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Here is a list of the characters players in the game created if anyone has a problem with their profile please let us know and the situation will be rectified ASAP

Click on the players name to view his or her created characters.

Name Email AOL IM ICQ # Preffered Collab. Method Characters
Ryan Jathael 36336706 Any Method Edward, Mercer, Storm, Marc
Kenny KSKCA3 N/A AOL chat or Email Irving, Malcolm, Nathaniel, Dr. Louis Fane,Paria de Lynse, Madeline, Elanora
Seriena Seriena N/A AOL chat(by appointment) or Email Det. Iliana Petrova Karmasov,Angel St. Gabriel, Justice
Mary N/A 14018961 ICQ chat or Email Celina Yola Edge
Charlotte Jewelsprite 78551401 Any Method Rhianna & Ryan (NPC) Winters, Alanna Dion Culhan, Diandra Athene
Drew N/A N/A email Rueben
Dawn Lostangeldoll N/A email Elora Trinty Dannon