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The TARDIS databanks

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The Doctor's Photo Album (with summaries of the Doctors and the companions)
The Baddies
The Master
The Books
Tips to Survive in Doctor Who's Universe
Bad Guy’s Tips to Survive in Doctor Who’s Universe
Get your TARDIS pilots license!
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Gallifraian Style)
Get your Academy Diploma with one easy test!
Who's Who (A quote quiz)
Fan Fiction
Doctor Who Art Projects
Links to other Doctor Who sites
My Page

Surf and Enjoy! Just watch out for the Dalecks! They're itching to "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" Aren't you just sick of those darn traffic cones?

What's New in The TARDIS databanks:

Work has finally begun on the new web page! And it is going along great! I'm ditching stupid angelfire and moving to geocities. For a preview of what's been done so far go to The new website will be called Long Scarves and Celery. It looks so much better than this one! I know so much more html than I used to. The other site is being made pure-html style while this one is just skanking a pattern from angelfire. If you're bookmarked to this page it'll have to be changed soon. If you're direct linking any of my pictures to your own website, you might want to save the images. This site is going down soon! A link will remain to the other site on this page. As always, send any suggestions or comments to my e-mail address. It's, or just click on the mailbox below.

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Doctor Who was voted the third best televison series ever by the British Film Institute!
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We Love the Iraqi Information Minister!

The Iraqi Information Minister has endeared himself to the world with his steadfast commitment to one idea despite all evidence to the contrary! Click above to see some of his more classic quotes and find out where he might be now.

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