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Here is a list of the characters players in the game created if anyone has a problem with their profile please let us know and the situation will be rectified ASAP

You'll notice that I’ve rearranged the Characters, Above each group is the email address of the person playing that character, this is the easiest way for the players in the game to communicate without myself having to keep updating a players list, hope this helps.


Jackson Mercer AKA ShadowWalker


Long dark brown hair braided down his back, hazel eyes.

Born on an Indian Reservation, Mercer’s father was a Werewolf, and his mother was a witch; miraculously, he is neither. However as a teenager Mercer adopted the name of ShadowWalker, while playing hide and go seek, he found a necklace at uncovered grave in an ancient Indian burial ground. Attached to the necklace was a golden charm, Engraved upon the charm was an inscription. Being of a curious nature Mercer read the text and immediately became engulfed in the shadows. A skill he later put to good use during his military and government careers. He’s a veteran of the armed forces, and has an unknown connection with Edward. He spent 2 years in a Vietnamese POW camp, and is a trained killer though does not use his training unless provoked. He returned to his homeland shortly after a team of executioners had slaughtered his family, mistakenly thinking they were the ones killing children in a near-by town. As if his life could not get any worse, he was also an ex con who spent 2 years in prison for manslaughter 2, which he admittedly committed as an act of self-defense, in a barroom brawl that started because he was defending the honor of a young waitress who was being raped. Now all Mercer ever wants is to find the ones who killed his family and protect the innocent. All in all, "he’s your wildest dream for a friend and your worst nightmare for an enemy. Mercer is in the process of restoring a houseboat, where he lives. To see Mercer's boat, click here

To see JM click HERE!



Jet Black hair, Sea Green eyes.

Storm is a Dhapmir, OK here is the definition for those who may not know {the term Dhampir in modern folklore refers to the offspring of a vampire and a human mate, traditionally a male vampire mating with a human female. This offspring was normally male. The Dhampir was thought to have special qualities. He could sense where vampires hid themselves from the world, and therefore he had the ability to be a superb vampire hunter. These qualities would be passed down genetically to his offspring, and it was thought to last many generations.} Storm mom was a human, his dad a vampire. His mother's sister was a human and also the human servant of the master of New York City. One evening Storm's aunt came out with some of her people to visit her sister. Unfortunately one of the guards she took with her was involved in a plot with a neighboring master to overthrow the young and arrogant leader of NYC (he was only 800. the easiest way to dispose of his former master was for the assassin to kill the servant and the other lowlier guards. He did this swiftly and only spared Storm's mom on the agreement she would serve him as his servant. Fearing for her life she agreed and though she lost a brother-in-law and a sister. She loved her Master and took him as a lover. Within a year she was impregnated, they knew just how hard it was to happen so they looked forward to raising the child as normal as possible. In the late summer of 1971 during Hurricane Albert. Jessica(Storms mother)went into labor. The father being the master of the city was prepared for everything he’d set up a special room within his mansion for the child to be born. He was delivered and because of the miracle of being born from a vamp and a human as well as the miracle of being born in the conditions of the day. They thanked Mother Nature by naming him Storm. As Storm grew up his father became more powerful and they noticed he too was very powerful. While breast feeding Storm once bit into his mother and started to bleed her it was then that the parents worried something was wrong with him but after many hours of research they discoved exactly what he was. He was close to the perfect specimen. One day at school Storm got into a fight with a local gang knowing he could seriously hurt them he never fought back. He was beaten to within an inch of his life. The next time they attacked it was a much different story he completely wrecked them all. It later was discovered that yet another master wanted to see what the boy was capable of. Upon the gangs return he found out word was sent to all master vampires that NYC would never be taken. They had a guardian a protector Being a Dhampir Storm has many qualities of a vampire he can't levitate or fly but can leap 20 to 30 feet He has superhuman strength He does have a blood lust but tries to survive on blood from butcher shops or an occasional volunteer he has also been known to also bleed his enemies after a fight. He has been trained in all arts of self-defense He has no mind control he has no animals to call He has a vampires healing factor. He's immune to all vampire powers and as seen in the definition of a dhampir he is the ultimate vampire hunter he can sense them and he will kill any "evil" vamps or pretes. Storm is on a journey around the world to meet the best of best He is on his way to St Louis to see what the hubbub is all about.

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The Leader


Platinum Blonde hair, Coal Grey eyes.

The leader was once one of the good guys he was the right-hand man to a seal team commander he was taught and trained by the best. But he was greedy he wanted more he wanted to surpass his superior to become better then the teacher so he strived for perfection. His perfection one-day was too much, his arrogance in battle got more then half his team killed, All because he refused to follow orders. He was tossed from the squadron and was blacklisted by many of the others. While in the brig one night he was approached by a guard wearing a patch. The patch said g31 in interlocking symbols he was told an address to go to and meet the commanders of this "underground agency" The next day his release orders came through with a note to him. The note was signed the leader. He went there and met them his greed made him a prime choice who moved quickly through the ranks. He took lots of steroids government secret stuff. Underwent scientific experiments. became the most efficient killing machine and then in his greed he killed the Leader. and stole his uniform taking his role. His men stay for fear more then loyalty. And now he’s come to St Louis to take out the preternatural world and get a little more revenge on his once fearless leader. Leader is the field head of g31 he answers to only high commander. Rumor has it g31 though they despise the pretes Leader has infiltrated numerous prete communities within St. Louis all awaiting an order to turn on those that trust them. "G31 is not your enemy, Satan is not your enemy, For neither one is anything . I am the evil incarnate all who oppose me must be destroyed." -Leader

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Paria de Lynse


Black hair and aquamarine eyes.

Paria was born in Orleans, France. He was two months premature, and received the lycanthropy disease from a blood transfusion. He left Orleans, France, after the leader of his pack came back, after Paria supposedly killed him. Paria was orphaned at an early age, and shut out by several orphanages because he was a lycanthrope, and tended to have more hair than a normal pre-pubescent. He wandered Europe the rest of his life, until the last five years, when he challenged the pack leader in Orleans. He was Ulfric in that pack for years, until the original leader reappeared. Paria ordered a burial of the body, instead of the ritual...disposal. Through everything, he's very humorous, most of the time at the wrong times. He's always ready to defend the honor of a friend or loved one, and hardly ever backs away from a challenge, out of pride. He also hates threats. He has a gentleman quality about him, always opening doors for ladies. His compassion tends to get crap shoved in his lap. He wasn't human for very long, so doesn't quite understand how they work. How weak they are. This is mostly because of his naiveté. He's very intelligent, and very mature, yet has a childish naiveté, which is a great weakness.



Midnight Black hair, Rich Purple eyes.

A rich vampiress who gains her money and power from others. She keeps secret how she does it. She owns many businesses in England and Wales, like a major long distance carrier, and a chain of strip malls. She had nobility background in the seventeen hundreds when she was born. Born to a knight and a Welsh Princess. She is to put it nicely, a bitch. She uses the men who gawk over her to get whatever she wants. She loves to get them in her grip, then drop them suddenly. She's got a butterfly on her right ankle, Egyptian eye markings, and a Celtic cross on her left upper arm that were etched in with a paintbrush dipped in holy water. She also has long black-painted nails. Madeline is a Master Vampire, and a vampire that can feed off of fear- that can call wolves.



Blue hair, Blue eyes with specks of green .

Elanora or Ela had lived as an orphan all of her natural life. Due to the cruel surroundings of the orphanage, at age seventeen, she decided to run away. A few months after living on the streets she was attacked by a werewolf (for reasons unknown to her) and she became one. Having to cope with this, she managed to go a couple of months without going completely insane. It was a few months after her change that a mysterious woman decided to take her in. This woman soon became her mistress Ela became her werewolf servant. Her main physical strengths are all attributed to her lycanthropy, and her tie to Madeline. Her personal strength has always been the utmost loyalty that she gives to her mistress, Madeline. Her main personal weakness, is also the same as her personal strength: her loyalty to Madeline Ela doesn't know much of where she came from. Elanora is a very popular Portuguese name (or at least its origin is Portuguese), but that is only a hint of where she might be from.


Detective Iliana Petrova Karmasov


Red-brown hair, blue-gray eyes.

She comes from a long line of Russian Psychics. She is able to read things (and people) through touch. This is useful at crime scenes although she tries to keep it hidden from the other officers She was born the daughter of a Master Vampire (of all Russia) and his human servant- a Russian psychic. Her life was ideal until the age of 12 when her father was assassinated (her mother died with him) by another Master Vampire who took over the territory. She was forced to become his human servant. He had forced three marks upon her when she escaped at the age of 16 with the help of some of the vampires within Russia, more specifically two that the new master (Rasputin) created, Anastasia and Alexei. She was given safe passage by many of the vampires in Europe and the ally Jean Claude. There was some kind of a bond between the two vampires and it seems as if Jean Claude owed her father for something. While in the US she concentrated on her studies and has a masters degree in Criminal Justice She is small and delicate for a police officer. She looks more like a ballerina than a cop does. Her hair is the color of dried blood, curly and cropped to her chin. Her eyes are stormy blue- almost gray, She has a tattoo of a Russian double cross over the marks of her old master- she always keeps it covered w/ a high neck or a collar, A small gold double cross is worn under her clothing, Slight silver allergy- wears gold instead, She has a black belt in Tai Kwon Do, While in college (around age 18)- she had a brief affair with a man she knew as a bounty hunter (by the name of Ted) who spoke almost perfect Russian. He disappeared a few months into the relationship.

Angel St.Gabriel


Pale Blond almost white hair , Pale Blue eyes.

Angel was raped about six months ago while on a college visit. Her greatest fear was that she would end up pregnant, instead she became a werewolf Angel was born Gabrielle LaCroix-Marsailles. She was raised in a very strict, proper Georgia family. She was a debutante and always given the best things, but her parents were very distant. Her parents were (and still are) members of the organization Humans First. Angel never shared their views that all things Supernatural were wrong. After the rape (which her parents refused to prosecute somewhat blaming her for wearing a short skirt) and subsequent werewolfdom her parents sent her to a group which claimed to cure weres. (outside of Atlanta) What they did was starve them and beat them with a whip made out of many strands of pure silver beads. After a few months in this place- without any change in her condition- she overheard her father talking to the leader of the organization. He told her to kill his daughter (end her suffering he said) if the cure was unsuccessful. That is when she ran all the way to Saint Louis, because she heard that the supernatural community was not only strong but also welcoming. When she changes it is into a pure white werewolf. Most likely will become dependent on the first person that is kind to her.



Black hair (dyed), Sea green eyes .

Justice Asked a family friend, to bite her in 1969 after the death of her husband and children. She works for a very elite, and secret group within the FBI, which uses vampires to find and destroy serial killers. She probably could be a master someday but she doesn't care to. She was born Jessica Duncan. She married at the age of 21 after graduating from college with a degree in education. A few years later her husband, an army officer, was sent to Vietnam and killed, leaving her single with a set of twins to raise. Her daughters were killed by a serial killer targeting young twins when they were six and she was 28. She made it her quest to destroy this type of predator, changing her name to Justice and became a Vampire so that she could dispense this justice more easily. She is very determined and strong willed and always gets the job done neatly without risking the lives of innocents Will respect authority begrudgingly (this includes master vampires)


Celina Yola Edge


Black hair and Bright Green eyes

Mother and Father were killed in a car accident when she was five. She moved to Manuas, Brazil to live with her maternal grandmother and within the year she was learning the ways of the Amazon basin. Her grandmother was a local witch and worked with the local jaguar pard., but Celina only learned of them through her grandmother. On her sixteenth birthday she had gone out with some friends when a jealous young were-leopard named Carlos ambushed them. Two nights later at the full moon, she shifted with the pard; her grandmother's worst fear had come true. Celina changed into the black panther, a rare jaguar, and the first in 50 years. In only two years she was third in command, a beta, at the age of 20. She went to college and got a degree in computer programming and engineering.


Rhiannah Winters


Black hair and Blue eyes

Rhiannah is a Were. You don't know how long its taken me to come to terms with that. Ryan her twin and her were kidnapped when they were 13 years old. One of their captors was a sadistic son of a bitch and enjoyed tormenting them. He raped her in front of Ry while another held a knife to his throat. The horrible part of this was that she couldn't shut Ry out of her head. They seem to have that twin specialness in spades. That man was a werecat and shifted part of himself then scratched her. The kidnappers planned to kill them once Daddy paid the ransom. They were lucky, Uncle Charlie managed to track down their hideout and led a team to rescue them. The next full moon she went furry. 5 years of therapy, both of them learning martial arts, Rhi took judo I now have a black belt, and learned how to shoot. When they turned 18, Uncle Charlie completed his own therapy of us he hired her. Her 1st assignment after training was to take out 3 men. One of them was the man who had raped and changed her. Rhianna worked for her Uncle Charlie for 5 years as a sharpshooter. Hostage situations mostly but there were other jobs also. Now she has retired and has recently moved to St. Louis. Now she needs to contact the pard. Rhianna and her brother design computer games. Together they create the story,Ryan does the programing and Rhianna draws the illustrations for the graphics. The two don't need to work but they can't not do someting and this they enjoy.

Alanna Dion Culhan


reddish gold hair and sea green eyes

Alanna is a hereditary witch, as well as wiccan. Her whole family has power to some extent, each with their own talent. Alanna's is power, to be able to cast spells both with and without a ritual. She graduated from the University in St Louis, 3 years ago, and has been working at a bookstore, part of a major chain. Now she wants to open her own store. A bookstore/gift shop with an eclectic selection of titles. Everything from science to science fiction, preternatural biology to new age 'crap,. Her family consists of herself, a brother and a sister. Her parents are still alive. Family legend say their powers come from a union between their many times great grandmother and a Gaelic elf, of the Tuatha De Danaan. She has close family ties, and her parents live in a castle in Ireland.

Diandra Athene


Dark Brown hair and Silver Blue eyes

Diandra is an orphan who was adopted into the Jaguar Clan in Peru. Her father was a Greek businessman (Dimitri Aleksandros) who on a trip to Peru met, fell in love with and married a woman (Lourdes Morales) of Indian descent who was a member of the Jaguar Clan. They died in a car crash when Diandra was 3 years old. The Jaguar Clan is not only a family of people tied together by blood. They are a clan of people with similar skills and beliefs/rules that they live by. They promote learning, and a warrior's respect for life. On a more personal note, for Diandra this means that when the Clan adopted her, she was raised by many people willing to love her and teach her and guide her to be 'all she can be' (a force for good). Diandra has an eidetic memory, and the senses of a guardian. Each of them (senses) are enhanced beyond human normal range. Beyond her training in using those senses, Diandra has other abilities. Telepathy, and healing (She wants to become a doctor) and with her spirit guide's 'help' shapeshifting and teleportation. Her spirit guide is her conduit to the energies of the Earth. Her spirit guide is a male jaguar by the name of Xantei and he can manifest himself to the physical world if he so desires. Diandra could be called a shaman but she tends to lean more toward being a healer. For the past thirteen years Diandra has lived in and with more than 20 different families/homes and areas of the world. Greece, England, Ireland, America, and Peru to name a few, but mostly Greece and Peru. For the past 3 years she has been attending a University in Peru and has received 2 degrees, one of which she had a double major in metaphysical psychology and preternatural biology. For her second degree, Diandra majored in ancient civilizations/anthropology. At present time she has been accepted to the University in St. Louis for pre-med classes. Arrangements have been made for her to start classes late and she will be arriving in St. Louis on the 5th of October, an apartment has been arranged for her in a Mister Gaelic's building and she will start classes a week after arriving in town, this is to give her time to move into her apartment and get settled in. In addition to her personal goals she has been given a task, to meet and evaluate the local preternatural! l leaders and see if they are inclined to be sympathetic to her clan's belief's , could they be called upon if needed in an emergency.




black hair and red eyes

"Rube" recently awoke in a St Louis alley with no memory of who he is or what he might be (other than a bloodsucker) and was wearing a filthy black suit from the 17th century, a rotting powdered wig, silver buckled shoes, and a pocket watch with the word (Afaf) on it. He was covered in fresh dirt and was very very pale. Rueben has a very interesting background which involves amnesia, a star-crossed pair of lovers, a duel, and a bet on a horse. Which will be revealed more in character.


Elora Trinty Dannon


Ebony hair and Ice Blue eyes

She was born to Meara Dannon the human servent of Remy LeBlanc Master of the City of Pontaic. When her mother was killed by a hunter in an attack upon the Master. The Master took Elora in and raised her as his own daughter. As she grow her father as she thought of him taught her many things about Vampires and Weres. When she turned 16 she took her first job in one of her father's clubs stocking the bar and bussing table it's where she met Deacon. Deacon was a stripper at the club and he became her boyfriend her father knowing him approved. She kissed him during a full moon and he lost control shifting he bite her lip. He would have hurt her more but her father came in and pulled him away. He disappered the next day. She looks for him wherever she goes.

Auburyn St James of the seelie court


long, deep rich auburn hair and blue green eyes,

Auburyn is of natural Fey descent, with the normal Fey glamour and magick. As all Fey women, she has a sultry, earthy beauty, made to trap the mortal(and not so mortal) men. Newly arrived in St Louis, from the land of her father, following the flow of power that has flooded the city. A rebel in her own world, she is looking for.........who knows! Auburyn is the youngest and most beautiful daughter of the Finn Bheara High King of the Tuantha De Danan, and Brenna one of his many brides(and of the Lhiannon Sidhe (vampire faerie). She has just the faintest hint of an Irish brogue, kept well hidden in her naturally sexy voice. She is irresistably beautiful, weaving a spell of enchantment that would bind her Lover to her with powerful charms. Once seduced by her, the mortal could not bear the touch of another woman. She has come to St Louis for two reasons. One to experiencethe power that is growing within the city, and secondly to find herself.

Jacquetta Dante


black hair and hazel eyes,

Jaci's father was known as one of America's "Last Sicilian Dons". In one of the many vengeful acts of the "NY Don Wars", Jaci's mother was attacked and would've died if she hadn't been saved and turned by the Don's right hand man, a vampire.. Soon thereafter, their only daughter was conceived. Raised on the family estate in Upstate New York, Jaci was loved, guided and watched over carefully. No one knew what affects her mother's vampirism would have on the child. Other than a strong sense of sight, hearing and smell, and an uncanny strength & quickness for a female of her size, she shows no other vampirific tendencies. After the assasination of her family, in a true mob hit, Jaci with the help of underground ties escaped and disappeared. Many months later, she has surfaced in St Louis, wit ha new name and a new life. She chose the last name Dante in remembrance of the Hell she escaped, and may still be running from.