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Concert Reviews

Have you ever been to a BSB concert? Tell us about it. TO send in your concert review CLICK HERE

review: i went to the concert in philadelphia, pa on july 16th of 98 and it was the BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! i really loved when they did let's have a party cause all that confetti came out and it was so awesome. when i got there i actually saw there tour bus! but i don't think n e one was in it! darnet!

Submitted by: Katy
E-mail review: I went to a BSB concert last year. Unfortunately I had lawn seats and was so far away that I could hardly see the stage. It took 4ever for the concert to start. Aaron Carter came out and ang a couple songs, then S.O.A.P., then Jimmy Ray. It took about an hour between the opening acts and the arrival of BSB (later I heard that Howie got lost). When they finally came out everyone went wild. I didn't even care that I had to watch the whole show on the screen. Just knowing that them 5 fine as hell guys were up there was good enough for me. They were wearing matching red suits, Howie, AJ, and Kevin would teasily take off there shirts. After a couple songs came the solos and girls screamed for there fav guys. More songs came after the solos, then they left, came back again, left, came back again, left yet again, and came back again to sing their final song "Everybody". They came out in coffins. They did there everybody dance as everybody screamed YEAH!!!! after Nick would ask Am I Sexual??? (HELL YEAH!!!!) They left for good after thanking everybody for coming. That was the best concert I have ever been to, actually it was the ONLY concert I have ever been to. The guys looked good, sounded good, and did a GREAT show. I just cannot wait until I get to see them (UP CLOSE!!!!!) in November. I will give my second concert review after I see them then. KTBSPA!!!!!!!