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Chinese Finger Cuffs - "Untitled Full Length"

this is in the making but it will contain the tracks from the CFC/OSL split, new studio tracks, and live tracks. hopefully we will have a label backing us by the time this comes out.

Chinese Finger Cuffs/One Screw Loose split - YIN 01

1-5 CFC / 7 - 10 OSL

1. intro 2. "Chinese Ear Pull of Death" 3. "Anarchy For Anybody" 4. "Supermarket Sweep" 5. "Mitchell Goodard Strikes Back [w/ a laser attack]" 6. intermission 7. "If At First You Don't Succeed, Pretend You Never Tried" 8. "Just Friends" 9. "Run Home To Mommy" 10. "Buddy Holly"

Chinese Finger Cuffs - "chumpzilla" - ERR 01

1. Shawshank Redemption 2. mXe 3. Bam Bam Bigelow 4. Mikey, Man...or Myth?!?! 5. Rex Manning Day 6. Free Maji Maji 7. Cuttin' Muffinz 8. 1...2...3...SLUT! 9. Skankin' It Up 10. Gotta Say I Love My Mug 

V/A - "Jahnowari Records Comp."

track listing coming soon. feat. tracks from the Cappuccino JellyBeans, Plan 15, Skarmy of Darkness, and more!

V/A - "Your In Nation Productions presents: Pee In My Butt Vol. 1" - YIN 02

local 518 comp. feat. Never Fi!, One Screw Loose, OFN, and more!