Interview By Mike Bluman and Zak Gambalvo

Pietasters: How long have you have dentistry?
B.T.L.: About a year. How did you come up with you name?
Pietasters: We were all a bunch of fat guys and we used to hang out with these English guys and they use to sing a song like ( singing in a English accent) We’re the Pietasters, We’re the Pietasters. That name just stuck with us.
B.T.L.: As far as your new found success goes do you think it will change you personally or musically?
Pietasters: Not at all we play whatever we feel sounds good. We don’t sit down and think will this be a hit or will this be played on the radio or on MTV. We just play what we want and have good time.
B.T.L.: Why did you guys switch from Moon Ska records to HellCat records?
Pietasters: O man that is like 3 years ago that is old news.
B.T.L.: Do you favor one of them over the other?
Pietasters: The Moon Ska experience was fun and they were really cool but Hell Cat is putting our records in the stores and we’re touring with bands we started out with, like the slackers and the Drop Kick Murphys. Which is cool.
B.T.L.: Do you plan on staying with Hell Cat?
Pietasters: Well we do plan on putting out one more album with them but that is probably it.
B.T.L.: What was the music video experience like?
Pietasters: It was great! We had a lot of fun and it fit the song. It also wasn’t costly.
B.T.L.: What did you think of tonight’s show? (we were referring to the Pietasters show at the Praise Tabernacle on June 16 with Channel 59’s last show)
Pietasters: It was fun, Hot as hell ( wipes his sweat filled hair off his forehead as he says this). We loving playing shows and entertaining. You come to our shows and you will have fun and we will also buy you beers.
B.T.L.: What do you think about playing with local bands in small venues?
Pietasters: Its great who knows where bands like Channel 59 or Ednas Goldfish will be in a year from now. Maybe we’ll be opening for them.
B.T.L.: Anything you would like to add before we go?
Pietasters: Yeah thanks for supporting us and thanks to the fans . Oh yeah and look out for our new web page at Thanks later man.

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