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My name is Bruce Ludemann and I live outside of Niagara Falls,NY with my wife Dorothy whom I have been married to for 35 years. I am a retired Auto Worker and presently a Special Deputy of the Niagara County (NY) Sheriffs Department. I am assigned to the Niagara County Fire Service and the Fire Investigation Unit as a K-9 Handler. I presently handle "Cody" a Border Collie that is trained in Cadaver Recovery/ Tracking and Article Search.Prior to November 8th 2001 I handled "Gypsy" a Black Lab that was my 3rd Accelerant Detection K9.Gypsy had to be euthanized at 4 years of age and was on her way to being a great Accelerant Dog.She most certainly was a great Friend,Partner and companion and will be sadly missed.There are pages that will show each dog and you just have to click on the link to view them.

Cody is a Border Collie Dorothy bought in November of 1999 from a breeder in Cambria(NY).He started his Cadaver recovery training in March of 2000 and will be Margie's replacement in cadaver searches. A cadaver recovery dog is a trained k9 in the detection and locations of Deceased Humans.It is trained on the decomposition of the human body's tissues and liquids. "Cody" also is being trained to track.With the help in tracking by the leading authority,Bill Tolhurst this dog has come along way in just 1 year. But his primary job will be Cadaver Recovery.This dog has a great desire to work and please and has a real play drive."Cody" has learned Cadaver Detection work so good and so fast at such an early age it is just unbelievable. All you have to say is "Do you want to go to work"? and he is ready to go."Cody" does article search work very good too.I have found out that this breed of dog is certainly not for everyone. They require alot of exercise and attention or you will have a very destructive dog on your hands. I read before we got Cody that it is like having a 2 year old around you all the time. And that is so true. They must be doing something all the time and their minds never stops working. More on this breed, and the work of "Cody" later.

Here is a link to my wife Dorothy's page.

I have started a page on "Cody" and hope to add to it regularly. This page is not done yet but feel free to view it.

I have also started a page on links for Border Collies, Work Dogs,and my Personal pages. just click the Border Collie below to enter.

This is my friend, and my teacher, and my Partner the late Bill Tolhurst.Bill has been involved in Dog Training and education of dog handlers and trainers around the world.I have been very fortunate to have been able to have learned and to have worked with Bill since 1985. Bill also has written 3 books and has done educational video tapes. Plus Bill is the inventor of the STU100, The scent transfer Machine.

To see Bills webpage that was done by my son, Bruce Ludemann Jr.Enter Here to learn more about Bill,this is the man who has done so much for the education of dog handlers about scent for both Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue. He has worked with so many dog handlers and trainers around the world.This webpage has it all. From learning about Bill, to seeing what is new in scent work. This is a Great website( I am not saying that because my son did it)so check it out yourself and sign the guestbook please. Bill's Death has touched everyone that knew him. He will always be in our hearts forever. I am sure there is a Chocolate Lab and a few Bloodhounds happy to see Bill come across "The Rainbow Bridge". I am sure my dogs have run to meet him also. I look forward to seeing my friend Bill again when I cross the "The Rainbow Bridge" and we can once again run our dogs together.

To see "The Rainbow Bridge CLICK HERE

"Paul" was born on September 29,1986. "Paul" had to be Euthanized on September 9th,1999,just 20 days shy of his 13th birthday. He was my 1st Accelerant Detection Dog and also worked Cadaver Recovery and was a very good tracker. He was an excellant work dog and my friend and he is missed everyday.

"Margie" was born on June 27th 1988 and was the daughter of "Paul" and "Sheba" a very good hunting stock labrador. "Margie" has been trained in accelerant detection and cadaver recovery."Margie" worked many fires, and after the retirement of "Paul" she was the county`s main accelerant detection k9.In December 1998 "Margie" was awarded the "Big T" Multi-Purpose Dog of The Year Award.Which I`m very proud of this as only six dogs have earned this award since 1987.On June 27th 1999,on "Margie`s" 11th birthday she became semi-retired.

On August 1st,2001 Margie had to be euthanized because of medical problems. She will be sadly missed. Her ashes along with her father's "Paul" and "Gypsy"s will be laid to rest next year at the County's new Public Safety Building. There a K-9 Memorial will be placed thanks to The Niagara County (NY) Fire Chiefs Association.

This is the award "Margie" received, The "Big T Multi-Purpose Award" for 1998.To learn about the award and the dogs that received it go to the Cadaver Page.

To enter our Cadaver Page Click on the skull below to go to the page.

And this page is about the haunted Van Horn Mansion in Newfane NY. This is where we worked the Cadaver Dogs to try and Locate the Ghost of the Van Horn Mansion. To learn more about the VanHorn Mansion click on to the picture below.

Here is a Border Collie Message Board that is one of the best on the web.

It covers just about everything pertaining to Border Collies broken down in several catagories. General, Obedience, Agility, Health, Companions, and it also covers the herding and herding trials and the results. Just a great message board for anyone interested in Border Collies.

Here is a couple Yahoo Groups I belong to that discuss Border Collies.

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