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USS Otus (ARG-20) Pictures

This is a website dedicated to the USS Otus. It was a repair ship that would repair several ships (mostly submarines) in World War Two. It was known as the AS-20, but now is known as ARG-20. Not only is this dedicated to the Otus, but also my search for ship mates who knew my grandfather.

The Otus

This is the Otus at anchor in Hollandia, New Guinea (now called Javapura) about September 1944.

Stern Shot

This is the Otus in dry dock in the island of Guam in December 1945. The sailors were cleaning and painting the hull below the water line. The Otus was also in for main engine repairs. If you saw the bent bow on the ship it's from being rammed by another ship!

Stern Shot

This is a front view of the Otus. The picture's a little rough, so if you couldn't tell, the Otus's the middle object.

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*** NOTICE: anyone who knows any stories about the Otus, or has any photos, please send them to me so I can post them on this site***

Last Updated: November 22, 2009