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MERCYFUL FATE 3-3-84 St.Alban's City Hall Birmingham,U.K. NOT a complete set,this is the way I recieved it. Only 6 songs. $5.00

KING DIAMOND 1985 Interview. Hear King talk about why Mercyful Fate broke up.VERY LOW SOUND,for the collector who has to have everything ONLY!! $4.75

KING DIAMOND 1986 Aardschock Festival,Holland.

KING DIAMOND 5-21-86 Frankfurt,West Germany.

KING DIAMOND 1986 San Antonio,Texas

KING DIAMOND 1986 Los Angeles,California

KING DIAMOND 7-18-86 Montreal,Canada

KING DIAMOND 8-12-86 Sacramento,California

KING DIAMOND 7-20-87 Rochester,New York

KING DIAMOND August 1987 San Francisco,Ca.

KING DIAMOND 7-10-87 Long Island,New York

KING DIAMOND 12-22-87 Denmark

KING DIAMOND 9-18-88 Norfolk,Virginia NOT COMPLETE $5.00

KING DIAMOND 11-10-88 Albany,New York

KING DIAMOND 10-31-89 New York City a couple of songs are cut up a little. $6.25

KING DIAMOND 11-16-89 Poughkeepsie,New York Fades in and out,a little garbled in places. $6.00

MERCYFUL FATE 10-7-93 Oakland,California

MERCYFUL FATE 10-27-93 Virginia Beach,Virginia

MERCYFUL FATE 1-20-95 Newark,New Jersey

MERCYFUL FATE 1-30-95 Minneapolis,Minnesota

MERCYFUL FATE 7-15-95 Geraadsdergen,Belgium

MERCYFUL FATE 1996 Sao Paulo,Brazil "MONSTERS OF ROCK" Very Low Quality/ONLY 5 SONGS for the fan who has to have everything only!!! $5.00

MERCYFUL FATE 10-27-96 Montreal,Canada

MERCYFUL FATE 1996 Buffalo,New York

MERCYFUL FATE 1996 Rochester,New York

KING DIAMOND 3-2-97 Stockholm,Sweden

MERCYFUL FATE 3-18-97 Poznan,Poland

KING DIAMOND 4-19-98 Carmichael,California

KING DIAMOND 5-14-98 Springfield,Virginia

KING DIAMOND 5-16-98 Rochester,New York

MERCYFUL FATE 7-24-98 Milwaukee,Wisconcin

MERCYFUL FATE 7-30-98 Portland,Oregon

MERCYFUL FATE 8-1-98 Seattle,Washington

MERCYFUL FATE 9-4-98 Springfield,Virginia

NEW FROM THE "9" TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!

MERCYFUL FATE 6-9-99 Nurenberg,Germany

MERCYFUL FATE 7-3-99 Waldrock Festival- Bergum,Holland

MERCYFUL FATE 7-6-99 Paris,France

MERCYFUL FATE 9-23-99 San Diego,California

MERCYFUL FATE 10-7-99 Washington,D.C.

SLAYER 2-9-1991 Massy Hall Toronto,Canada

OVERKILL 1990 Rochester,New York from the "Years of Decay" tour.

MORBID ANGEL 9-28-91 Rochester,New York

DEATH ANGEL 8-24-90 Rochester,New York

NUCLEAR ASSAULT 1989 Rochester,New York from the "Handle with Care" tour