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My Pets
--And, yes, I am unhealthily obsessive...--
Here are my pets.  Aren't they adorable?
Sport's been in our family for about five years.  In that time she has somehow
managed to have 53 litters of puppies... Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating. A little.
But despite her... eh... friendliness with the neighborhood boys, Sport's absolutely
perfect.  She's smart, cute, comes when you call her, doesn't bark all night, travels well,
doesn't chew on the cats... much..., and is basically an all-round great dog.  And I'm quite
sure all her off-spring are, as well.  Anybody want a puppy? Please?! Maybe even two!
They're very cute!  Aw, come on... Just one little puppy?
I think the Master was exposed to high levels of radiation and regenerated into this cat...
I mean, he's so much like him it's scary. When he wants something from you, he's the sweetest
cat in the world. Falls asleep in your lap, rubs all over your legs when you come outside, purrs
like an angel--- do angels purr? But as soon as he's tired of being scratched behind the ears, watch out.
He'll scratch you, hiss at you, shrink you into a little tiny doll with his Tissue Compression Eliminator...
Oh, wait, that's the real Master...
Anyway, he even looks like the Master. He's dressed in black, has green, cat eyes, and look! He even has a little goatee...
The Three Stooges
Sugar Woody                                                          Kazi
These three cats, believe it or not, came from the same litter. Kazi, by the way, is short for Kamikaze. He likes to leap out of your arms onto hard concrete. I'd explain Sugar Woody's name but you kinda had to be there... Lucky- well... Lucky's actually his middle name. His first name's Un.....   Lucky's kind of evil. Sugar Woody's sweet enough, I suppose. Kazi's the most affectionate, but he has this unfortunate tendency to chew on your toes...
The Kittens
The mom of Sugar Woody, Kazi, and Lucky (and Salem, by the way) has just had five new kittens. They're adorable. They don't all have names yet, but there are two black ones, two siamese, and one striped one. The black one in the middle of the first line of pictures is named Snowball. (Don't ask) The striped one's named Waldo. The rest have yet to earn a name... They live, interestingly enough, in Sport's dog house. Sport never uses it unless she has puppies, so the cats have their kittens in there. Come to think of it, between Sport and the cats, that's one very busy dog house...
Pepper is the mother of all the other cats at our house.  She wandered up two years ago and was so cute and affectionate we just had to keep her.  She's grown decidedly less sweet since then, but I still love her to death. And she keeps us completely stocked up with kittens.  You should have seen her just before this last lot was born. Her stomach was so big it dragged the ground when she walked.