is nothing in the show to
 support this though, except the Master's final words in "Planet of Fire". He started to say something but was cut off by-- well, I
  won't say what he was cut off by so as not to spoil it for the people who have yet to see the ep.-- anyway, he started to say
something that began with "Would you kill your own--" and was cut off. He could have been going to say "brother" I suppose. Guess we'll never know...

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