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Daemon ~ Sorcerer

Message 477
Sept 1st
Early Morning
G31 HQ

Daemon was killed by Marc (the Leader) when he stabbed him multiple times while he was in a magical sleep/coma.

Shayde ~ Werejaguar

Message 477
Sept 1st
Early Morning
G31 HQ

Shayde was killed on tape by Marc in order to show his *superiors* what he has become. As well as to use as motivational video for future failures.

Deanna (?Forrester?) ~ FBI agent

Message 204
Sept 1st 1999
2 03 AM
Edward's secret Warehouse

Deanna is killed by Edward. He shoots her in the head, she falls into the river and is later discovered by Storm, Steph, and Illiana It was rumored Deanna was Edwards sister, obviously he didn't believe her.

Stephanie Astrue ~ Werewolf
Message 1383
September 4th
Stairwell within G - 31 complex

Stephanie was killed, by rapid automatic gunfire during her attempted escape with Malcom, Hollis, and Chas. The kill goes to 50% accurate guns of the G 31 lackies.

Thorian Michaels ~ werewolf

Message 804
September 2nd
Thorian's Hotel room

Thorian was killed by Marc. Marc has organized an attack of G31 to take him out. Marc and Thorian have a big fight and Thorian dies. As do 2 other NPC hotel employees.

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