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Map Key

These are the defenses as scouted by, our operatives spying on G 31. Edward and his team(TBA) will enter the complex by way of a dark jump. Landing behind the snipers and taking them out then proceeding down to the munitions dump to blow up the complex and crate a diversion thus allowing Anita's team(TBA) the window of Oppurtunity, to get through the fence, and make their way to the complex. Once this is acomplished team members are permitted to attack, this is what you are to expect inside and outside. The outside stuff is shown clearly on the map. The inside stuff you can use your imagination for.

G-31's resistance broken down.

The Perimeter fence is 12 feet high and runs about 1500 volts. The front gate is reinforced. a sniper tower on each side. On the hill there are 3 sniper staions watching the back of the complex (Team Anita's position). Also on the hill are 3 Heavy Gunner stations. There are also 2 of those on the pond, and 2 once you get into the farm complex itself. There are 4 K9 patrols that run the perimeter (one on each side) They take 15 minutes to walk one full side and 15 to walk back (or a 30 minute, partol time).

First object is to get through the heavy steel cargo door, blocking entrence into the base itself. Then Roughly 100 soliders remaining, they will all be armed heavily, lots of silver and anti-Vampire weapons. They are spread out over the 4 levels of the complex, In teams of 5 or 6. These won't be as big a challenge as the outer artillery, but still not to be taken lightly. The lowest level behind numerous secret passages are Jenessa and Rorric, the nest and the eggs. They are completely off limits, If you go near them I'll have your character hospitilized for eternity :)

Now once the entry and such are all written up feel free to collab with a team member, or just write solo posts on the attack.

Anyone wanting to loose a character this is the place to do it.