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---{The Scene: The camera fades in to show the same hotel room as shown yesterday. However this time it is different. The room is destroyed. There are bottles all over the room and the sheets aren't even on the bed. The TV cabinet doors are flung wide open and the tapes that were piled neatly are in a mess next to the fallen coffee table. The couch has been moved and is tipped over and the plants that linesd the windown are all over the floor. The only thing that is the same is the two suitcases and the black duffel bag. Theta re in the same position as before and look as if they have not been touched. Beyond the bed a man is sitting in the corner with his head in his arms. Cursing is coming from that side of room. The camera walks past the disheveled bed and comes into focus witht he man. He is Justin Sane. Justin is still wearing his black wrestling tights from the night before and his wrestling boots are still not removed from his feet. He begins to lift his head when there is a knock on the door. Justin does not move, so the cameraman goes to answer it. The door is knocked upon three more times until he finally answers it. Standing at the door is a tall man an d shorter friend. It is Chaimber and Styx. Chaimber asks if this is the right room and then looks around. He lets out a sigh of disgust. He walks in and looks around some more. He walks to the bedroom and spots Justin. Styx is still at the door. He signals for Styx to leave. Styx walks to the elevator and goes downstairs. Chaimber walks over to justin and picks him up. Chaimber tells the cameraman to take Justin's bags and the duffel bag, but Justin screams no. Justin grabs the duffel bag himself. The cameraman picks up the bags in one hand and holds the camera in the other. Chaimber helps Justin out of the room as the camera fades.}---

---{When it fades back in the two are shown exiting a big brown stone building. Justin still has his head down and Chaimber still has his arm. Justin and Chaimber walk towards their limo. Styx gets out and opens the door. Justin and Chaimber get in and Styx follows. In the back are Internal Fear, Styx, and Dr. Hemlock. The cameramn is in the corner. Chaimber asks if Justin will be alright. Justin nods and Chaimber moves tot he other side. He tells the driver where to go. Chaimber speaks with a concern in his voice.}---

Chaimber: Justin, you have to listen. You heard what he said. If you keep doing this to yourself, you will cost yourself down the road. Justin you have to listen to me and to him. Everyone does not want you to end up like the way you are heading. So what, you got screwed. It happens. You gotta deal with this before it gets to you man. I would hate to see you end up like that guy.

---{Justin still has his head down. Dr. Hemlock is trying to shake an answer out of him, but Justin is shaking him off. Justin is just sitting there, Chaimber gives a sound of frustration and tell sveryone to forget about Justiin. Just then, Justin lifts his head. He begins to speak softly.}---

Justin: For years I have worked my ass off trying to get some respect. I started off in minor league federations, but then I moved up. I moved to some middle of the pack federations like wXw. I proved myself there, winning 3 singles titles and succesfully defending the Tag Titles by myself. But then I move up to the big leagues. I went on to the UHW. I work my ass off here and try real hard. And what happens? I get screwed. Not once, but twice. And to make it worse, twice in a row. Now, what happened to Demise was unfortunate, but still intentional. O'Racther heed this warning. I am going to make your life a living hell until the day I die. You ruined my chance at showing the world what I was made of. You just had to kick the door closed, didn't you? Well, that is the last time anyone screws me. O'Ratcher, don't count on winning that title on Wednesday. I will make sure of it. Now my match with Kozmo was a complete and total screw job. Prez Belcher completely ignored the stipulations of our match and then it was given a double dq, just when I was about to deliver the Intro to Insanity. Well, last night was the last time! Starting now, no one messes with me. From now on, anyone who interferes in my matches, gets to fight me at the next card whether they like it or not. I will not be humiliated. But soon, all of you will be. I am sick and tired of being treated like a baby and a jobber. Now, I am my own man. I am a new man. I what I want, when I want. Prez Belcher I dare you to send your henchman to stop me, I will have them on the floor begging for mercy. Then I will have you doing the same. You see Belcher, I just can't get a break here, so I have decided that I will create my own. This Wednesday starts a new era for UHW. An Era of Insanity.

Belcher, you better have security at every match becuase I might just be sitting in the back and then decide to come out and interfere. I am going to take out anyone and everyone. I don't care who it is and when it is. I will do it. And I will do it with Authority. And since this is my first time doing it, I will give a list of poeple who should watch their backs. First, all of SMF. Demise and Kozmo. Second, Cliff Hanger and Owen O'Ratcher. O'Ratcher you should watch your back in every match. Next we move on to...Mystikal, Terror, and well,...O Hell, everyone that is fighting...No, just everyone that is in the building should watch their backs from now on. Justin Sane is going to be ont he look out for everyone and everything. I don't care if you don't even come near me, I will find you.

---{Justin bows his head again. He reaches to the mini bar and grabs a bottle of water. He takes a sip with his head still down. He now raises his head. His long black hair covers most of his face. But his eyes and mouth are partially visible. Chaimber tries to speak, but Justin cuts him off and continues.}---

Justin: I must continue. Do not interrupt again. Now onto my up and coming match with Draven Syth. Yes I know, the Tag match. The tag match will have to wait until after the official Starfest Card is released. But back to my match. Draven Syth. Very interesting name. Did you get that from Star Wars? But that my friend has nothing to do with our little match up on Wednesday. You call yourself The Darkhorse, but do you truly know what dark is? I doubt that. You see, I am dark, Internal Fear is dark. You, Draven, are no dark. You are memely a wanna be from the pussies called EoD. After I am done with you though, you will no all the pains of the darkside. You say that the name Marcus Jones strikes no fear into you? Well the name Justin Sane sure does. And if it does not it will soon. My name is ectched in the mind of millions. It is in the part of their head that conjours up their worst nightmares. Many a night my victims lie asleep screaming in pain, becuase of me. All who have opposed me have fallen to my power and you will be no different. You will be merely a number on my mile-long record list. You, Draven Syth, are the next to fall victim to Insanity. Draven on Gavoc, you will know the pain that I have suffered and the humiliation that I have endured. Because they will be enforced upon you ten fold. I will make sure that after Havoc you are nothing. You will be a nothing. You come into this match a nothing to me, but you leave a nothing to evryone else. I will prove to the wrestlers of the UHW that you and certain other pieces of trash do not belong in this federation. And I will be the one to force each and every one out of here. Draven, you shall be the first. You shall be the first of many. You will soon know the agony of The Intro to Insanity. You will son know why I am the most dangerous man in all of wrestling. You will know...Insanity.

---{Justin takes another sip of water. Three quarters of the twelve ounce bottle are left. Justin opens the window and trows the bottle out the window. It hits a car's winshield and everyone laughs except fo Justin. He sits there with his hair covering his face and a sinister look on his face. He turns to Dr. Hemlock and gives him a message. Dr. Hemlock then tells Chaimber something and he nods. The cameramn looks confused, but ignores it. Justin continues on as Chaimber tells the driver something.}---

Justin: Now, Draven, you say you are from Canada. Winnipeg, Manitoba to be exact, but come Havoc that will not matter. For you, Draven, are nothing but a hapless rookie. One who cannot compete with the powers of Justin Sane. Marcus Jones, even though he lost, like th eloser he is, had the right idea. You are merely a obstacle on my path to recognition and respect. You, Draven Syth, are just another match. You are, as you call it, a 'Crash Test Dummy'. You are just someone that gets thrown around and never goes anywhere. However, I am sure that a crash test dummy has more smarts than you. For if you did, then you would not be fighting me. You think that you are hardcore. You think that you are the man to save the UHW, well you have another thing coming. Justin Sane is the savior. Justin Sane is the messenger. The messenger of pure evil. The messenger of The Darkside. And I shal deliver that message to you with swiftness and in the most efficient way possible. Draven, on Havoc, you will learn what being a fool is all about. You may think that you can take anyone on now, but after Havoc, you will realize what a fool you are. You willi lie in the center of the ring helpless and your little EoD friends will try to help you, but that will not matter. I will destroy them too. Then I will suck your soul and puncture your spirit with an everlasting blow called The Intro to Insanity.

Draven, you say thhat your little EoD Pussie Friend taught you everything you know, well guess what, he knows nothing. He is a complete and utter moron compared to the knowledge that I posses. I am a master, a God if you will when it come to wrestling. You and your EoD friends will not overcome me. Nor will they overcome the power of the Darkside. You and your friends will soon know what I mean. You and your friends will soon know what I am talking about. I dare any member of EoD to interfere in my match on Havoc. If you do, you will be delivered the same fate as Draven. The pain and embarassment of The Intro to Insanity. On Havoc, your EoD friends will not help you to win. They will rather help you to be destroyed. Fo each member that interfers I will increase my beating on you ten fold. I know that they will come down and help you becuase only a true man fights on his own. And you are not a true man. You are an EoD man. You are a pussie. A cheater. You cannot stand alone. YOu must have the EoD to help you stand up. And soon Draven, very soon that will be your downfall. This Wednesday, the EoD cannot help you and they will not help you. For they too know my power and the power of evil.

---{Justin continues on iwthout a second thought. He is now completely serious and has total control.}---

Justin: Draven you talk about your finisher. What is it called? The Unsung Hero? Well that is severely misnamed. For you, Draven, never was and never will be a hero. You are a pathertic loser. You are a nothing. And your finisher is what again? An inverted STF? Well, that is a pitiful move. No power, no srength, and no speed are needed for that move. That is a sorry excuse for a final move. And one that you will never lock on to me. I guarantee that you will never even come close to putting that...thing...on me. You see Draven, I know who I am dealing with. A EoD bitch who challenges big name wrestlers and then hides when they get the match. You, however, have no idea what you are up against. You are about to fight the strongest, quickest, and most powerful man in all of wrestling. You are about to meet your doom in a serious manner. And that manner is none other than...you all know it and love it...The Intro to Insanity. You are going to be a broken man after Havoc Draven. A sorry man. A man without an excuse. A man with a bruised ego and a bruised body. You called yourself a "Prestigous," and I use that word lightly, "Athelete", and I use that term lightly too, well you are far from it. You want to see an athelete and a legend to all of sports,w ell then step into the ring with me Draven. O wait, you are. And you are in for the biggest shock of your life. Justin Sane will be the only true athelete in that ring come Havoc. The Unsung Hero may have crippled others, but it will not do the same to me. I will make sure of that. Draven, I tell no liese, and I tell no stories. I only speak the truth. The harsh reality. And that reality is that you are facing the most extreme and dangerous man in the world. Draven, you are the one in trouble, not me.

---{With that note Justin turns to the window. He stares out it blankly as the camera fades out...}---