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The Rules of the Game


  1. You must write in the third person past tense. Translation: Write, "Anita kicked the trash can," and not "I kick the trash can."

  2. You must stay on the current game day and time. We're pretty lenient here: it takes four weeks to cover one game "day," and each week covers a large chunk of time (midnight to dawn, dawn to noon, noon to sunset, sunset to midnight). ALL posts which take place before the current day and time should be labeled as "BACKPOST" in the subject line. Moderators will now unanimously reject posts for this oversight. Any difficulty in remembering current day and time is easily remedied: check on the EGROUPS list for the last TIMELORD post, or drop an ICQ message to one of the moderators.

  3. Please use a consistent header for your post, before jumping into the scene. We want to read your scene, but a little information beforehand helps us understand what is happening and why.

    SUBJECT LINE ON EMAIL: Can be character name or the title of your post.

    TITLE: Fun to think up, helps set the mood. PART 1 of X means that for convenience, you have split the post into two or more emails which should be read in consecutive order.

    DAY: The current game day, usually

    TIME: "Morning" or "Evening" or "9pm", and this is a great place to tell us how it dovetails with a separate post. < EG: Just after "Roll in the Hay" and a few minutes before "Here Come the Cops!">

    LOCATION: Where it all happens. "Lost in St. Louis" or "Felipe's apartment" or "Under the Circus"

    CHARACTERS: Who's in the scene. LIST EVERYONE INVOLVED. Non-player-characters (NPC's) can be listed last and labeled as such. IE: Anita, Richard, gun shop owner and a customer.

    MENTIONS: Another important thing, especially if your characters are talking about other people's characters. For example, if Anita and Richard are talking and mention Rafael and Dolph, both should be listed, just to be polite.

    NOTES: Seldom needed, but a great place to stick a little warning about violence or potentially offensive topics. If Anita visits a crime scene, I'd hope to see a "WARNING: Graphic description of crime scene" here.

    WRITERS: This is VERY IMPORTANT if the scene involves more than one writer, so list everyone!

    Now, skip a couple lines and get to the good stuff!

  4. You must stay in character when writing. Minor changes (hairstyle, etc.) are okay, but Richard won't go on a three-day bender, Edward isn't going to be cozying up to Jean-Claude, and I don't think anyone expects to see Zebrowski as the head of R-PIT. Major changes are jarring, difficult to believe, or cause havoc with the continuity. We're borrowing LKH's characters, so we should play nicely with them. For original characters, consistency is important to create a sense of familiarity and recognition, but you are the final judge of what is consistent to your characters.

  5. Your post should do something, show something, or show interaction between two or more characters. Otherwise, why do it? To go into the Lunatic Café and order lunch, then end the post "Tag, Anyone" in hopes of striking up some interaction isn't likely to get results. Try emailing someone off list and saying "Hey, I'd like for our characters to meet, any ideas?" Most members are willing to work out any plausible scene if they have the time, and it is flattering to be * asked * to collaborate on a scene. One small plea: Short posts going back and forth for a dialogue should be worked out off-list if at all possible. It is hideously difficult to remember a conversation that spans days and dozens of posts back and forth.

  6. Interaction with other characters involves a simple rule: ASK FIRST. This applies to any major interaction affecting other characters or their property. Don't slash Dolph's tires without asking first, check with the writer handling Jean Claude before you blow up the Circus of the Damned, and don't imply Ronnie is or was a member of a neo-pagan Girl Scout troop without the writer's permission. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may you KILL another player character without the writer's PERMISSION.

  7. Inventing people. We all do it. Hey, that's what a "player character" is! But what about the store clerk your hero (still appropriate English to use the masculine to include both genders, no flames, please!) is talking to. That is a "Non-Player-Character" or NPC. We assume that you control the NPC' s you create, especially those you have gone to the trouble of naming, but we also assume they're only going to be around for a little while, otherwise, make 'em regular characters. IMPORTANT NOTE: Those NPC's who either work with or interact heavily with book characters, i.e., a doctor working in Lillian's clinic or Richard's school principal, should be approved by the player controlling Lillian or Richard, just so they know what's going on.

  8. Book characters: Yeah, we love 'em, that's why we play the game. BUT, any unassigned book characters are assumed to be elsewhere. No one may post using an unassigned character as an NPC. However, it's really easy to be approved to play the character, just send a sample post to the moderators and we'll make a decision and probably offer additional suggestions. We want to have the characters to play with, too!

  9. NO PERSONAL BASHING. I've never seen it on the list, but we put this in just to make sure everyone understands that while Richard and Jason may have a fight, they are JUST characters and you do not have the right to pick a fight with the other * writers *.

  10. We are the moderators. We reserve the right to change the rules to accommodate the needs of the current players and we will certainly be nice enough to warn you about it beforehand, but our authority is final.

    Details, details, details:

  11. NO GRAPHIC SEX SCENES. That may be how LKH writes, but some people find them offensive and we do not write them. Foul language is allowed where necessary; we're all adults here.

  12. You may have up to four characters. When special contests are held you may gain special privileges, including the opportunity to add another character.

  13. You MUST post at least ONCE per WEEK per character. Two weeks of inactivity without a note to the moderators ("I'm swamped at work, will get back with you ASAP," is sufficient) will result in an email from US giving you FOUR DAYS to post or be taken out of the game. We're sorry to sound so harsh, but the game is a cooperative effort and that means we need your help to keep it moving.

  14. If you want to email suggestions, comments or questions, that's why we have moderators. PLEASE contact us. If we like your suggestion, we'll send it to the list, giving you credit for it, and let the players vote. If it passes, it passes.

  15. Character death is PERMANENT. No magic 'do-over', resurrections, no acts of the Deity of your choice. Especially, if LKH decides to kill off a character, we will all mourn their passing together, but DEAD = DEAD.

  16. Every character that is not a vampire MUST have a job and a place to live. Living in hotels is fine, but it does not count as a permanent address. NEW vampires are assumed to be under the supervision and support of their sire (creator). All characters not of legal age are assumed to be in school. The pack Ulfric is a schoolteacher; do you think he'll let you be a slacker?

  17. If you play a vampire or lycanthrope entering the game (i.e., the city) you MUST acknowledge this to the Ulfric, Nimr-Ra, or the Master of the City in the posting board connected to the web page. Remember when writing this that you are in character and asking a very IMPORTANT question, so make the request a good one!

  18. Vampires cannot post between DAWN and mid-afternoon, due to the need for sleep. We think seven hours is sufficient, but remember that the weaker the vampire, the more sleep required. No posts set during daylight hours may take place out of doors, for obvious reasons.

  19. Master vampires are only allowed to control ONE animal, and must make it clear which animal it is when the need arises. "Big cats" is far too general but "panthers" would work.

  20. All lycanthropes have to make allowances for the full moon. TWO days prior to the full moon, all non-Alpha lycanthropes will shift if they are in battle. Alphas will do so ONE day prior to the full moon, except for the very strongest. (Usually the pack leader.)

Now that you have read the rules,you may sign-up for the game if you wish.

Click HERE if you would like to view the book's characters and see if the character you want is available.

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