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large dome in Riven

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Welcome to my Myst/Riven page. These two games are the most brilliant, stunning, and ingenious computer games ever created (also the best selling). And Kara will agree with me on this (she'd better).

The first "enter" page is from Myst, and these pics here are from Riven. As you can see the imagery is just so realistic, beautiful and awesome. Also, the short bit of music you just heard is from Myst (actually the soundtrack, yes there is one).

The story behind this is based on the culture of a group called the D'ni. These people created the art of writing, in which by writing a book, one can create wonderful worlds. The story is more specifically centered on a man named Atrus who has done some of this writing. Each "age", as there're called, that he writes has it's own landscape and theme. You link to these other ages through books. But (of course) some problems arise. In Myst one of Atrus's sons, Sirrus or Achenar, has been destroying the linking books. You have to find out who. You start in Myst and try to get to the other ages to get clues. In Riven, you try to rescue Atrus's wife, Catherine, who is held captive in an age called Riven, by Atrus's father Gehn. Since Gehn had killed many people before, he was trapped on Riven by his son years ago, and has been trying to find a way out. Catherine was born a Rivenese and so she secretly returns to Riven to contact her people. But she was caught by Gehn, who thinks that Catherine has brought a link back to Atrus with her and holds her hostage for a link. And then you arrive to try to free her. Within the game you also learn much of the culture of the Rivenese and the D'ni.

a magnificent scene

In these games you walk around in the worlds solving puzzles to find the solution to the problem. The trick here is that there are no tricks. You can never get stuck in either of them. You just walk around trying to figure things out.There are no annoying buttons or windows on the screen, just the view of the world you're in. The landscape is startlingly realistic and gorgeous (I know I said that before but it's worth repeating). Also, there are no stupid guards or monsters to fight with (did I just hear some groans?). You just point, click and walk almost anywhere you want. There are many things you can pull, push (like buttons) and play around with, and the animation is brilliant. There are few people, but their stories are interesting and they do talk to you.

Yes these games are stategy games, but ingenious ones at that. Since the games don't tell you what to do (at all) you have to figure out what to do, and how to do it. When you figure something out you start saying to yourself "now why didn't I see that before?" or "I'm so stupid!" [or at least I do]. It takes a while to go through the games, but it is well worth it at the end. A piece of advice: it's very helpful to play these games with a friend, two heads are better than one.

I strongly recommend Myst and Riven to anyone willing to take the time to play them and to have some fun.

There is going to be a sequel to these games called Myst III: Exile. From what I've gathered so far it involves a man in exile trying to get revenge on Atrus for something that Sirrus and Achenar, Atrus's sons, did to him. It's going to be released early 2001. There is also going to be another game called Myst Dimensions which is going to be Myst in real time. This means that it will turn from day to night, it may start raining. With this game you can go to any spot on the island. A new age will be added. Also, you can connect with other players online, in real time. This game is going to be released late 2000. Can't wait!

The Official Riven Site has some good background stuff on Riven. Go to The Rivenguild for more pics, news, and downloads. Go to myst3.com for info on Myst III. For info on Dimension, Riven, Myst III and more go to the Unofficial Riven Page.