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Prices for the tapes are $10 + $3.20 for shipping. If you want to make a package of several tapes I will give you a deal on them so you can email on what tapes you want. If you have any questions on the Video Quality or anything about the tapes feel free to E-Mail me. Before you purchase anything from my site make sure you read the disclaimer at the bottom. If you contact me about a purchase than i'm under the impression you've read the disclaimer. Also visit my auctions on eBay.
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Trading Rules

-Best of Hayabusha Vol.3: Legend of The Phoenix (RF Master)
-Axl Rotten Shoot Interview
-Balls Mahoney Shoot Interview
-Rob Van Dam Shoot Interview
-When Worlds Collide 94
-Hardcore Heaven 95
-Mass Transit Incident
-XPW Hardcore Conception
-XPW Banned in Ventura
-Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview (BRAND NEW RF MASTER)

Steve Corino Shoot Interview

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You are not paying for the event on the tape. You are paying for the tape itself, the wear and tear on my VCR, the time I spend making the tape, the time I spent making the web site, and for the packaging materials.The event on the tape is a gift from me to you. Thank You