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St. Aloysius offers many faith and community Activities.


  • Auxiliary Oblates to the Blessed Trinity 


  • Auxiliary Oblates to the Blessed Trinity: Is a group of men and woman who commit themselves to assisting the sisters of St. Aloysius.

  • Prayer Group: Prayer group is held in the St. Aloysius chapel. Please contact the convent for more information.


  • Cursillo Ultreyas: The term, literally meaning "little course," referring to the renewal movement which seeks to restore the world to Christ. This method of renewal began with a group of laymen who met at the San Honorato Monastery on the Island of Majorca, Spain, on January 7, 1949. Bishop Hervas y Benet gave his assistance to the group's endeavors.

            The program is divided into three sections of three days each; Preperation (pre-cursillo), the course itself (cursillo), and the follow-up (post-cursillo). Those who take part are called cursillistas, who meet after the cursillo in small-group gatherings called 'ultreyas'. The key to the movement is the first to change one's own mind according to the mind of Christ and, then, to gather with and support others who have committed themselves to Christ, in order that the world might be transformed.

        Meetings are held at St. Aloysius. To find out more about Cursillo

 click here  or contact the convent. 

  • Retreats: St. Aloysius holds many different retreats over the year. Facilities are also available for retreats of others. Please contact the convent for additional information.


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