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Lyrics Quiz

1. Destiny is everything, reality's replaced you with...
the biggest empty void I've ever had in mind
the biggest empty void I've ever had in life
someone else
a hole in my heart

2. Baby, it's the way you make me,__________, never wanna stop
Go crazy
It's gotta be you
really make me lose my head
Kinda get me go crazy

3. Which song has this verse in it: Let's get it on, Jam all night long
Don't Want You Back
If you want it to be good girl (Get yourself a bad boy)
Hey Mr. DJ (Keep playing this song)
We've Got It Goin On

4. We've been waiting so long, just can't _______.
leave it alone
hold it back no more
hold it back anymore
hold it back

5. Now I can see that we're __________.
breaking apart
drifting apart
falling apart
always apart

6. Somebody told me that your not my _______.

7. Although loneliness has always been ______.
So unkind
a best friend of mine
not my friend
a friend of mine

8. All of our time spent, ____________.
Staying up all night
In flashes of light
Getting in a fight
Singing up on stage

9. Which song has this verse in it: It's burning within me, the fear of losing, of slipping away
Don't Want You Back
Back to Your Heart
I Want It That Way
Don't Wanna Lose You Now

10. Which song has this verse in it: I know that you are the one for me
As long as you love me
All I Have To Give
Get Down

11. Pick the line that is in the song: I'll Never Break Your Heart
And I'll Prove this All Wrong
To Show How Much I Care
If You Really Cared About Me
It Doesn't Matter If It's Wrong Or Right

12. I Want It ___ Way

13. My place was always ______ you.
next to

14. If your words had meaning, If you really ______ me.
Hated me
cared about
thought about
think about

15. Always forever, ______.
One thing she said
That's what she said
She said that
10 things she said