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Create A Wrestler Form

Hey People! It's time to create a wrestler of your own and sign up for the federation!

If I do not mail you back concerning your Character Inquiry within a week, please email
The President

Your Personal Information

Your Name

Your E-mail(ie.

If you have AOL Instant Messenger what name do you use?

If you have ICQ whats your #?

Wrestlerís Information



Are you a heel or a face?

What style Wreslter are you?{High Flyer, High Impact, Technical etc...} PS Do not say Hardcore




The appearance of your wrestler


Your wrestlers history

Who is your Manager? (if applicable)

Managerís Description

standard moves your wrestler may use

power moves your wrestler may use

moves your wrestler may use while his opponent is on the mat.

A few standard submission moves your wrestler may use

arial moves your wrestler may use

Finishing moves with descriptions
No outrageously ridiculous finishers like mulitple powerbombs followed by something else

Now for the good part, Here, I need a sample RP. Make it a good one, consider this to be your opening interview in my federation.
Any juvenile ranting like, "Bring your asses to the ring, jabronies! I will show you why I am the man!!!" will automatically disqualify your application.

Read your form over to make sure all the information is there that is needed, and you didn't leave anything vital out!

Please only click "submit" once and wait, As I donít need duplicate forms.

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