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September 2nd.

Jackson Mercer (human)showed up in St. Louis on a rented motorcycle, to make an appointment with Edward. He actually managed to get the drop on our resident psycho assassin, all in good fun, of course. They were just getting reacquainted when Storm, a Dhampir, came waltzing up out of the night,(Brave or foolish, you be the Judge.) Once it was clear they had all come to guard all the kitties and puppies meeting under the Circus for the full moon, they separated and took up different positions to keep watch.

After being out all night in tiger form, Abhaya Owens (Abby)(weretiger) arrived at her building across from Guilty Pleasures and sensed the same presence she'd felt earlier. She crossed the street and had a short, interesting conversation with Zachary Carson, a vampire, who gave her his card and a gold necklace. He went to his hotel, where he got some bad news from his Sire, Winter.

After spending the night with the terminally furry, Anita Blake was tired and bad-tempered. It didn't help her mood one bit to see a weird old man appear in the clouds and announce the morning. She got in her Jeep to head for home and a few hours of sleep, but she had a flat tire on a lonely stretch of road that turned out not to be as deserted as it initially appeared. When she got out to fix it, a G31 sniper put a tranq dart in her and she passed out attempting to call Richard.

Backpost: Over in Romania, Vincent Di Sipria, Master Vampire, returned to his hotel after locating the grave of his dead wife, Jydra, to find a panicked call for help from his childe, Christian, in St. Louis. He made a phone call to Jean Claude's machine, and got a answering msg. saying he was welcome from one of J.C.'s assistants. He packed and caught a flight out.

After the sun came up, all the lycanthropes headed home, and their guardians did also. Mercer got on his bike and headed out to his boat. Edward got in his Jeep and headed for his apartment, mentally thanking his shrink for his new psychoactive medication. Storm headed for the Circus for a nap.

Over at G31 headquarters, Malcolm(Master Vampire) cooled his heels in a cell, while the guards dragged Bryan the werewolf back to his cage. Poor puppy was passed out from hunting all night at Marc(psycho mutant) and Hollis's(human) bequest. After dawn, Marc came down to Hollis's lab and conducted his own sadistic and unscientific test on Brian and the good doctor both. Hollis was tres pissed off, and she defied Marc to make sure Brian was still loyal to her. At least, so she believed.

Asher and Jean Claude were called away to Europe, for a very short trip.

Tammy and Illiana left to go back to the station after interviewing a lonely old woman who saw 3 men in black uniforms abduct someone in a black van. They didn't learn much.

Abby went in to have coffee and breakfast with her new roommate Genna, and her son Matthew. She burned herself on the new silver silverware and half of breakfast wound up on the floor, which both women found amusing.

Angel the werewolf worked a morning shift at the Cafe, in a good mood. She talked to Vincent Lin and Barbara. Jason and Rae also showed up for breakfast.

Vincent Di Sipria called the Circus again as he made town, and some flunky named Jason(who was actually a meddlesome little Kitsune named C.D. told him he could stay at the Circus if he liked. He caught a cab and headed over, racing the dawn, only to be locked out. He was pissed, but made a hotel before going poof.

Some strange woman named Velada over in Paris was having fits and visions about vampires. (This is not relevant, really, she never really made it into the game.)

Backpost: Rae, a new werewolf to St. Louis, sat in her apartment trying to compose a letter to her new Ulfric asking for a meeting. Around noon she went to check out her new school, nervous because she hadn't heard back from Richard(werewolf, Ulfric). After that she headed to the Cafe. All the weres were there this morning, practically.

A 16 year old wereleopard, Vincent Lin, decided to go have coffee at the Lunatic Cafe before school. Some little silver haired/silver eyed wereleopard named Barbara showed up to keep him company. Later on the 2nd, Barb went to Dallas with Tyra, her Vampire companion.

Genevieve (wereleopard) woke up under the Circus and had to deal with a smart assed Zane (also wereleopard) who wanted her to dump Paria (werewolf) for him, but she told him no, and he loaned her some clothes since all the lycs lost their clothes during the giant shift/rally.

Jason (werewolf) went to bed with Jean Claude, to sleep.

Dr. Lillian(wererat) stitched up a fellow rat(npc Clyde) and scolded him for getting into fights.

Marianne(ghost) collected herself out of her grave and went to look for her new friend Matthew(4year old human psychic). On the way she overheard Abby and Genna(human) gossiping about vampires and freaked out, pouring salt all over the floor in an attempt to make a circle of protection.

A werecat of some kind, (leopard, I think) named Justin paced around his hotel room in Fallon, MO, talking to his father on the phone and thinking about hunting down the killer of his fiancee in St. Louis, and the msg. he had from Anita saying he'd better not make trouble.

Ronnie (human P.I.) woke up late for work and got ready, intending to call her wererat fiancee Louie as soon as she got to her office and make sure he was okay. When she did, he explained a little about a certain anti-prete group, and they made a date for lunch. She also worried that she couldn't get in touch with Anita.

In backposts, Rhianna(wereleopard) and her brother Ryan(human) were invited to St. Louis for a computer convention, and they made arrangements with Anita to come. On the morning of the second they flew in to the city and went to their hotel. Once they got there and ate, they tried calling Anita to find out where a kittycat might go to shift. She wasn't home, so they left a msg. She eventually got bored and went for a swim, then to the Cafe where she met Zane(wereleopard). They flirted and went back to his place for fun.

Andramida(werewolf) woke up and got ready to go to work, thinking of being furry again that night. On her way there she encountered a man assaulting a young girl in an alley. She rescued the girl and warned the guy off, but he didn't take the hint and wound up dead. She panicked and ran for home. When she got there, she thought to call the Ulfric, but the lights went out as she reached for the phone. She then headed over to the Cafe, and spotted Nathaniel.

Torrance Burke (investigative reporter, human(barely)) argued at length with himself about how to get even with Anita Blake and Jean Claude for rolling his mind and sending him on his way. His idea is to blackmail them into helping find his brother's killer, but he can't figure out how.

Sylvie(werewolf, Geri) was fuming about Richard and the wereleopards when the lights in her apartment went out.

G31 soldiers disguised as St. Louis cops showed up at Chastity’s(human, psychic) apartment and abducted her and her young werewolf roommate, Stephanie.

Cherry(wereleopard) woke up under the Circus, disoriented and think about what it was like to be furry, her impression of Anita and other morning thoughts as she got dressed and went to the clinic in search of Lillian. When she gets there, no one is in, so she jumps a bus to the Cafe, thinking how unfair society treats lycanthropes. When she got there, she ran into Rae(werewolf) who admitted being in town without permission, and agreed to help her find Richard after warning her about the G31 guys.

Out of sheer boredom, Mar c decided to go on a public rampage in a hotel and slaughter Thorian Michaels(werewolf) and a couple of hapless hotel employees. He leaves a videotape and an injured cameraman for the police. Hollis Mayfaire is appalled.

Zane(wereleopard) was in a frustrated, howling mood as he fought his way through traffic to the Lunatic Cafe to stir up some trouble or find a playmate.

Nathaniel(masochistic wereleopard) also went to the Lunatic Cafe for hot chocolate and possibly pancakes. When Andramida got there, they stuck up a conversation.

Abby Owens (weretiger) went to Washington University and signed up for her classes, then went to the library to research vampires. She didn't find the facts she needed, and left in a bad mood.

Vincent di Sipria(Master Vampire) woke up during the day, though he couldn't move, when a cheerful, helpful maid came in, saw him and lightproofed the room a little better. Around 3 he woke up and went to work getting in touch with Jean Claude and looking for Christian with his laptop. When the night fell, he went out to have a look around.

Sean(Fae) tried to plot some way to help Genna and Matthew indirectly.

Paria(werewolf) went home with Genevieve(wereleopard) and made another attempt to contact Richard for a meeting.

Dolph( police detective in charge of RPIT) showed up at the crime scene where Marc had wreaked havoc, and started trying to figure out what was going on in his jurisdiction.

Lysanne Stancil and her employee(NPC) Maxwell, (both human ad agents) of Creative Artists discussed business. She thinks about her meeting with Anita.

Meanwhile, back in the lab at G31 headquarters, Hollis sends Bryan on his way to a remote facility with Anita and then has a look at her new prisoners, Chastity, Stephanie and a wereleopard named MaKynnzie Donnaley.

Logan (weretiger) and his employee Celina (were?) both left the Circus separately and went to work at his shop.

Genna took Matthew shopping and he threw a temper tantrum and had to be taken out and soothed before he went to KinderCastle. Out in the parking lot, she met Empathy.

Hollis drugged Mackynzie(weretiger) with PCP and put her in with Malcolm. He killed her very gently.

When Zachary got up at sunset, he got a very nasty package from Susan, the vampiress he came to St. Louis to hunt down. He went out hunting for her and found her. They went to a remote location to fight, and Susan was getting the better of him, so he Called Abby to help him. She was reluctant to go, but did rescue him and take him home with her.

Anita woke up in a cage next to Bryan, who told her he was kidnapped from the Washington, D.C. and that he was afraid that they meant to make him shift and attack her.

An Irish vampiress named Saro showed up in St. Louis, rented a room and considered how to contact Jean Claude.

Raphael(the King of wererats) wandered about town.

Illiana (witch) called Irving Griswold(werewolf reporter) to make an appointment to share info over lunch.

Andramida(werewolf) was at the Cafe when the cops came in. She panicked, but Angel noticed and hid her and called Sylvie for help. Sylvie showed up and behaved aggressively, and Raphael interfered and pissed her off.

Jean Claude (Master of the City) came back to town, snacked on Jason and met with all kinds of people, including Storm and Madeline(Master Vampire)

Edward, Mercer, Richard and Storm were all out in search of Anita Blake. The cops came out while Edward and Richard were examining Anita's Jeep, and things got a little hairy till Dolph and Zerbrowski showed up.

Under the influence of Hollis Mayfaire's drugs, Stephanie(werewolf teen) told G31 everything she knew about the pack and pard and the night befores meeting. Later when they were alone, she cried while Chastity tried to comfort her.

A new wolf named Elora showed up at the Cafe looking for the Ulfric.

Vincent di Sipria Called Cherry and she showed up just about the same time as Sekmet/Gen, his werelion Servant arrived with a little Fae creature named Cheets, who was the reincarnation of his dead wife, Jydra. They all went to pay a visit to Jean Claude.

Marc(psycho mutant Leader of G31) showed up to meet the Executioner, and pounded her unconscious. Later that evening, he was confronting Hollis about possibly being a traitor when he collapsed. He had some interesting dreams.

Alanna(witch) showed up in her new bookstore and blessed the building and met the neighbors, Abby and Genna and Matthew.

Lillian(wererat doctor) went to the Cafe.

Justice(Vampire, FBI agent) was still trying to get permission to enter the City.