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these are links to people that have helped us out. thanks.

fellow rock n' rollers...

   One Screw Loose

   Never Fi!

   Skarmy of Darkness



   the Young Ones

   Adhesive Kilts

   the Cappuccino Jellybeans


   Perfect Day

   the Danger Strangers

   Top 40

   Straighter Than Pete

   Mexican Cession

   River City Rebels

   Skip George

labels, people, etc...

   Your In Nation Productions

   Jahnowari Records


   Albany D.I.Y. HQ

   Confused Youth Showlist

   Garage Band Dot Com

   Syracuse SKA

   Courtesy Flush Records

   the Skabuster Times




   Bengali's Thunder Cats


   World Wrestling Federation

   Kevin Smith Trivia

   Cheat Code Central

   Pete and Pete