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Welcome To The Mason and Julia Transcript Page!

IMPORTANT NOTICE -- AS OF OCTOBER 8, 2000: I have just received word that Soap City now has message boards. One of these boards, called Vintage Soaps, has topics about Santa Barbara videos. You can still let Soap City know that there IS a market for SB videos. To do so, please go to Soap City and in the upper left corner, click where it says Soap City community. From there, you need to register. Their SB stuff comes straight from the master tapes that Soap City owns the rights to. If you have any questions, e-mail me!

Mason and Julia Through The Years.

I'd like to issue a big thank you to Nicolas, the creator of the Santa Barbara, Le Site Francais Page, for letting me borrow the first picture in this collage. Isn't it great? Please visit his fantastic site! The URL can be found on the links page.

Lane Davies and Nancy Grahn in Soap Opera Weekly's (8/22/2000)
This is a *new* photo of Lane and Nancy. Nice one, too, hmm?

Hello! If you were a fan of the NBC daytime drama, Santa Barbara (1984-1993), and were fans of Mason Capwell and Julia Wainwright, well, this page is for you! Welcome to the Mason and Julia Transcripts Site, where you can take a look back at the funny and heartbreaking moments that made Julia and Mason unforgettable and see why so many people still remember and love this couple, as well as Santa Barbara.

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Stay for a while and enjoy this trip down memory lane with Mason and Julia. Happy reminiscing!

Mason and Julia with Nancy Grahn as Julia and (l to r) Gordon Thomson, Lane Davies, and Terry Lester as Mason

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The Soap Net Website and fill out their form to get Soap Net on your cable/satellite systems and call 1-877-Want-Soaps to beg the network to buy the rights to air Santa Barbara. It's worth a try.

Come take a look at some interviews taken from Daytime TV magazine with Lane Davies and Nancy Grahn.

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Have you wondered who sang some of the songs used in Mason and Julia scenes and want to perhaps buy the CD? Well, I was inspired by some e-mails that I received on this very subject. Now there is a Music Page with all of this information. This page includes two MP3 files you can listen to (download instructions are on the page) and a file linked to, to hear a sample of one of Mason and Julia's other love themes in RealPlayer format! Enjoy everything and happy listening.

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