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My Page
I know that none of you people out there could care less about who I am, what I look like,
or what my hobbies are (except my taste in television, of course.) You're here to surf a Doctor Who web
page, right? That in itself shows that you have impeccable taste. But sense this is, after all, my own personal
web page that I have spent my own personal hours (and hours, and hours) making, I think I can include a few
things about me along with all this wonderful Doctor Who information. So here it is - my life in two paragraphs.
My name's Rachel Leigh. I'd tell ya' where I was born, like you're supposed to
   on these little autobiographies, but with all the sickos out there, I think
     not. Of course, no Doctor Who fan could be a sicko, right? (Just say,
  "Right". You don't want to disillusion my pitiful little view on life.) Any way,
 I'm female, 18 years old, with blond hair and green eyes.  I've watched Doctor
   Who all my life and am hopelessly in love with the series. I draw TARDISes (TARDISi?)
   everywhere and quote the shows whenever the conversation permits. Of
  course, you already knew I was a Doctor Who fan, so I'll move on to some
other stuff...
 I happen to be a writer. I've finished a couple of books.  They're at about the
fourteen-year-old level, action type novels.  They need some serious editing, which
I WILL get around to... someday...  I've written some Doctor Who stuff as well,
which can be found on the Fan-Fic page.  Currently I'm working on a Star Trek (TOS)
meets Doctor Who story.  It's coming out great. My best work yet, I think. I also
write poetry, but none of that mushy stuff. A few of my poems are posted below.
They've won a few awards since they were written. *Blinks modestly*
(Pretentious? Moi?) Anyway, that's really all there is to me. Doctor Who and writing. I've
got pages for a few other shows I'm pretty obsessed with posted below also.
Hope you enjoy.  Later,
                                                    --Rachel Leigh
My Pets
Click above to see pictures of and read about my wonderful animals.
This page really came out very well.  It not only has great pictures of my adorable
pets, but it's a bit humorus as well....

Click Here to See My Dorm Room.

   The Poems


        The Shows
         Are You Being Served?

more to come....someday...
    The Brat
                   This page has just been up-dated and belongs to my younger sister.  She's learning how to make a web page.