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The Amazing, Wonderful
Star Trek Kleenex Box of Death.

Okay, scratch the "of Death" part. Things just sound so much more dramatic when you add that little phrase.
Anyway, below is an original Rachel Leigh design Star Trek kleenex box, made with plastic canvas and yarn. All this stuff is copywrighted, incidentaly (in other words I mailed a copy of all the designs to myself, and have an unopened envelope proving when I made them). I don't make a big thing about people taking pictures off of sites, but I'd apreciate it if you'd just let me know before you use any of these. I worked long and hard on them. So just drop me a note at and let me know what you're going to use them for and a copy of the URL for the page they'll be on and they're all yours. Okay?
                                                                                                            Thanks much,
                                                                                                                        Rachel Leigh
A kleenex box, as I'm sure you know, has four sides and a top. There isn't a bottom so that you can slide the box holding the kleenex in. The measurements for a plastic canvas kleenex box cover are as follows:

Top: Each side has thrity threads. The hole in the middle is ten threads by ten threads.

Sides: The top is thrity threads long (so that it will fit against the top panel.) the sides are 38 threads long.
All the side panels are identical.

I'm assuming anyone atempting this design is fairly advanced in plastic canvas. If anyone is just starting out and wants more help, just write me and let me know. I'll be glad to assist. (Although it would probably be much easier if you could find someone who knows how that you can see doing it. It can get fairly complicated if you try to explain it only with words.)

"Beam me up Scotty". Star Trek's own personal catch phrase. I used a flat, silver thread for the words (be sure
you flatten out the thread after each stich. You'll see what I mean when you use it.) and black yarn for the background. Obviously you can use whatever colors you wish, but these look really great with the rest of the box.
I had a lot of fun with this one. His hand is supposed to be in the "Live Long and Prosper" shape... Give me a break, I had to use all straight lines! The background is two different shades of purple done in a, "square stitch", I guess it's called. You can kind of tell how it's done on the light purple squares. The longest stitch needs to be cut in half so that it isn't so easy to catch on something. And yes, I know that the silver V on the dude's chest is turned the wrong way. I didn't notice until I'd put the box together and couldn't fix it. Ouch. His eyes are done the same as the background squares, although they're smaller. And the thread seperating his head from his shrirt and his hand from his shirt is silver. Not flat silver, like on the top, just regualar stuff. You can get it at any Wal-mart--as you can everything I use.
"Live Long and Prosper". I recomend that this one goes next to the alien above for obvious reasons. The background is blue and the words are the same silver I used on the alien. Only normal stiches on this one except for the stars. Those are just sewn over the basic stiching. You can even leave them off if you want. I just thought they looked cool. Do you have any idea how long it took me to figure out how to do cursif writing using only straight lines?! Still, the results were worth it.
 3rd Side Panel
Here's the Enterprise. Had to include her, ya' know. I know this one is a little colorful, but I think it looks great. The squares are the same as on the alien panel and the Enterprise is done in the same silver thread as the wording on the rest of the panels. The words, "STAR TRECK" are done in black silver.

Note: The word Treck is actually supposed to be Trek. Darn.

4th Side Panel

Space, The Final Frontier.  More of that pesky cursive. The "e" turned out a little bigger than I had intended. You can try to fix it if you like. (Good luck) You also might want to move all the words down a line or two to make it more centered.  There are also a couple more of those golden stars to tie this one into the other blue one.

The whole box is sewn together with black silver thread. The same color that's used on the words,
"Star Treck" on the third panel.

Obviously you can change any of these designs however you want to if you decide to do this. It's your kleenex box, after all. I hope you enjoy making it and please let me know what you think of the designs. Live long and prosper,