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Born to a family of already 13 on March 30, 1968 one could say she was set for a life of poverty. After she was born she became the center of attention for 15 other people in her household.
Her mother Therese Dion took care to the family while Celine's father Admemar would work in a factory to support the huge family. Celine's debut as a singer came when she was a mere five years of age. She sang at her older brother Micheal's wedding. Everyone at the ceramony felt her magic voice and she captured their hearts. In that same year young Celine was struck by a delivery truck when running to play with a baby carriage. The Dion family was devastated. Celine severely fractured her skull , and there was a possibility that sdhe might never fully recovered. But the strong Celine overcame the accident with no physical damage. She encountered relentless teasing from her classmates. They called her such names as "The Vampire", because of her pronounced teeth. She saw to her family for comfort.
Her parents saved money up so they could open a restaurant. For the few years to come Celine would sing on the tops of tables belting out french folk lure. She loved it and knew she wanted to become a professional singer. The customers at the restaurant would call Celine "little girl with a big voice". But Celine's schooling suffered. Celine became bored with school falling asleep in class because of singing all night, her brother's and sister's would do Celine's homework for her so she could sing. Her parents knew she was a remarkable child and were reminded that when she sang so well. Her brother Jacques made a suggestion that a recording of Celine should be sent to a record producer. Him and his mother wrote a song she would sing on the tape it was called "Ce n'etait qu'un reve ("It Was Just a Dream"). With little practice she sang the song with great and full emotion. The family decided to send the tape to Rene Angelil, record producer, Celine was only twelve.
Angelil would leter become Celine's manager and husband. For her first debut inpublic she appeared on a popular talk show . After that she was on the rise her debut albums were made before she was even a teen. She began recieving many awards for her talent. At about age 18 Rene decided that Celine needed a change he would keep her in hiding in the Berlitz School. There she took English classes for eight hours a day five days a week. She changed fixed her teeth, changed her hair and clothes. She dropped out of the spotlight for about a year and a half. Celine's new appearance made her look more grown up and mature and she would began to sing in English. Her debut album was a hit with the single "Where Does My Heart Beat Now". It was evident to Celine that her relationship with Rene was growing to her as love. But her relationship with him was platonic until one night Rene kissed Celine like he did every night to bed but it was a different kiss. Rene and Celine had to keep their relationship a secret from the media because the media would think he was her some sort of sugar daddy. By her third album Celine could no longer keep her feelings to herself and Renee she needed to tel the whole world in her thank you's on the album "The Color of My Love". Her success was growing rapidly in English. Selling many albums being recoignized by americans. But her album "Falling Into You", made it for her. Selling millions of albums and having a great tour. Celine had everything, meeting new people, being recignized all over the world, and giving her family everything they needed. Celine' s next english album also hit it big with single "My Heart Will Go On", from a well off film Titanic. Celine has a new passion her love of golf she recently bought a golf course for practicing. Her and Renee married in 1996 and are still together.