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Current News

11/02 Rosie Christmas Album released-Celine sings-*I Met An Angel (on Christmas day)
  11/05 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Concert
  11/10 Oprah Winfrey Show taping,GH Album, "All the Way" is released.
  11/13 Wetten Daas-German TV Show - ZDF
  11/19 Bambi' s 99
  11/14 Maurice Richard-Histoire d'un Canadien Part 1(SRC-TV)
  11/15-11/21 Week- Tapes Today Show (NBC) + CBS This Morning
  11/15 UK and European release of "All The Way-A Decade of Song"
  11/16 US and Canadian release of "All The Way-A Decade of Song"
  11/16 Oprah Winfrey Show Airs
  11/21 Airing of Maurice Richard-Histoire d'un Canadien Part 2(SRC)
  11/22 Larry King Live-CNN
  11/24 VH1 pre-show special airs
  11/24 "All the Way" Radio City Special Airs-CBS
  11/26 All The Way...a decade of song.(TV 4 Swedish TV)
  11/29 "That's The Way It Is" single release in UK
  12/05 "A Rosie Christmas" - Christmas Special-ABC
  12/06 "And So This is Christmas" X-mas Special on CBS
  12/07 ??"And This Is Christmas"-CBS
  12/09 Tonight Show with Jay Leno-NBC
  12/09 Andrea Bocelli - ZDF (Celine appears)
  12/11 Tomorrow's Child Charity Event
  12/13 The Rosie O'Donnell Show
  12/17 Wedding Anniversary #5/ Bicentennial Man opens (Celine's song)
  12/31 Millennium Concert-Montreal (30 min. CBS, all in CA(TVA), on TF1(Europe)..with a possible live webcast and AOL exclusive showing.
  01/01 Las Vegas Concert (Private)

----->Celine recently got a star on the walk of fame in canada

------->On Thursday Oct. 7th Celine had a Cystic Fibrosis concert in the reopening of radio city music hall. It was noted that she was the first singer to ever perform there...... YEAH!!!!!!

------>Celine's new album "All the Way" should hit American music stores in mid-november!!!!