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BSB News

Check out the new BSB book in stores now. If you are a Backstreet Boys fan then you gotta get this book. It has TONS of rare photos of the guys, and each pic includes a caption from the guys themselves. This is their first official book, it is to keep us BSB fans busy while we wait for the new album. Prices go from $7-$13...(I ended up getting mine at a Wal-Mart because I got desperate..No one else had them. I found it in the best-sellers section :)) Make sure ya pick this one up! It's a keeper!!!

The Backstreet Boys U.S. tour was supposed to kick off Tuesday September 14th in Fort Lauderdale, FL but due to bad weather conditions the BSB have postponed the first two dates. Fortunately the BSB will make up the dates sometime in December. If all goes well, the boys will begin their tour in North Carolina Friday September 17th.

The Backstreet Boys video "Larger Than Life" preimered on TRL Monday September 13th. The video made it's amazing debut at #1 Tuesday September 14th (but did we have any doubts? NO!!!). Keep voting for them and keep them at #1 where they belong. Just go to or click here to take you directly to and vote for them. Thanks all you BSB fans!

Backstreet Boys Millenium remains at #1 on the Billboard 200