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3.20.01 = hi...long time no ska. the Cuffs have been on an unexpected 2 month hiatus, but we are getting through it and we had practice last Thursday at which we wrote a new song entitled, "Eve of Destruction" also, will be back in action on fuckin' Friday @ the Buek so be there! i'd like to take this time to say how much i love CFC...we've been through what seems like forever although it's only been 3 years. we've been on the brink of breaking up several times, we've seen hundreds of thousands of horn players come and go, we've won awards, we've gotten to play some awesome shows, and for awhile i honestly thought that this show on Friday would be our last...but it seems that the bond of CFC still stands. yeah...we're all in new bands, blah blah blah, but i'd give all of them up for CFC in a second. now that that's out of the way...i can tell you stuff that's going to be happening. this fridays show at the Buek will also include Skarmy of Darkness, the Danger Strangers, EBS, Social Control, and many many more. it starts at 6:00 and costs $5. we still have free recording time that will be used as soon as we write more songs. we'll probly plop them on with the old tracks, maybe some double old school tracks, live tracks, and more jive. i'll keep you posted on that monstrosity. also, we're on, a really cool site where you listen to a bunch of little underground punk and ska bands and rate them...they have like a billboard-esque chart thing, we're like 500-something. our friends from the north, Dinkus 9 have been at number 3 for awhile which is cool. so yeah...go there and rate us, whether you think we suck or not...Anarchy 4 Anybody is up there along w/ Mitchell Goodard Strikes Back. recap: show this friday, CFC rulez, new record soon, garage bands, Encyclopedia Brittanica...up my ass. PEACE!

2.7.00 = i put more photos up...some from the Flywheel, and some weird ones. we're gonna be on another comp, this one by little DIY label called Hedgehog Records. this weekend at the Buek there is a show...but there is also going to be THE GIGANTIC SNOWBALL FIGHT OF DEATH 98'!!!! be there...or be pelted with snowballs. we need more me if you want us to play in your jacuzi.

2.3.01 = HI! i put a bunch of new pictures up today from our recording sessions w/ One Screw Loose. our next show is next sat. the 10th @ the Buek w/ skarmy, dimestore haloes, punching judy, and OSL. it's gonna be radical. we're in the process of setting up some of them there free recordings we haven't decided what songs we're gonna do but "Kill Ska, Play Metal" will definately be one of them. we're going to be 4-tracking the buek show on the 10th so if you wanna be heard yelling on the cd come to the show. we're getting some shirts and possibly buttons made in the very near future. if your artistic and really bored...make a Chinese Finger Cuffs logo for us, send it to me by mail [email or snail mail, preferably snail mail], and if we like it enough to use it on the shirts...we'll hook you up with free ummm...we have some new shows in the making but nothing is final so i'm not gonna say much about them all i can say is hometown mex cess cjb battle of band NL v-tines ska punk possibly WMA again...but yeah...that's all folks. WORK IT IF YA LIKE IT!

1.27.01 = not much news...i'm just bored. we played mass was fun. we play buek in 2 weeks. be there. OOH BABY I LIKE IT RAW!

1.25.01 = hi...i updated some stuff including the diary and the shows section. we won 1st place at the Chatham High Battle of the Bands. it's been a long time coming...but we finally killed everyone in Chatham and took the gold. we won some recording look out for a possible full length w/ additional live tracks sometime in the future. were confirmed for the Jahnowari Records comp which is yet to be named. the featured song will be either "Anarchy 4 Anybody" or "Supermarket Sweep". thanks vid. our next show is tomorrow at da flywheel w/ skarmy, cjb, danga strangaz, and the dare. email the crazy motherfucker named weave dawg.

12.23.00 = HI-YA! i put a new diary entry on the diary page, in the music section. ummm...our next show is on January 26th @ the Flywheel in MA. it's a while away...but i just thought i'd let you know cuz we're really psyched. we might be playing a B-Day party for Bob's cousin...but who knows. we have a bunch of cd's know who to call if you want one. they're 5 clams. we're almost definately getting some merch soon. lookout for CFC T-shirts...and CFC punk rock pins to put on your punk rock jackets and what not. so yeah...don't forget to sign the guestbook, join the mailing list of doom [scroll up], and have a wonderful mothuhfuckin thyme. BIZNATCH!

12.5.00 = yeeeeaaaah boyeee! ummm...i updated the page a little...just little updates on everything...but lots of new pictures. actually they're really old pictures...i just forgot that i had them uploaded in Angelfire. our next show is ska3k @ mother earths w/ Skip George and One Screw Loose. we'll have a bunch of cds there so you can buy them as stocking stuffers for your grandparents. we're gonna be on a comp done by Jahnowari Records ...look out for that. suckas!

11.28.00 = the split is done! if you want to buy it send $5 cash or a check for $5 made out to Andy Weaver to...Andy Weaver, Route 203 Box 803, North Chatham, NY 12132 ...yeah...the split sounds excellent. we got some show news...we're playing an "Anti-Show" i'm not EXACTLY sure what we're anti-ing but's still gonna rule! it's gonna be an all out 518 punk/ska riot! check out the shows page for our other shows that we're playing. ?sax player? .matt got a piccolo trumpet from his uncle the other's really little and it has 4 valves instead of 3, i just thought that was really cool. i put lots of new pictures up...check em out. that's all. peace, love, and soul.

11.19.00 = postproduction of the split is almost finished. we have all the components, we just have to finish the cover and press some cds...then wha la! i put more photos on the photography page. we had Este D take some semi-pro photos for us. they turned out really really really good...este rules...i'll post the pictures when i get em. also look out for some mp3 samples coming soon courtesy of steve screw loose. our next show is this wednsday the 22nd at the buekendaal motherfucking temple. i strongly urge anyone who is reading this to post information on this show everywhere...make flyers and whatever you can to make this a fun show...cuz people = fun. we're still looking for shows to fill the emptyness that is our schedule. if you know of anything that's going down gimme a holler. we might be getting a sax player...but what the fuck else is new. maybe we can keep this one. well...that's about it...YIN REPRESENT!

11.15.00 = the split is done...he didn't give us the CFC half of the cd though...cuz we're poor. the one screw loose half of the cd sounds fucking good though. ummm...we might have a show this friday if matt feels up to it...@ Voorheesville High School. i don't really know anything about it...but i'll figure it out. definitely don't count on seeing us that night's a big maybe. ummm...i put up the lyrics to pretty much all of the songs that we still play...check em' out they're on the music page. i am also getting pictures back from the K-Hook show. look out for them soon. i also updated the diary page. hmmm...i think that's it....oh..."by the way...suck my motherfucking dick."

11.8.00 ='s it hangin'? ["low and large"] damn that's funny. we have been placed on more shows. i'm very happy about that. i didn't think we were ever gonna play shows again...much props to bob, skarmy, ICC, and myself...nuttin' but love for y'all. check out the shows page for more info. we will have the split finished by the end of this weekend...which means we will be debuting the demo at the Giving Thanks to Buekendaal show on the 22nd. BUY IT YOU CHEAP ASS PUNK ROCK MOTHERFUCKERS! we rock ICC, CFC style this Saturday. on the flyer it says "Live Entertainment and Dancing" hehe...there's no way we can beat out OSL's dance contest by a long shot. oh well...die.

11.6.00 = hi...i just got back from was fun...we wrote a new's insane. we have a show this weekend...@ the Kinderhook Elks Lodge...i'm pretty sure that this is for sure...but it's for school...and ICC is full of they probably don't know what they're doing. so yeah...ummm...the mixing session has finally been schedules...this sunday we finish the split. i'm psyched. we are going on hiatus as of November 13th to write new on old songs...rehearse with our possible 2nd guitarist...and become a better band. the Massachusets show has been either cancelled or postponed due to venue venue. i'll give you more info on the third coming of that show when i get it. ummm...once we get some CD's pressed or burned or whatever i will be selling them from this page...they won't be more than 5 dollars at the absolute most...CFC...keepin' it cheap since 98'. i updated the upcoming shows page w/ more info on the k-hook show. peace, love, and vegan pepperoni.

11.2.00 = yo yo's november now...and we have a whopping 1 show. wow...boy do we suck. ummm...i did some updating of the page...i fixed the broken pictures, i am in the process of putting up some lyrics, blah. ummm...we played a show last was fun. dan made us cancel the buek show on the 27th...but it's ok...i got nothin' but love fo' ya. hopefully by our next show we will have stickers and the split to sell...but the mixdown session keeps getting pushed back...when we finish i'll let you know. we have been having hostage negotiations with a possible second guitarist...his name is kevin. we will be learning new songs this weekend hopefully. shloopyblop.

10.23.00 = i updated like 2 days ago...but i'm fuck you guys. our time in the studio is going very well. both bands are going to have 4 songs on the CD. i put up the song listings on the music page. i made online flyers for our next 2 shows...HALLOIWEEN 2k and HIP-HOP BBQ 98' ...print them them with friends...send mass emails to total's fun. ummm...that's about it...we are getting a record release party together for us and OSL. more on that later...fuckers.

10.20.00 = well, i got some good news and some bad news. let's start with the good news...ok? good, we are going into the studio tomorow to record the CFC/OSL split. it should be a fun time. hopefully we will have some CDs made for the halloiween show @ buekendaal on the 27th. that's going to be a rad show...soooo many good time, excellent. the bad news...our new found trombonerizer has left the lude crude, dudes in CFC. there are no hard feelings though. if you were lucky enough to see us with are sad to see her go. she rocked the hizouse on the t-bone...she will be missed. write her hatemail here. so now it's back to the, dan, matt, and dan...will the Niverville crew ever find another horn player??? probly not. so yeah...if you know of anyone that wants to play t-bone or sax in a really crappy Billy Ray Cyrus cover band...let me know. well...that's about everything that is happening in the world of CFC. OH...join our mailing list[bottom of 1st page]. it will give you daily info on chinese finger cuffs...funny stories...naked pictures of bearded women...and much much more. see ya...wouldn't wanna be ya.

10.16.00 = guten tag. i updated some sections of the page...the diary being one of and also the news section...uh duh. the shows this weekend went well we only played buekendaal once due to something weird happening with the booking. we're going into the studio with our homeboyz One Screw Loose this weekend to record the split. it's gonna be a fun time. we might be playing in UMASS...maybe...don't count on it...but yeah...maybe. ummmm...some show news also...i don't feel like writing it go here.

10.9.00 = hey...i updated some things...basically just shows...we have some crazy shit goin' down in the coming weeks...we are booked every weekend for rules. our next show is the 13th @ the Buekendaal Temple w/ 5 Bucks, the $ellout$, and our homeboyz OSL. it will be is night one of our 2 night stay at the buek. the next night is w/ skarmy, OSL, dinkus 9, and others...should also be rockin'. we just got shlepped on another show on the 27th w/ darkbuster, punchin' judy, skarmy, and blacklisted, this should rock the party that rocks the body. hmmm...we had practice went well...we have a new metal's crazy. bad of nov. 6th...the CFC will be taking a brief 2 week hiatus...due to matt anti-eth having his wis-dumb teeth pulled. he will be in alot of can send him get well cards, email me and i will give you his address. he's gonna eat jell-o...and lots of it. so we're gonna write songs and stuff i think and hopefully we will have some new shit for y'all when the hiatus is over. it snowed today...i didn't have school today either...christopher columbus rulez.

9.30.00 = show went good last night...good crowd...crazy hardcore guys...all kindsa crazy shit...fuck yeah...i updated the diary...our next show is on the 14th at the buek once again...***if anyone is reading this and knows where the Rotterdam Boys and Girls Club is...please fucking email me!***...i wanna do shows there...word.

9.28.00 = Chinese Finger Cuffs and One Screw Loose will be going into the studio together on October 21st, and real release date yet...but look out for the newest CFC and OSL joints in Late October. I tried to make a new page the other day...with frames...and i almost committed you will never see that page. well actually you's pretty's here...i'm not gonna use it though cuz it's all fucked up...but you'll figure that out when you look at it. i added some new shows to the showlist...some fun shit is gonna happen soon...and you know

9.25.00 = had practice was was our first practice w/ the dee-meister, and it went well...even though we don't know what notes are. ummmm...DIY FEST 2 TRIPLE ZERO is this fucking friday...and i want everyone there, eeeeemediately. ummm...that's about it...sorry...the news wasn't that exciting today.

9.21.00 = heyo...i updated the page a little, i put up some photos from Fast Times @ the Buekendaal Temple, they're a little blurry, if anyone knows how i can make them not me. the mother earths show has been moved back to the 28th of Oct. due to squirrels and aquanet. look out Massachusetts...CFC is comin' at ya! we have a show in Wilbraham, Mass. with Skarmy, Honky Dorey, and much much more, on Nov. 5th's gonna rock. it's at a Polish community center...woo! more info on that here. looks as if the OSL/CFC split cd may actually happen. everyone is cool with we just need to raise money...did somebody say, BAKE SALE! we need to find a good/cheap studio also...if anyone knows of any place like me. DIY FEST 2 triple zero is next friday...if your not there...i will destroy you. more info on that here. our first practice with our new trombonerizer is this monday [yay!] that's pretty much it...OH WAIT...i have one question...WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

9.16.00 = BIG NEWS! WE HAVE A NEW MEMBER! her name is Dee, like the letter. she will be playing trombone with us. so we're very happy about that. the show last night was wonderful, more on that here. there has been talk of a One Screw Loose/Chinese Finger Cuffs split CD going around. this may happen...this may not...but hopefully it will, cuz that would rule...alot. our next show is on the 29th of September, it's called DIY Fest 2000, it will be at the Buekendaal Temple w/ perfect day, OSL, our friend ned, and others. so come check us out there, it's a guaranteed good time for all. i will put up some new pictures when i get them, but until then...DIE!

9.12.00 = well we practiced today...for the first time in a month and a half. and it actually sounded good...we're pretty tight. the demo will NOT be finished for friday...everything about this demo has sucked since the start so fuck it. ummm...we may be getting a new member to rock out with us on the trombone...but it's up in the air. i'll get back to you folks about that. we are back and ready for love. so bring it on. BOOM! check out the girls with the butts.

9.6.00 = bad news...skarmy isn't playing the show on the 15th...drat. the da's have been recruited to play. we will be practicing and hopefully recording in this coming look for CFC demos soon. FUCK SCHOOL!

9.1.00 = our next definate show is September 15th w/ Skarmy, OSL, Never Fi!, blah, blah, blah. we are also playing Mother Earths in the month of September w/ Perfect Day check back for more info as it develops. i'm going on approx. 6 hours of sleep in 2 days. i'm feeling the flow. email me if you want to talk about sex baby. ooh, yeah.

8.30.00 = ok...we got mucho show action apparently...but most of them are sketchy...some bands we may be playing with in the coming weeks/months include...pajamazon, f-timmi, 5 bucks!, plan 10, big d and the kids table, the sellouts, one screw loose, monster eats and burps...and tons of others...hopefully. There has also been talk of a "We're Still Here" show at Buekendaal. There will not be a headliner. It should rock ass if it happens...the un-official date is Sept. look out for more info on that. the demo is still on hiatus...hee hee hiatus...but will hopefully be done in for our next show. we will also be appearing on Your In Nation Production's [which is run by andy{drums}and dan{bass}] first foray into the world of compilations entitled, "Pee In My Butt Volume 1", along with Skarmy of Darkness, One Screw Loose, the Danger Strangers, Our Friend Ned and many many more. This should be out by winter if not sooner, so look out for that. any other questions??? email me!

8.27.00 = so yeah...we're supposed to be at Saratoga Winners right now but we're not cuz dicrapio's in fuckin' Geneseo...or hell...or some shit i don't fuckin' know. but anyways...we have some news kinda...we might be getting a second trumpet's up in the air though. matt anti-eth may also be switching to keyboard...but we don't's all sketchy. i'm supposed to be ice skating w/ fartkwist and others but i'm not...i'm sitting here updating the news...fuck. so our demo is apparently never going to see the light of day...well maybe...but fuckin' shit dude...we we're supposed to have it like 3 months ago. but it's all good. we got mad shows for the month of August...but NONE for September...what's up wit' dat'? if your reading this and you can get us on a show...please do...we can send you a sound clip if you really want it. but yeah...i [andy weaver] am going to get a cowbell soon...that will be fun right? the silent majority show got i'm pissed off...if anyone likes S.M. let's hear a big...FUCK! so sorry matt wikinikinkini if your reading this...we all fuck things up sometimes.

8.13.00 = hey...this just in...the show at Saratoga Winners is SO huge that we get to sell tickets, we HAVE to sell at least 25 to play the show some support and buy a ticket!!!!!!! They are $4 if you buy them from us...but they are $6 dollars if you buy them at the door. we will be selling them at our show at the Buekendaal Temple on August come to that to buy tickets...and our new demo! check out the shows page for more info on that page.

8.11.00 = well well well its been about a month since ive given you any new news so here it goes, the webpage is chock full of new shite, new pics, new shows, more diary entries and other things so check shit out!...the recording didnt go as it didnt get out by August will be out by August 19th it at our show at the Buekendaal Temple on the 19th it'll be 2 dollars. 6 songs. more info on the music page. We will be featured on the Your In Nation comp. "Pee In My Butt Vol. 1" w/ skarmy of darkness, one screw loose, and many others. Our next show is on August 19th w/ never fi!, plan 10, RCR, one screw loose, and others. at the buekendaal temple in Scotia, more info on that on the shows page. We might be playing in New Hampshire w/ BIG D! but its in the promises. That's about it comments? questions? boobies? email me!

7.18.00 = i have once again made a new CFC page and it is up. thank you. we have shows coming up, we are looking for a trombone or saxaphone player, if you could help us out email ANDY. we are recording a demo of new shite to pass out to people to raise it should be out by August it at shows or online here!