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Tips to Survive in Doctor Who's Universe

Under Construction

Here are some tips on how to survive if you find yourself suddenly sucked up into the television in the middle of your fav. Dr. Who episode. Enjoy.
1) The only thing more unsettling than a dog barking is a dog that stops barking.

2) Men wearing dark clothes and a goatee are bad.

3) Anyone with a manacial laugh IS manacial. Leave. Go far away.

4) All homocidial maniacs love to talk. Encourage this. (Trust me.)

5) If people see you mean them no harm, they'll never hurt you--Nine times out of ten...

6) NEVER say the words, "What could possibly go wrong?" You'll find out.

7) If the Doctor starts making strange comments about the origen of your name-- run a mile.

8)Before you critisize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.
Then when you critisize them you'll be a mile away AND you'll have their shoes!

Under Construction

If you have any suggestions for "Tips to Survive in Doctor Who's Universe," click on the mailbox below to send them to me. For every tip sent (that I use), I'll send you a link to a new Doctor Who site!

Things a Who fan does NOT want to hear in an operating room.

"You can't do that!"
"Cybermen do not subscribe to theories of 'morality'."

"We're out of anethetic. How about a Jelly Baby?"

"Adric, get out of that operating room!"
"Aww, now I'll never know if I was right."


"Right, now he's asleep we can REALLY have some fun!"

"The last spleen I need! Nothing can stop me now!"

Ramona: "I bet you a jelly baby K9 can seal this arteriy from 20 paces!"

Doctor: "You're on!"

Harry: "The patient needs to be taken to the sick bay IMEDIATLY!"

Doctor: "Infermary."
Harry: "Sick bay!"
Doctor: "Infermary!!"
Harry: "Sick bay!!!"

Unstable? Me? UNSTABLE?!

(Heavy breathing...) "Sontaran G3 Military Assesment Survey: Experement, human resistance to organ removal..."

"Your head! What a magnificent head..."

Spoons being played.

"No! Not the Mind Probe!"

"Hmm, scalpel, scalpel...aha! (Sound of shoe being removed) Of course, obivouse place..."

"What could possibly go wrong."

"You stold my jelly babies. Prepare to die."

"Wait! What's the brain doing on the floor? Condo! I needed that!"


"Oh, now you've done it. We shant be seing him again."

"Hey, look. His heart is a peice of the Key to Time!"