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September 1st Game Summary

As the clock strikes a new day Anita’s car breaks down and she fends off a terminator type robot in a massive fire fight.

Jackson Mercer rescues Sati from a group of armed men wearing black fatigues. He sees a little of her magic when she defends herself as well. They kiss and Sati sees a vision causing her to flee. Mercer gives chase but then returns to the Lunatic Café to rejoin Jamil and his 2 associates.

Irving Griswold and Illiana Petrov meet and discuss the bombing attempt on the LC.

Justice a vampire FBI agent arrives at he edge of town, and awaits to hear that permission to enter Jean Claude’s city has been approved.

Illy arrives at the Circus, she knocks but gets no answer. Worried about JC she calls his private message and leaves a message.

In the Alley, Edward, Deanna, Raphael, Louie, Gregory, Dul, and Jeanette are all discussing the aftermath of what just went down.

Edward decides to leave the scene before the authorities arrive. After having words with his sister, he takes off and steals a corvette Deanna follows after him. Janette decides that leaving is by far the best course of action and also slips away.

Thorian Michaels steps off the plane, and gets his first whiff of St. Louis air. At the same time his half brother Jon Chapel is arrested for Breaking and Entering in St. Louis.

In another alley Nathaniel and Angel smell something and go to investigate.

Later that day Thorian gets a hotel room, and is almost immediately visited by 2 men claiming to be HF (damn they are quick). He overpowers them and discovers they have information on almost all the Pretes in St. Louis.

Sylvie arrived home from her vacation and immediately called Richard to check pack business. He wasn’t home so she left a message.

Jean Claude receives a request from an old friend Madeline to enter his city, He grants it willingly.

In order to avoid running over a pedestrian , Edward wrecks the ‘Vette The Illy he is standing in now is a near replica the one he just left, Dead men wearing black fatigues. He searches for clues and comes across the retirement gold Zippo of an old friend one Jackson Mercer.

Richard gets out of the shower checks his messages tries returning both Sylvie and Paria’s calls to no avail, he decides to go help Brynna and the kids unpack, ad leaves the house.

Illiana is driving while on the phone and doesn’t see the corvette blocking the street, She swerves and almost hits Edward. She gets out of the car and they have a screaming match. Illy then recognizes Edward as an old flame named Ted. She slaps him telling him how she had hoped he was dead. Edward decks her and draws on her. Ted takes control and comforts her They have a brief kiss, Ted gets nauseous as Edward regains control. Illy’s phone rings, as she answers it Edward slips away into he night.

On the phone is Tammy, Illy mentions Ted’s duality then is informed by Tammy that she needs to go investigate a crime scene (anyone wonder how she missed the one she was standing in?) She makes her way to the alley as Dul Gregory Louie and Raphael also leave just prior to her arrival. Louie and Raphael head off to AppleBees.

After finishing up his nightly appointments Asher flew back the Circus, meanwhile Sylvie heads for the café.

While out exercising Shang Da runs into Guin and Cymbrogi. Jason makes a cameo to lead them all out of the woods..

The other that Asher felt was a Mater vampire named Liam, He and Asher talk briefly and then he gives Asher a gift, and requests he give it to Genessa. Asher agrees, and the part.

Syam and Mahira make random appearances throughout the day. They never really got much playing done. Likewise for Marr and Catriona who go from talking to the Danse Macabre and then seemingly disappear (We lose a lot of people in the crazy town, would hate to read the missing persons file)

Edward makes his way to his secret warehouse, In his personal shooting gallery he tries to *kill* the Ted persona, he gets overwhelmed and pass collapse losing conscienceness still clicking the empty gun.

Illy makes her way back to the circus she meets and talks to Asher.

Angel St. Gabriel arrives at the café with Nathaniel and gets hired as a waitress. She is also offered a back room as a place to stay. She starts settling in to her new lifestyle.

Mercer noticing Jamil’s troubles in the café makes his way over to help his new friend. Shayde Jamil Mercer and Cherry all end up outside fighting, Mercer goes through a windshield and Jamil and Shayde get into it. Mercer gets up with Cherry’s help and shoots Sahyde. Jamil and Mercer tell him to leave town while he can. Mercer then collapses and Jamil and Cherry seeing no other choice take him to Lillian.

Hannah and Willie spend the night in his coffin. They have not been heard from since. Perhaps they should have asked JC’s permission??

Lysanne came home and had a snack before bed.

Galen Beth and Brynna Grail had been unpacking all night, after they had finally finished Brynna sent them to bed. Galen tired of being cramped up felt the need to go exploring in the woods outside their new home.

Storm’s escapades in London where he took out a rouge group of vampires are seen all over the world news channels. After completing that task Storm gets on a plane bound for St. Louis.

Madeline enters the city and settles into her new mansion with her wolf Ela.

Storm arrives at the airport where he meets Alicia Flores after he prevents her purse-snatcher from escaping. She too is never heard from again and thus begins Storms bad luck with friends…

Thomas Hund was seen out and about in St. Louis.

Justice spoke to her supervisors again in hopes of getting in the city, and as told it was still in the works.

Illy had a dream about Ted and Edward fighting for control in a boxing match. She awoke worried about him.

Beth is confronted by Brynna and reveals that Galen went out . Brynna debates leaving to make a phone call to Richard, but that would mean having to leave the house.

Asher went in to JC’s office to pay the weekly bills and saw a letter there from Storm. He approved his request and went back about his business.

Richard and Sylvie met each other on the street and discussed the latest things happening in the city. They then decided to head over to the LC in hopes of straightening some of it out.

A shape shifter named Bane was seen out and about in the woods near Brynna’s. Brynna and Beth go out back hoping to see Galen. Brynna continues to debate weather to leave and call Richard.

Meanwhile Galen out and about in the woods *running* meets up with Thorian who was also out letting off steam.

Celest was seen out and about at various times during the day.

Madeline goes to visit JC.

Allister murders Syrah and then escorts Elizabeth and Bethany Scott out of the city. On the way home he stops and kills Kaligrum as well.

Sylvie and Richard meet Angel at the LC. They talk to her about her history and the pack.. Richard a little upset calls and straightens out who exactly gave her permission.

Stephanie Murphy returns to her home town and moves in with her friend Chastity Astreu. After a talk Chas makes her way to Danse Macabre attempt to find out who the young wolf needs to speak with.

Storm is mistaken as a serial killer by Justice, they get into a fight, but after a short time Justice realizes her mistakes. They talk till near dawn, Storm goes to fix her car and she gives him a bag of blood to feed with.

Lillian is alone in her clinic thinking when Jamil and Cherry burst in carrying a human. She berates them that they would have been better off taking him to the hospital ER. With some convincing from Jamil she gives in and treats him.

JC shows up at Anita’s to fix the *mess* created by Damian and Willie.

Deanna had followed Edward’s trail and confronts him at the warehouse. They fight and Edward ends up putting a bullet between her eyes killing her. She falls into the river. Edward burns down the warehouse and takes off in his jeep. Further down the road Edward passes out again after he has pulled over to the side of the road.

A mysterious man dressed in black is packing his bags in a garage. He makes his way towards his destination. Upon arrival we learn his name is Torrence Burke reporter for the St. Louis Dispatch, his specialty exposes on Vampires and sympathizers., his current focus Anita Blake.

***Want Ad: Lunatic Café seeks hard working responsible individual to manage the place and handle hiring firing cash deposits etc.… Apply in person of fax resume to 354 555 8653*** (that’s 555 - WOLF J)

Brynna deciding there’s no more time to wait heads out of the house for the phone with Beth in tow to call Richard.

Cherry and Jamil start dozing off at the clinic as they await Lilian’s prognosis.

At the café Richard and ' continue to discuss new wolves. Richard goes into the office to place a few phone calls. Sylvie’s contemplates a joint Lupanar with the cats and curses Anita.

Shang Da and Jason finally get out of the woods, taking Cym and Guin home. They to retire for the evening and go to sleep.

Torry decides to make a recon closer to Anita’s house and sees JC is there. As he turns around he sees Anita pull up and goes to question her. JC intervenes and rolls Tory.

Malcolm is at his church addressing the congregation.

Sati finds a vampires body, It’s head and heart missing. She thinks about her visions and runs away again, when she gets home she passes out from sheer exhaustion.

Zane and Avasa go out for dinner and dancing. Zane presents her with a pet kitten. Avasa would leave shortly there after to attend personal business in Tennessee with Lang and Vern’s pack.

While in a coma Mercer dreams of the past, he sees his parents die and then his father tells him it’s time to come with him. Sati intervenes and reveals the father to be Daemon, they all fight on the dreamscape, then Sati and Mercer fight. Mercer awakens and Sati wakes up and flees St. Louis because of what she has done. In a room somewhere Daemon watched by the Leader. As he fails *killing* Mercer on the dreamscape.

Mackenzie runs around town and then heads home where she strips kills her boyfriend and buries him in the park. Shortly there after she is abducted by G 31.

Richard gets a call from Madeline’s wolf Ela, and then he gets a call from Brynna, fearing for Galen he rushes to Brynna’s. Upon arrival he meets Thorian and Galen outside. RZ and Thor get in a small scuffle. RZ shows his dominance, Thor recedes. Brynna then invites everyone in to get some much needed sleep.

Leader cuts orders for numerous squads to watch the many hot prete locations in the city.

One of Malcolm’s newest children gets caught outside with G 31’s hit squad. Malcolm scares the attackers off but not in time to save the children.

Abahaya Owens gets off the plane in St. Louis, she finds a suitable apartment in the district.

Torry awakens at his house having no recollection of the previous night.

Jayce Grail was seen snooping about town, rumor has it he’s still there somewhere.

A policeman stops behind Edward to check on him, Edward humiliates the cop that startled him and then Ted and Edward get in an argument.

Abby stops a robbery at a deli and flees before the police arrive. She gets stopped by 2 cops and flees again ending up in an alley (we got a lot of those in this game ) face to face with two well armed men. Paria was out on his motorcycle when he saw her in trouble. Thor also saw this from his window. And came down to help. The two lycs easily mop up the baddies, and dispose of them in the dumpster. Knowing that is a bad idea Paria takes them and drops them off a bridge.

Storm sitting by the bay, calls his mother and Darius back in NYC. They discuss the problems he caused with the council over the London thing, but as usual he knows he did the right thing. As he hangs up the phone the sun rises and dawn is upon the city.

Jamil and cherry wake up at the clinic and go in to check on Mercer. Lilain after getting home from a very late night was awoken by the phone in the early AM, telling her Mercer was awake.

BACKPOST Marianne Mueller is abducted and murder by Nicholas and her minions.

Edward wakes up at home reads his email and goes down to the police station to bail out Jon Chapel as a favor for a friend. In turn Edward leaves a note for Jon that he knows owes Edward a favor and when he calls he better answer.

Marc unhappy with his failure kills Daemon, no sooner does this occur then Shayde returns *home* for his insolence Marc murders him as well and tapes it.

Storm meets Illy and Chas on the dock. After coming back from getting them breakfast Storm and Illy notice something in the water they go for a swim and realize it’s a body, upon closer investigation the see the FBI badge. The police arrive along with the Feds and after they are done with them, Storm goes to his appointments and Chas and Illy bond.

Genna St. Cloud is in her hotel showering. When she gets out of the shower he realizes her son Matthew is missing, she frantically starts searching and runs into Abby. After some searching and sniffing Matthew is found and thus begins his obsession with the fanged clowns.

Mercer reacts abruptly to Jamil calling him Merc, and makes a realization. He wants to leave but Lillian won’t let him go till she checks him out and he answers some questions. Mercer tells all he knows and his thoughts on what’s happening and is then released.

Steph and Sylvie meet at the track while running they talk about pack and school.

For a taste of revenge Leader decides to send Mercer’s files to both Richard and JC.

Dr. Hollis Mayfair arrives at the farmhouse. She is a Scientist who specializes in Lycs, employed by G 31. With her is a mysterious chauffeur, as well as her new *project* Hollis insists upon seeing Marc (Leader) Marc arrives still covered in gore. They chat and argue, Marc finally gives her space for a lab and quarters after reading her orders. Later Marc *visits* Hollis in her new quarters.

The project is revealed as werewolf Bryan Sutton. He and Hollis talk and someone named Booby is mentioned.

Genevieve Taylor arrives in town and meets Paria down by the water. They get very close.

Anita meets with Lysanne Stacil and they discuss the rights of weres and how Lysanne’s agency can help. Anita agrees to pass the information along to those that will be able to put it to good use.

Mercer buys a houseboat. On his way into town to meet with Anita he sees Jathael the Timelord who informs him it is nightfall.

Hollis arranges dinner for herself and Bryan. Bryan and Bobby *talk* One of the guards playing a practical joke on the Dr. and her wolf is punished harshly for his trickery. Word is spread throughout the base that you don’t fuck with Hollis Mayfair and her projects.

Irving Griswold meets Illy in the park, Chas calls Illy to report a missing Steph.

Louis gets a threatening letter: Someone is threatening to expose him.

Logan St. Croix arrives and runs into Celina Yolan Edge at the store.

Anita is driving and sees a black van and a jogger, something doesn’t feel right as the Black van pulls a u turn when she looks in her rear view she notices the jogger and the van are gone … hmm.

Hollis is informed that a raid will take place tonight, and they want her to go in on it. Hollis asks if Bryan can go as well. Solider tells her that’s Leader’s decision.

Mercer and Anita meet. Mercer tells Anita everything he knows about what may be happening in regard to G 31.

Dolph gets a phone call saying there have been 2 abductions., both revolving around black fatigued men and black vans.

Bryan and Bobby discuss what may occur and possible scenarios out of this if Leader agrees to Hollis’s terms.

While cleaning out his car Torry finds his tape recorder and sees it’s still recording he stops the tape and starts to play it back. He hears JCs’s voice and doesn’t remember him being there. After listening to the tape in it’s entirety he realizes he was duped by Vampire magic, a crime punishable by death.

While Edward is in town getting some lunch, a few blocks from him a third victim is abducted same style outfits, same black van.

Marc proceeds to test Bryan showing him he is his dominant. B/B decide they have to stay to protect Holly from this monster.

Abby Genna and Matt have lunch in the park, they discuss Genna’s missing husband Domininc. After some discussion Abby invites them to move In with her.

Upon hearing about the 3rd abduction Dolph sends his officers out to investigate them.

Through a carefully executed plan a G 31 squad accompanied by Hollis and Bryan abduct Malcolm. Marc demotes one of his sergeants, violently and makes him the 4th member to accompany the 3 abductees.

Stephanie gets home and Chas and Sylvie get to meet.

Over the phone Richard and Anita discuss the file he is reading over on one Jackson Mercer. They agree to meet an Animator’s Inc. for lunch to go over this further. Richard arrives at AI and they continue talking till they are interrupted by Genevieve and Paria, Richard talk to Paria while Gene talks to AB.

Matthew attends his first day of child care, as Genna goes about investigating where and when Dom’s credit cards were used here in St. Louis.

Ronnie talks to a nervous Louie over lunch. They make wedding plans.

Torry makes copies of the tapes and writes up form letter to accompany it. One for the police chief, one for his editor, one for his lawyer, one for HF and one for HAV. He then goes to the bank to get some safety deposit boxes with which to put these priceless tapes in.

Madeline and JC both awaken, in separate places of course.

Malcolm and Hollis talk and Malcolm shows off a little of his power, he also finds out quite a bit about what G 31 knows of the St. Louis Pretes. Hollis leaves Bryan and Malcolm talk and Bryan mentions that Bobby is his brother.

Matthew and Genna move into Abby’s place. Marianne awakens from her grave and goes up to see who’s there, she meets Matthew and it’s discovered Matt can see and hear her.

Anita dials up Edward asking about Mercer as well as if he’s willing to play watchdog for the puppies and kittens. Edward tells her Mercer is legit and that he’ll be there.

Edward hangs up the phone as he is called into the office of Dr. Sandra Copeland a psychiatrist. They discuss controlling the Ted persona and she agrees to prescribe a new medication. She convinces him to let Ted speak and he does. Ted talks about missing spaces in his memory and then mentions Deanna. Edward regains control and storms out.

Anita and JC discuss borrowing the Circus for the Lupanar, JC agrees saying protecting her and Richard is in everyone’s best interest.

Anita calls Zane and tells him to escort the new Leopard Genevieve to the Lupanar under the circus. Zane arrives and sees Gene with Paria, after some male machismo they all make their way to the circus.

Anita calls Abby back, but she’s not home, she leaves a message with Genna and asks where she is. Genna informs her she took her car to go find somewhere to change *alone*.

Genna meets Asher and they talk about vampires as well as her missing husband. Asher agrees to help anyway he can.

Marc and Hollis watch from bed as Bryan following his orders and kills the 4 men in the order specified by Marc. He is rewarded with a rabbit. The next day the true test takes place as Marc tests Bryan’s willingness to kill anyone for him even Hollis. Hollis is not happy and she and Marc exchange words but she submits. Bryan warns her not to go to him anymore, telling her he will kill her one day.

Matthew and Marianne discuss Marianne’s past and her parents. Matt promises to help Marianne find her parents.

As Midnight approaches The Wolves and Cats are seen entering the Circus for the monthly ritual.