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C9I was formed a few years ago by ex professional wrestler Dominic St. Cloud and his wife. C9I is a grassroots organization for the implementation of safety standards for professional wrestling.

Their mission is to get federal legislature to pass a law requiring pro wrestlers to be properly fit and trained as well as showing they are within the minimal safety standards required, prior to being allowed in competition with other athletes, on a professional level.

One might ask what brought Mr. and Mrs. St. Cloud to forming this organization? The answer is simple... Dom has been confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. This was all in result to an injury that never should have happened.

This injury occurred after an up and coming wrestler, was pushed into high angle competition before he was ready. 5 months after Dom debuted in the fed it was scripted and staged for Dom to job to the new guy, 10 - 15 minutes after the bell. The match never finished because 4 minutes into the mat, the youngster hit a improperly executed swinging neckbreaker, and Dom was taken from the ring by a stretcher, never to walk under his own power again.

Recently in hopes to shove his beliefs in the face of lackadaisical politicians everywhere, Dom has returned to the UWA, on a managerial basis. He has brought with him 2 incredible athletes; Mace Onslaught, and Dan Spitznik, The Hardliners. Together as the stable known as Cloud 9 they are determined to put an end to the lax wrestling abilities of inexperienced wrestlers in the UWA ... BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

Apparently unbeknownst to the world, Dom has more wrestlers in training. Most recently it was discovered that there was a 3rd Hardliner, one Marcus Gurney. A former EMT that Dom came across while scouting an independent federations house show. Marcus has gotten up to par just in time to make an impact on the UWA, and hopefully rescue his recently abducted mentor.

Do you think you have what it takes to represent Cloud 9 in the ring?

If so please contact Dominic or Mrs. St. Cloud at....

Cloud Nine Inc. c/o Dom St. Cloud

at 5551 Pennsylvania Ave. Ste. 555

Washington, DC 20535-0001


Anyone wishing to volunteer, and or donate to our cause please contact Dom and Co. at the above contact info.




-Dom St. Cloud