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---{The Scene: The camera fades in to show the same limo area as before. Justin is sitting staring out the window and looking depressed. Dr. Hemlock is speaking to the cameraman and Chaimber and Styx are talking about Justin's "problems." The camera pans around to show a interstate highway. All if a sudden the Chaimber yells to pull of here. The driver swerves to the ring and they exit the freeway. Justin is now looking down again. They get off the exit ramp and arrive at a city street. The cameraman turns left and continues on for four or five more blocks. He then stops at a red light and turns left again. A huge Marriot Marquee Hotel is on the right. They pull into the driveway and stop at the door. The driver gets out and opens the door closest to the entrance. The cameraman exits first followed by Dr. Hemlock, Chaimber, Styx, and finally Justin Sane. They walk into the lobby and up to the registration desk. Justin leans on the desk and looks down. The camera shows the driver unpacking the bags. Chaimber speaks.}---

Chaimber: Yes, reservation for Malakov, Dmitiri. I believe we have two suites on the penthouse floor. Please give us our keys and we will be on our way.

Receptionist: O. Credit Card please.

---{Justin does not move. He still just stands there without a sound or a motion.}---

Receptionist: Please sir. I need the credit card to check you in. If you would like to stay somewhere else I am sure that can be arranged.

---{Justin reaches into his back pocket. He pulls out his wallet and hands the lady his credit card. She takes it, grudgingly.}---

Receptionist: THANK YOU! Sir. Ahem. Well let me just swipe this and then all i need is some photo identification and you will be all set.

---{Justin finally looks up. He gives a sinister glance toward the receptionist. Justin reaches into his wallet once again and pulls out a UHW Photo ID Pass. He hands it to her and she lights up in delight.}---

Receptionist: Wow, we have never had a real live sports star here. I knew I recognized you from somewhere. My kid watches you all the time. He would love to have your autograph. Anyways, here is your keys and you ids and credit card. Enjoy your stay. Your suites are Penthouse 1 and 2.

---{Justin then looks back and grabs his black duffel bag. he oulls a pen out and then a t-shirt out. He signs it and gives it to the mother. She lights up as she holds the priceless piece of memorabilia in her hand. She screams thank you as they get in the elevator. The dorrs close and Chaimber speaks.}---

Chaimber: Hey Justin, that was nice of you back there. Personally, I don't exactly love doing it, but I guess you do. Well, anyways, are we doing anything tonight? I am dead tired. I think we should just stay in and relax. What do you guys think?

---{All nod in agreement as Justin does not answre. He is, once again silent. He just stands there with a look in his eye that realys a message. A message that he wishes to be left alone. The bell finally rings and they get to the floor. They turn left and walk down the corridor. The driver opens the door a single suite. The door opens and there is another entrace connecting the two rooms. Chaimber tells Styx, Dr. Hemlock, and the cameraman to go get settled in their room. THe cameraman leaves the camera on a coffee table and he keeps it running.}---

Chaimber: Justin try to keep this room in one piece man. I really didnt like the hit that my wallet took after yourlast fiasco. Just be quiet and calm for tonight. Tomorrow we get on a plane to go to the arena and then it will be a day till you get to "prove yourself" as you say. But anyways, I am going over to the next room. You staying?...Guess so. See you in a few.

---{Chaimber walks out of the room and into Styx's room. Justin sits down on the couch and puts his head into his face. His hair once again falls over his face. He is silent. The black duffel bag is sitting in front of him, partially open. Justin begins to speak with is head still down.}---

Justin: Draven, do you think that you impress me. Do you think that your little fancy speeches and curse words impress me? Well, my friend, simply put, they do not. They are a bunch of bullshit. You wanna curse go ahead. Look I can too. YOU SUCK COCKFACE...Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. But that would take up too much time. Draven, I am sick of your constant moaning and graoning. So on Havoc, I will shut you up. I will take your mouth and force it closed, and then I will do whatever it takes to make sure you never open it again. Becuase evry time that you do, you just embarass yourfelf further. And we don't want that. The UHW is place of prestige, not a place for people like you and Jake Blood to embarass themselves. You say that EoD members do not fear anyone, but that is a lie. All of EoD knows that there is one certain inb all of wrestling. Justin Sane is the man to be scared of. Justin Sane is the man whom you do not wish to fight. You want to call me cocky, go ahead, but it seems you are the one os sure of a victory. I am merely sure that I will whoop your ass. You want to call me a moron, well that is truely a dumb thing to do. For you see, I have a larger vocabulary than you have wrestling moves. You dare to call me an ingrate Draven. Well, you will soon eat your words, along with my boot. You, Draven, speak of winning matches with odds stavked 30 to 1 against you. Well, this time you are not that lucky. This time the odds are insurmountable. And they are ones that you cannot overcome. Yous ay no one has been able to strike fear into your heart since you started wrestling, well then I guess that I will be the first to show you what a true ass whooping is. Draven, mark my words. I will never say the words I Quit. You see I do not come from your faamily. I am no stupid canadian who cannot speak proper english. I, my friend, am a master, a legend, a god. You say that you will lying over my lifeless body? Well, you are sadly mistaken. It will be the other way around. After you try to deliver the Unsung Hero and fail, I will deliver The Intro to Insanity, and I will be the one standing over screaming I told you so. For you, Draven Syth, are a mere mortal compared to a god like me.

Draven, I am a Lord. A lord of all that is seen and unseen. You on the other hand are nothing. Like you said yourself, you are nothing bu a pathetic rookie. You cannot and will not accomplish anything in the UHW while I am here. Draven, you my friend, are in trouble. You and your little friend Chris seem to think that you know it all. Apparently, I am no matsre, according t you. But then again, who listens to you two? No One. That's who. You call me a shithead? Well first of all at least I have the balls to say it and not bleep it out. Second, what does yoru little cousin know. Nothing. I dare him to come to ringside on Wednesday. Then ask what he thinks. His opinion will have drastically changed. You say that my name was not on the world chapions of '99 list? Well, I know that Draven. However, that is what happens when you are in Russia training to fight scumbags like you. I, Draven am the one, the KEY TO YOUR DEMISE! Draven you will be no more once I am done with you. You will be lying on the floor begging for help. And then, wehn you think it is all over. It just gets worse. I am going to make Havoc a living hell for you. You made a mistake when you called me ugly. You sealed your fate right there. Your disgusting excuse for a face is horid. The world should not be faced to even glance at it. A meat grinder? O you have stepped up to the line and then you jumped fifty feet past it. You dare insult my face and my looks, well will be severly punished for that one Draven. On Havoc this Wednesday, you will feel pain and torture. You want to insult minor things about me, well go ahead. You still will not gain any advantage. You will rather disabilitate yourself further. You, Draven Syth, have just locked yourself in for the fate you deserve. And I have the key.

---{Justin finally lifts his head. He has red marks on his face from where his hands were. There is sweat dripping from his forehead. Justin takes his hands and wipes the sweat away. He wipes it on a pillow and get up from the couch. Justin walks over to the mini fridge and opens it. He pulls out a 12 ounce plastic bottle of Evian Natural Spring Water. He twists off the cap and takes a sip. He twists the cap back on and looks into the other room. He sees nothing so he walks over to the connecting door. he closes the door and leans against it. He takes a deep breath and speaks again.}---

Justin: Draven, I am sick of your bullshit. You say that I, Justin Sane, contradict myself. You are sadly mistaken. I know exactly what I mean. It is fools like you, Jake Blood and them, and EoD who do not understand. I have come here to save UHW on a professional level, my friend. However, deep inside me are intentions taht you know nothing of. They are mysterious yet obvious. Justin Sane is the man to be scre of and the man to fear. I am the one that somehow seeps into your mind and haunts your every thought. I am the one to be scared of Draven. No one else. Go ahead and laugh Draven. For this match is no laughing matter. This is rather a very serious affair. One that will be talked about for days. After I beat the living shit out of you, I guarantee that you will not be laughing. You will be crying in the middle of the ring. Begging for someone to come help you. But no one will. Draven, you seem to like to make fun of everyone I know and everything I do and stand for. Well, you have crossed the line Draven. WHen you mocked the Dark Arts, you stepped up to the line and jumped 50 feet past it. Now, Draven Syth, you pay for those comments. Tomorrow, I will get my revenge on you. Tomorrow, you get what you deserve. THE INTRO TO INSANITY!

Draven, now, I am truly sick of you. You disgust me and I am appalled as to what you think is pain. You say that I do not know what suffering is. Well, Draven, I ask you this one question. If you answer yes, then I will leave you alone. Draven, have you ever been used by your own home country? And then thrown out of it like a dog. Well, Draven? Guess what, I have. But then I found a way to release my anger. I found the sport of pro wrestling. Here, I can beat on scum like you and get away with it. Draven, you have no idea what the true meaning of suffering s and I plan to show it to you personally. Now onto pain. Draven, I doubt you know the meaning of pain. Again, I ask you this one question. And if you answer, I shall leave you alone. Have you ever been hit in the head ten times with a car fender? Have you ever had your head jumped on by a man weighing in excess of four hundred and fifty times? I know that you have not Drave. And I also know that you will not succeed in beating me tomorrow. Draven, you will lose on Havoc. And then you will realize what a fool you have been.

---{Justin continues on without a second thought. He is now completely serious and has total control.}---

Justin: Draven, on Havoc, you are all alone. No on will come down. All will stay in the back and grimace as I beat the srap out of you. Everyone that is smart, that is. The only ones dumb enough to come out to the match would be those dumb shits called EoD. And they too will be punished. You say that EoD will beat my "helpless" body. Well, First off, you are the helpless one. For you are going against the greatest and most dangerous man in all of wrestling. The EoD on the other hand is a group of pathetic losers like yourself. They are in now way, shape, or form the greatest stable of all time. They are the worst. The Eod will suffer just like you will. Draven you say that you will be prepared to conceed defeat. Well, you shoudl. Becuase Draven, there is nothing else in your future but Lsses and most importantly...INSANITY!

---{With that note Chaimber knockson the door. Justin opens it and he comes in. They talk as the camera fades out...}---