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Personal Character Inquiry

Personal Character Inquiry

Hey Peoples! It's time to create a character of your own and sign up for the game!

ALL of the questions here must be answered, except for the Miscellaneous box at the end.

If We do not mail you back concerning your Character Inquiry within a week, please email The Powers That Be.

Your Personal Information:

Please know that your personal information will NOT be sent anywhere but to The Powers That Be, unless you yourself choose to give it out to others once entered into the game.


Just complete this form. Click on Submit when ready to send.

Your Name:
Your E-mail: (Fill this out COMPLETELY, for example,, and NOT just "Satan." Despite the rumours, The Powers That Be are not psychic!)

Your Character's Information:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

General Information: Tell us a bit about your character here (i.e. If you're a vampire or lycanthrope, tell us how you became that way, or an HAV-member, why are you one? Etc...)

Your character's history (if there's more to add...):

The appearance of your character (the specifics):

Your character's physical/personal strengths and weaknesses:

The famous "Miscellaneous" Section!: :o)

This is the important part. Here's where you show us all what you can do. A sample RP of your character and you can use any other char in it you like. Just remeber these to use our heading in the sample, and remeber all posts are written in the third person.

Heres the format for the way we write a post.

Please use a consistent header for your post, before jumping into the scene. We want to read your scene, but a little information beforehand helps us understand what is happening and why.

SUBJECT LINE ON EMAIL: Can be character name or the title of your post.

TITLE: Fun to think up, helps set the mood. PART 1 of X means that for convenience, you have split the post into two or more emails which should be read in consecutive order.

DAY: The current game day, usually

TIME: "Morning" or "Evening" or "9pm", and this is a great place to tell us how it dovetails with a separate post. < EG: Just after "Roll in the Hay" and a few minutes before "Here Come the Cops!">

LOCATION: Where it all happens. "Lost in St. Louis" or "Felipe's apartment" or "Under the Circus"

CHARACTERS: Who's in the scene. LIST EVERYONE INVOLVED. Non-player-characters (NPC's) can be listed last and labeled as such. IE: Anita, Richard, gun shop owner and a customer.

MENTIONS: Another important thing, especially if your characters are talking about other people's characters. For example, if Anita and Richard are talking and mention Rafael and Dolph, both should be listed, just to be polite.

NOTES: Seldom needed, but a great place to stick a little warning about violence or potentially offensive topics. If Anita visits a crime scene, I'd hope to see a "WARNING: Graphic description of crime scene" here.

Now Start writing, we can't wait to read it.

Read your form over to make sure all the information is there that is needed, and you didn't leave anything vital out!

Please only click "send" once and wait---We don't appreciate getting the same form a thousand times!