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Now you can transfer YOUR valuable records,cassettes and one of a kind concerts on compact disc(CD-R)for a very affordable price.Some professional studios or transfering companies can charge anywhere from $40.00 and up to put your music onto a 74 minute CD.If you are like me,most of us cannot afford that kind of money... especially when you have a large amount of material to transfer.Now you don't have to worry about your cassettes being chewed up,or your records getting scratched or worn out.This is also ideal for bands just starting out and would like to "archive" your demos or practice sessions on CD or to sell them at shows(I can do small runs of CD's maybe 15 at a time).

If possible,provide a complete and detailed track listing(including the order that you wish the songs to appear,plus any sudden stop-then-continue parts in a song that run into each other)so I can properly sequence the CD the way you want it.If one is NOT included,it will be purely guess work on my part as to how the tracks will be sequenced on your CD.

The prices are $13.00(which is cheaper than buying CD's at the mall)for each of the first 5 CD's ordered and $8.50 for any additional CD's after that.I can transfer audio cassettes,records(45's and LP's)and audio sound from VHS tapes.Due to legal complications, I CANNOT transfer any commercial CD's.

Shipping is included in the price of your CD's.The price to ship your material back to you is as follows: $3.20 for your first record/audio tape going back to you,and $.50 for any after that.Any VHS tapes are $.85 after the initial $3.20 price.I am NOT responible for any lost or stolen merchandise.Insurance is ALWAYS recommended,but at YOUR option.Insurance under $50.00 is $.80 and over $50.00 is $1.80(and is done through the U.S.POST OFFICE).Please insure you merchandise at the POST OFFICE before sending it to me or there's not much I can do,and I can insure it going back to you(at your option).Please include any insurance money in your payment.