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---{The Scene: It is right before Saturday Shock. The camera zooms in to show a hotel room. The bed is undone and the pillows are on the floor. There are a pile of clothes on the left hand side of the bed. The camera pans around to see two pieces of luggage, that have not been opened, and a black duffel bag. The bag is partially open and a shirt is hanging out of it. He walks around and out into the living room. Tapes are piled high on the coffe table and the TV cabinet is open. He walks to the window. The Uninversity of Arkansas is right outside. The campus is beautiful. The cameraman zooms in to sow students walking around and coming out of their dorms. All of a sudden, Justin Sane steps into thew living room. He clears his throat. The camera shifts to show Justin. He is wearing a pair of black Levis jeans and a plain white undershirt. Justin has the black duffel bag in hand. He walks to the door and grabs his coat. He walks out the door as the camera fades to black.}---

---{When the camera fades back in, The Xterra is pulling into a marked parking space. The driverís side door opens and Dr. Hemlock gets out of the car. He is wearing casual clothes. He has on a pair of Levis 402 comfort fit blue jeans and a black T-shirt with the words SWO on it in blood red letters and Sketchers boots. He turns to get two black duffel bags,. and the back of the shirt is shown. It says, Purely Hardcore. He has a concerned face, and seems to be very upset. Finally, the passenger's side door opens. Justin Sane gets out of the car. He has on a pair of Black Levis jeans on and a white undershirt on. Justin looks stern, but you can tell that something in wrong. He walks towards the camera and then makes a right. Hemlock and Justin walk out of the parking lot and into the arena. They walk further into the arena. Justin asks a member of the stage crew something. He points in a direction and Justin nods. Hemlock and Justin walk a little longer to a door that says, "LOCKER ROOM OF JUSTIN SANE." They enter and Jerry Lyer is sitting there. Justin shis the door and the camera fades to black.}---

The camera fades in to show Justin Sane and Jerry Lyer getting ready for an interview. Chaimber and Styx are on the other side talking and getting ready for Chaimber's match. Jerry asks his first question.}---

Jerry: Ok, Justin. Well, once again. It is right before your match. Saturday Shock is hours away. And you have your match with one third of SMF, Derrick Demise. But before we get into all that, let's talk about your situation with Kozmo. What are your feelngs with him. I know that you two don't like each other. How do you plan on dealing with him until Season's Beating?

---{Justin looks at Chaimber and Styx. he says something under his breath. The cameraman doesn't catch it. Justin looks over to Jerry once again. He pulls the black shirt shown earlier out of his bag. It says, "JUSTIN SANE," on the top right corner in red. Justin shows the back of the shirt. It reads...

...Justin puts the shirt on the side of him and speaks.

Justin: Ahhh, yes Kozmo. Do you see the shirt that I just showed to you/ It sed MASTER! Kozmo, I am the true master. YOu are nothing but a hapless wannabe. You wanna go around telling people that you will take them down with a mere glimpse and allt hat aother bs, go ahead, be my guest. Walk around the back with your head held high. Just do it. C'mon, I dare ya. Even if you have the balls to do it, you do that long enuf and I guarantee that you wil; never be able to lift you r head again. I will snap your neck, rip off your head, and use it as a basketball. Your ass is going to get the punishment that you deserve. And I am just the one to dish it out. But not tonight Kozmo. Tonight, you go up against my tag partner, Chaimber. You ever wonder why he has the belt and you don't? O yea, I remember, you were too chicken to stick around and you left, when you were supposedly, "WINNING THE WORLD TITLE." O yea, I am sure that happened. Anyway, you quit back then, so you should qui now. You can go ahead and say all the stuff you wan, but it really doesn't matter. Because, you hand you freind Sime, couldn't beat your...O well, I really shouldn't say it, but you know what I mean. Kozmo, your ass is in way too deep this time. ANd tis time, I don't see you getting back up.

Kozmo, I see that you still have not answered the challenge that I layed out. Well, I figured you wouldn't. You see Kozmo, even if you did have balls, which you don't, they are the size of grape pits. You don't the guts or the balls to step into the ring agian with me. Becuase you know, that no matter what you do, no matter who interferes, you still cannot beat me. You seem to think that you are the better man, well soon we will find out who the better man is. Kozmo, I am just waiting for you to accept my challenge. And when you do, you will realize that you have just chosen to end your career. Whether I get you in the ring at Season's Beatings or before that, it doesn't matter. Either way, your ass is mine!

---{Justin looks down at the black duffel bag below him. He ponders something. Chaimber whispers something to Styx as Justin looks back at the cameraman. Justins ready for the next question and Jerry asks on.}---

Jerry: Ok, Justin. Well, in your last interview, you layed down a challenge to Terror and Cliff Hanger. For whichever has the Extreme Title. Neither have answered, yet both have spoke and I have been told that both have seen the intervew. What are your feelings there?

---{Justin looks towards the ceiling and sighs. He has a look of disapointment on his face. Justin looks down at the floor and then over towards Chaimber. He seems to be struck with a lack of words. He then lights up as if he has an idea. He glances towards the cameraman and continues on.}---

Justin: O really? They have both seen it. I knew that they haven't commented on it. But I was not aware of the fact that they had seen it. Well, that gives me an idea. First, that little EoD scum, Cliff Hanger. Well, I see that you just get dumber by the day. Now you have some 80 year old guy on a pacemaker teaching you how to wrestle. Now it is good that you are finally learning to wrestle, but the guy lives on an island by himself and he is probably on life support most of the time. Where did you get this guy? An old folks home? Well, bad news Cliff Hanger, even this old fossil is not going to save you from me. This guy talks about enjoying pain and all that other crap, well when you fight me, you better enjoy it. Because it will be so intense, that I will have you on your knees begging for help. You, my friend, are not worthy of fighting me or holding that belt, but if you do somehow win tonight, I will make sure that I am the one that takes it away from you. You wanna go around saying how you should still be champ, go ahead. But if you ever stumble into this locker room here, I will make sure that you don't survive to defend the title!

Now, Terror. I see that you also have not responded to my latest challenge. Well, the same statement goes for you as well as Kozmo and Cliff Hanger. None of you have the balls to face me. You think you are good becuase you can beat some jobber from Alaska named Cliff Hanger? Well, you are in for a big surprise when you fight me. You can go around saying how you beat the mighty cliff hanger, but it won't matter. Becuase I can beat his ass without even stepping into the ring. You wanna say how you are the chapion, well you certainly don't look like one. I mean c'mon, you are even more messed up than Cliff Hanger. You told your brother or son or whatever he was to kill himself. What the hell is that? I know you are the so-called, "Insane," guy, but that will change. Terror, you wanna see Insane? You wanna see extreme? YOu wanna see death-defying moves? Well just walk into the headquarters of any federation that I have been in and grab a tape of my match. Sit there and watch for a little while. Look at the moves I pull off. Then as yourself this question. WHO'S REALLY THE INSANE ONE?

---{The camera fades to BLACK and the show goes to commercial.}---


---{The camera fades back in. Chaimber and Styx are gone. They have left to go workout for Chaimber's match. Justin is ready for the nest question.}---

Jerry: Now, Justin what about your match at the PPV with SMF. How do you feel there? I know you just talked about Kozmo, but the tag match is something totally different. Could you please comment on that situation.

---{Justin looks angry. He is digusted, but he answers the question.}---

Justin: Yea they are two differet things, but did you have to ask me about this match? It is almost a month away. Everywhere I go all these people ask me about my tag match at the PPV. C'mon. Give me a fucking break. Let me concentrate. But for you, I wll speak. Let's see, SMF, what can I say. Kozmo and Demise together, in the ring, with me, at the same time. That will be the sweetest moment of my career. Better than capturing four major titles on one night in wXw. Better than the SWO's first Grand Slam Chamion. Because this will be the time that I get my revenge. No one has ever turned their back on me, becuase I have never let anyone get that close to me before. And then I let you guys get close and what do you do? WHACK! Right in the back. That was the first time that someone had ever betrayed me. And I hated that tastes in my mouth. And at Season's Beatings, your asses ar going down. I really cannot wait. Now I know that this won't be a big time match, but it will be one of the biggest of my career. You two betrayed me and you have to pay for it. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, turns on me and gets away with it. So come Starfest '99, you get the pain that you deserve!

Now, there is this rumor going around the backstage area. You guys have a surprise for me and the rest of UHW at Starfest. Well WHOOP-DE-FREAKIN'-DO! I don't care what you have in store for me. I only care, and you should too, what I have in store for you! There will be pain. There will be torture. There will be PAYBACK!

---{Justin sits back against the wall. He takes a deep breath. He looks at Jerry and signals that he is weary of this interview. Jerry catches it and gets ready to wrap it up with one final question.}---

Jerry: Ok, the final question of the interview. The one that everyone has been waiting for. Your final comments on your match with Derrick Demise. He has not been seen and there are rumors that this match may not happen. What is your opinion on that rumor and the overall match?

---{Justin takes a deep breath. He looks out blankly as if he is questioning something. He looks towards the door, then Jerry, who sits anxious for an answer, and the cameraman, who is yamning from boredom. He answers with a sudden seriousness.}---

Justin: What? He hasn't even shown up? What about the rumor? Is this match going to happen? It better or else seomeone is gonna get beaten. And if it doesn't happen, you better hope to god that you don't get assigned to my post match interview! Well, anyways, back to Derrick. Well, Derrick, this is it. The final words. No more taunting ot talking after this. After this interview, the card hapens in matter of hours. And seeing how you like to prepare you are not going to be able to squeeze another interview in. Speaking of squeez, Derrick how do you feel about having your head squeezed through a cage? Huh? I was just wonderung, so I could know how you feel about the match. Cuz that is exactly what I am going to do. Your head is going to get thrown around from the minute you step into that ring until the minute the final bell rings. You have no chance against me. Demise, you wanna stay home and not show up. Be my guest. But if you do know this. I will leave the arena, hop a plane, fly to England and drag your ass back to the ring just in time for you to get whooped before the show goes off the air.

Derrick, you keep saying how you are the man to beat. You are the champion. You are the man that must be beaten if anyone is to regain glory. Well my son, I am sorry, but you are truly mistaken. I really canno wait until you step into the ring with me. Becuase you will get the whooping you deserve and need. You need to be told to shut your mouth. You need to be told to stay in line. You need to face me. I will do all of those and more. I am going to make sure that there is nothing left to fight at Season's Beatings. Tonight, on Shock Derrick, you get a does of reality. A dose of pain. A dose of...INSANITY!

Derrick you want to talk about all this bs about yourself, well go ahead. It still won't matter, becuase tonight you go against Insanity. You go against the master of all that is seen and unseen. Tonight, I am gonna teach you a lesson. A lesson that is soon not forgotten. The master always wins. You have no chance tonight. You should not even be fighting me. I don't know what Belcher was thinking of when he put this match on the catd, but who cares. All I know is tonight it is just Justin Sane, Derrick Demise, a Steel Cage, and the World of...INSANITY!

Derrick, tonight on Shock, I am gonna take that metal cage, turn it sideways, an......No wait that's not it. O yea I got it. After I beat your ass on Thursday I am gonna take these twentyfo......Now, wait that's not it either. O wait here it is. OOOOOO YEAAAAAAA........No, damnit that's not it either! O yea this is it, this it. WHATCHA YA GONNA DO WHEN THIS HAPPENS TO YOU?!

---{With that note Justin turns to the bathroom. He walks into the shower as the camera fades to BLACK.}---