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Celebrating Our 29th Year
WPOB 88.5fm Plainview - Where We Rock You


Who We Are:
WPOB is a public radio station that has been broadcasting since 1972. We are a community Radio Station funded by the Plainview Old-Bethpage Central School District and run under the direction of Adam Weinstock and Joseph Genero as part of the Buisness Department. WPOB is broadcast by students at Plainview Old Bethpage JFK High School partaking in a three-year course in radio engineering, producing and broadcasting. We are a share time station with WKWZ Syosset. Our broadcast hours are from 7:30 - 2:30pm.
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Newsday - 5/28/00 - LI Life - Page G 14
The low-power buzz of Long Island high school radio.
Sidebar: In Tune With Long Island High School Radio

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WPOB at JFK High School in Plainview
WPOB is not your grandparents' radio station.

Unless grandpa listened to the "Two Stupid Dorks Show." Once a week, Jason Rutcofsky and Steven Iannuccilli share one of the station's two broadcast booths located in the basement of JFK High School, a space barely big enough to squeeze in a third person alongside the transmitter, a table-top control board and a floor-to-ceiling rack that houses CD players, cassette decks, and a reel-to-reel player. The pair, who belong to a punk-ska band called Project 76, air the kind of music their band happens to play.

But they also feature the kind of humor that may mark the station as a high school enterprise. "We always want to be funny, that's what we try to do," Jason said.

That mission led the pair once to do a play-by-play of a napkin-eating contest. The idea came when Steven was eating lunch in the school cafeteria and a couple of students started stuffing their faces with napkins. Jason and Steven then spent more than two hours writing a script for the on-air event.

Two volunteer contestants sat in separate booths with pitchers of water close by, stuffing napkins into their mouths as the program hosts peppered them with questions. The first round of the contest ended in a tie: Each contestant managed to stuff 43 cocktail-sized napkins into his mouth.

WPOB's most listened-to show probably is the daily news segment, said Adam Weinstock, who oversees the station and teaches English and drama at the high school. The half-hour program consists of a total of about a dozen national, local and community news stories as well as sports and entertainment updates.

But the weather comes in for less than reverential treatment; a recent report exemplified the make-it-up-as- you-go environment of high school radio.

As weatherman David (Frozen) Rosen did his best impersonation of Storm Field, a call came in from a listener to say the rain showers forecasters called for had actually turned to snow. Weinstock sprinted upstairs from the windowless basement to confirm the report. Back in the basement, Scott Eisberg, the program's 17-year-old features director, frantically scribbled the copy as Weinstock dictated: "WPOB exclusive Window Weather Report. Snow is coming down in Plainview. Be careful on the roads." The days of the station's basement hideaway are numbered, however. There's a proposal to move the station to make way for a weight room.

Wherever the station ends up, WPOB groupies like Steve Rabinowitz say they hope to be within earshot. Rabinowitz said he tunes in to WPOB every minute he gets. "I can listen to everything from Backstreet Boys to Blink 182," Steve said.

W E E K L Y     H I G H L I G H T S

Monday: 7:50 - 8:20 - 30 minute Community Issue broadcasts covering anything from economics to politics to health to adolescent concers explained and analyzed on the national and local level.

Thurs/Fri: 1:45 - 2:30 - "Hawk Talk" Scott Eisberg and Brian Wolff keep you up to date on all the latest happenings in Plainview Sports.

Friday: 12:15 - 1:00 - Community News

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