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Jamie's Page

James Robert McCrimmon, that kilt-clad lad of the Highlands, has captured yet another heart. I introduced my friend, Natalie, to Doctor Who, showing her first the cult classic Tomb of the Cybermen. It was love at first sight. Not necessarily with the show (although she liked that, too) but with the wonderful and adorable Jamie. In the few days since viewing the show, she has managed to produce more fan art than I have recived for this site in the last four years combined. Of course, that's only two pictures, but that's still quite an impressive feat.

James Robert McCrimmon

"What? I like 'em."

And here he is in all his glory. While watching the show, Natalie and I discussed the fact that the
black and white picture makes it impossible to prove that Jamie's socks are actually black. What if
they were hot pink?! Here we see Jamie making a huge fashion statement.

My Little Jamie

Now here's a concept that should have caught on years ago. Jamie the My Little Pony! I'd buy it.
Notice that his love of pink once again shows. And how about the name? You've heard of Sunny Daze Pony
and Strawberry Swirl pony, but what about Scottish Dunder pony?! Complete with bowl cut.