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For game purposes the name mext to the character name is a link to the player whom plays that characters email adress.

Anita Blake:

Human/Necromancer/Animator/Executioner/Lupa/Nimir-ra. Curly black hair to shoulders, dark brown eyes.

As an addition to her Animating job and her volunteering to help the police-force known as RPIT (Regional Preternatural Investigation Team), Anita is in the middle of a love-triangle. It should be the least of her worries, with what she does for a living and what kinds of things she has to deal with in her life, but as things get rougher in her love-life, she can't help but to pay a bit more attention to it than she used to. She and her two lovers, Jean-Claude and Richard, are a triumvirate; a trio of beings, each different, that have an inescapable bond which makes them very powerful and practically unstoppable. Their triumvirate in particular is powerful because of the passion involved with it. They are considered a force to be reckoned with, as is Anita alone. She carries with her numerous weapons as well as many scars from combat with all sorts of "nasties." She became Jean-Claude's Human-Servant through the triumvirate, along with Richard. They have a constant problem with staying out of each other's minds and dreams. She is the lupa of the local werewolf pack, of which Richard is the Ulfric, and the Nimir-ra of the local wereleopard pard. Her favorite thing to sleep with, though she has two gorgeous men in her life, has to be Sigmund, her stuffed penguin.


Vampire/Master of the City of St. Louis.. Wavy black hair, a bit past his shoulders lately, and midnight-blue eyes

had had his eyes on our Executioner long before she fell for him. He is a smart-ass, but can be extremely sweet when he wants to. It seemed that he was always being challenged for his position as Master Vamp. Not too many people had confidence in him---even some of the Council members didn't. But since he formed the triumvirate with Anita and Richard, he has been recognized as all-powerful and the true ruler of St. Louis.

Richard Zeeman:

Werewolf/Ulfric/Teacher... Long, wavy brown hair and chocolate eyes...

Richard is an eighth grade science teacher. Every adolescent girl has a major crush on him. That would all change if they discovered he was a lycanthrope. Lycanthropes are looked down upon as second-class citizens, all because they have a disease that makes them "go furry once a month." Richard killed for the first time to get his position as Ulfric (leader) of the werewolf pack in St. Louis. He made Anita his lupa (kind of like a female second-in-command, who is hand-picked by the Ulfric. She is also the Ulfric's mate.). The two had been engaged at one point, but Anita felt she couldn't handle his being a werewolf, so the engagement was broken-off. Plus the fact that after Anita saw Richard kill the last Ulfric (Marcus), Richard changed into a wolf on top of her, and she ran, screaming, into the arms of Jean-Claude, didn't make things any better for their relationship. But, as time went by, they got back together again an Anita is seeing both Richard and Jean-Claude once again.


Vampire. Long golden hair, pale blue eyes, half of his body scarred by holy water.

Asher and Jean-Claude were sired by the same vampire, Belle Morte. Asher and his human servant had been in relations with Jean-Claude for a long time, and they all traveled together. Once, Jean-Claude left them, and Asher and Julianna (Asher's human servant) were captured and tortured. Julianna was killed, and Asher was scarred for the rest of his existence. Half of him is beautiful and perfect, but he uses his long hair to hide the scarred portion of his face. He had hated Jean-Claude for a long time, but he decided to try to form a new friendship with Jean-Claude and went to St. Louis to stay. He and Anita are close, but that may be due to her bond with Jean-Claude, which forces her to share his memories. Anita has brought the hope of modern plastic-surgery to Asher's life. We'll just have to wait and see what comes of that hope


Vampire. Long red hair, bright and fiery green eyes.

Damian had been kept by his creator for a long time, away from everyone, and tortured in many different ways. He is very old; older than Jean-Claude, but has nowhere near as much power due to his oppression. Anita accidentally raised him from his coffin as a zombie of sorts, during one of the first time she, Richard and Jean-Claude used the full-force of their triumvirate. Since then, Damian has had a "thing" for the Executioner. He serves her now because he wants to, not because he was sworn to by the Master of the City. Anita refuses to respond to his advances. Two men is more than enough for her.

Willie McCoy:

Vampire.. Another "victim" of Anita's vampire-raising accident. Willie is the only vamp Anita ever knew before as well as after he was a vampire. He's fairly young for a vamp, and that makes him quite able to make mistakes and not be as graceful as most other vamps who've been around for a hundred years or so. His current girlfriend is named Hannah.


Master Vampire / Head of the Church of Eternal Life.

Malcolm is tall and almost painfully thin, with large bony hands that belonged to a more muscular man. His short, curly hair is the shocking yellow of goldfinch feathers.

Dead Dave:


Dave owns a local bar in a bad neighborhood. He is Anita's informant whenever she needs information she can't get (which is rare). Their meetings are always secret, because if anyone finds out that a vamp is helping the #1 vampire Executioner, he's a dead manís excuse the double-pun.


Wereleopard.. Short blond hair, gray eyes..

Cherry was once a nurse, but upon the discovery of her being a lycanthrope, her boss promptly fired her. She dresses very extravagantly. Not at all embarrassed to go topless in public, you'd think that Cherry was an out-going young woman, but in actuality, it's quite the opposite. Cherry is quiet and like a child in many ways. She's been a member of the wereleopard pard for a long time, and that means she was a member during Gabriel's reign. He was a real bastard and pimped-out his pard-members to people who were interested in S&M and D&S. Upon Anita's killing him, she became the leader of the pard. Since she is so different from Gabriel (i.e. she won't sleep with any of the leopards, she doesn't pimp them out and she made them stop their bad habits, and she isn't a wereleopard), Cherry as well as the other pard-members are curious and confused about her reasons for being loyal to the pard.


Wereleopard. Tall and skinny with bleached-yellow hair.

Zane is an alpha wereleopard, but never acted like one under Gabriel's rule. He begins to learn what it means to be an alpha once Anita takes-over. He, like all the others, is equally confused over why Anita is loyal to the pard. He has spent so much time in animal form, that his voice has gone gravelly and he has a bit of fang on the top and bottom. He is very animal-like in behavior; a bit more than the others. He is a nice guy, but a little on the strange side.

Nathaniel: Kenny

Wereleopard.. Very long auburn hair, light lavender eyes..

Nathaniel is young and is a shy-mannered guy, though he would get naked for you in a millisecond if you asked. He is easily broken both physically and mentally. He is helpless in ways, always having to be told what to do or else he gets panicky and feels lost. He was called a "pet" by Gabriel, and so, that's what he thought he should be to everyone else. Anita feels he is a challenge as a pard-member---but aren't they all?


Wereleopard... Dark hair and eyes, light brown skin...

Vivian is a very beautiful young woman who was captured by the Vampire Council and tortured. Anita went back and saved her life, and she's forever grateful. She is now dating Stephen, the werewolf.

Shang-Da: Reuban

Werewolf/Hati. Shang-Da is an Asian werewolf, originally from a pack in San Francisco, he transferred to St. Louis to be Richard's sort-of "body guard." Not in his job description, but he is very protective of his Ulfric. He is a big, intimidating-looking guy, who is a force to be reckoned with. Very strong and a good fighting-style. He has no fears.


Werewolf/Skoll. Waist-length black cornrows, dark brown eyes.

Jamil is an exotic dresser, fancy but mostly tasteful. He is the enforcer the pack. He has a cool attitude, believing he's better than everyone else, submitting to no-one. He hated the fact that his lupa was a human until she saved his life. He acknowledges her as his dominant, finally, and seemed to be better tempered.


Werewolf/Jean-Claude's pet. Blond hair and blue eyes.

Always the flashy dresser, Jason is both Jean-Claude's and Richard's to call. He normally feels like his arms are being pulled out of the socket, each of his "masters" pulling in opposite directions. He was at first a real arrogant guy, and he still is, but not as bratty. Okay, he's still bratty, but he's not as immature. Okay, Okay, he's still immature too, but he's not as---oh, for get it! For some reason or another, Anita doesn't find him as annoying as she used to. She got to see the real Jason in the book "Blue Moon" numerous times.


Werewolf. Long blond hair and blue eyes.

Stephen is the bottom of the barrel where the pack is concerned. Though a nice, shy and a decent guy, he is in no way a match for---well, anybody. He is physically weak and has a simple mind concerning most things. He is under Anita's protection from harm, and he is forever grateful for that. He is dating Vivian, the wereleopard.

Irving Griswold: Kenny

Werewolf / Reporter.

Irving is short, about five-three. His frizzy brown hair frames his bald spot like petals on a flower. Tiny round glasses perch on a button nose. His face is round, pink-cheeked. He looks like a bald cherub. Even lycanthopy can't cure baldness.

Sylvie Barker:


Sylvie is about five foot six, with short brown hair so curly it has to be natural Geri of the pack. Is aching to take the leadership from Richard, despises that a human is the Lupa.


Wererat/King. Short dark hair and brown eyes.

Rafael has almost gotten killed many times, including while trying to get the throne of the wererats from the way-evil original Rat King. He was originally from Mexico. He is a very proper and beautiful man, and extremely polite. He has given his protection to Anita recently, and will kill anyone who harms her.

Dr. Louis Fane:


Wererat/Lieutenant. He is a small man with very dark eyes.

Louie is one of Richard's best friends and is one of Rafael's lieutenants. His lycanthropy is concealed from the outside world in order for him to keep his job. He is a sweet man, and currently involved with Anita's friend Ronnie.


Wererat/Dr. Lillian is a small woman in her mid-fifties with salt and pepper hair which she keeps in a short no-nonsense style

Lilian runs a hidden Lycantrope clinic, in a converted apartment complex. She knows her stuff and has been known to help none lycs if it is in her preogitive, just ask Edward and Anita :)

Edward: :Ryan

Human/Just about everything there is out there. Blond haired and blue-eyed.

Not all that much is known about Edward---in fact, we're not even sure if that's his real name. He has numerous aliases, including "Ted Forrester," which he is referred to as when he's a licensed bounty-hunter. He kills for money, for sport and just plain pleasure. He kills mostly preternaturals, but wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet into a human's skull. Actually, he'd probably use a mini-uzi to do the job. He likes it messy. He's apparently friends with Anita, and whenever he visits her, it not only means danger is lurking but it usually means a new weapon for Anita.

Sargent Rudolph Storr:

Human/Chief investigator of RPIT. Anita calls him "Dolph" always, and she and he were good friends. Once he discovered she was dating the Master of the City, his trust-level for her plummeted. It hurt Anita that he didn't act the same way around her as he used to, but it was Anita who always prided herself in never dating the "monsters." Dolph is a straight-forward, no-nonsense kind of guy. Not much of a conversationalist. Takes his job very seriously, even if others mock him.

Detective Zerbrowski

Human/Detective on the RPIT squad. Zerbrowski is always busting Anita's chops, but has calmed it down a couple notches since he was almost killed by a witch-shapeshifter in the line of duty and Anita was the only one willing to help him because the others around them didn't realize you didn't turn into a lycanthrope from a shapeshifter. They were two different beings. He owed her his life, and he knew it. It doesn't stop him from being a chop-buster though---just makes him do it with a more pleasant disposition.

Larry Kirkland:

Human/Animator/Wants to be an Executioner. Short red hair and bright blue eyes.

Co-worker of Anita's who can be pretty much a pain a lot of the time. He's only two years younger than Anita, but can be pretty immature. He's learning and getting better at using guns. He's still a bit squeamish, but getting better at his poker-face. When he joins his animation powers with Anita's, they can do almost anything. He has begun a relationship with Tammy Reynolds.

Bert Vaughn:

Human/Head of Animators Inc.. Bert is a money-hungry SOB who cares nothing about others. He is willing to risk anything and anyone for a buck. He has risked Anita many times. He has no idea whatsoever of what it takes to be an Animator, but he runs the corporation anyway, over-booking just about everyone.

John Burke:

Human/Animator. John and Anita had a fling for a while, but they broke-up because John was egotistical, and having his girlfriend be better than him in just about everything, hurt his self-esteem. He isn't the most main of characters, but he is pretty powerful.

Veronica Sims:

Human/Private Detective. Ronnie is a very close friend of Anita's, and they always share info and help each other out whenever possible. Ronnie is a lot more hesitant to actually use a gun, but she is a very good actress. She's make you believe she was nuts and ready to do just about anything just by giving you a side-ways glance. She is good at her job, and a health-buff. She and Anita jog together whenever they can. She is currently involved with Louie.

Tammy Reynolds

Witch/Member of RPIT. She's full of herself and thinks she knows more than everyone, especially Anita. She is the first preternatural hired for a job in RPIT. She is currently involved with Larry.