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---{The Scene: The camera fades in to show a UHW arena. There are men setting up for a show that is up an coming later that evening. People are pulling speakers outy of boxes and setting them on the stage, and some are putting up the ring itself. A cameraman is in the corner checking equipment when all of a sudden the same man from previous interviews struts down the aisle. He is semi-muscular and is carrying a briefcase. He has on a black striped suit with his clean cut balck hair sming down to about midway to his neck. He walks down to ringside and pats some people on the back. He shakes one man's hand and walks over to the cameraman. He tells the cameraman that Justin Sane is demanding to speak. He has summoned Bricklayer and any other cameraman available. The cameraman shrugs and packs up his equipment. Brick and the man walk up the ramp and to the back. They walk towards the locker room area. He tells the cameraman to follow. They walk down hallways and hallways of locker rooms, including, Socail Misfits', EoD's, and Mystikal's. Finally they get to a big blue door. There are security men posted at the door. They tip their hats to Brick. He opens the door and Justin Sane is sitting there, alone. He is watching some tape on a big screen tv. The cameraman walks around and catches a glimpse of the tv. It is the tape of Justin's match at this past Havoc. Justin is sitting in silence studying him. He is completely solemn. Justin Sane stops the tape from his locker with the remote. He has his black wrestling tights on and a black T-shirt with the words "INTERNAL FEAR" on the front in blood red. It looks as if it is bleeding. Sweat is dripping from his forehead. He has just got back from training for his match upcoming that night as SHOCK. He runs his hand thourgh his hair to shake out the excess water and sweat. He is shocked at the result of his latest match. Bricklayer opens his breifcase and sits down on a metal chiar. He takes out a couple of pieces of paper with writing on them and begins to speak.}---

Brick: First off Justin, how are you feeling. You called us here becuase as you say, "A CRIME WAS COMITTED" at this past Havoc on Wednesday. Do you still feel that way? Or have your personal feelings towards the results of that match changed?

---{Justin looks around the room. He takes a red powerade that is next to him and drinks from it. He stops, wipes his lips, and lets out a sound of satisfaction. He puts a towel on his shoulders and sits back against the wall. He is solemn and extremely angry. Justin looks at Brick and begins to speak.}---

Justin: What the hell do you think? OF COURSE I'M PISSED! I got robbed because of Demise and his dumb ass. Prez Belcher completely ignored the stipulations set out by us. There were no chairs and there was no winnner! Kozmo, you got licky. You had your little friend Demise stick his nose where it didn't belong. He cost me a win. And you have the audacity to say that you won the match? O HELL NO! It was a double DQ cuz your gay friend came in and helped your dumb ass out! Now youy say that having a lumberjack is a good thing becuase I can't interfere? Well guess what, I have some news for you...THE FIRST LUMBERJACK TO BE ANNOUNCED IS NONE OTHER THAN...JUSTIN SANE! Damn right! Me right outside, while you get your ass whooped. I get to have a front row seat this Shock when your ass gets handed to you on a silver platter! And about interfering? Well, I guess that your ass will have to wait and see.

Now, Kozmo, you and I never settled anything, so...I want a rematch. Yea that's right. I demand a rematch! And your ass better give it to me. YOu are about o get fucking whooped again. You see, when your little friend Derrick interfered and they threw out the match, that just made my revenge even sweeter. Suz remember this Kozmo, I am the better wrestler and soon, very soon, I wil will prove it to you. Soon, Kozmo, SOON!

---{Justin bows his head. He takes the towel that is to the side of them and wipes his face with it. He looks up witht he towel still on his face. He takes it and dries his hair with it. Justin then looks up at Brick as if telling him to continue.}---

Brick: Ok, ok, well that can't be the only reason that you are mad. What about your demand for an Extreme Title shot? You didn't get it, but Cliff Hanger got his rematch. You must be mad about that. I know that I would.

---{Justin looks around the room. He reaches into his black duffel bag and pulls out a VCR tape of some sort. He walks to the TV and places it into the VCR. Justin goes back and sits down. He presses play and tells the man to tape it.}---

---{TONY: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and has a 20 minute time limit. This match will be in a cage, no DQ,s no count outs.

Introducing first the challenger. He comes to us from who knows where and is now being called the most psychotic man in teh UHW. Here is Terror.

Terror's music plays and the psychotic man comes out with a bat in his hand. he climbs up and over the cage into the ring.

And his oppoentnt a member of the EOD and our UHW XDX-treme champion. Here is the champion, Cliff Hanger.

The EOD music plays and Cliff Hanger walks out with a trash can full of "goodies". He tosses everything into the ring and tries to climb in.

CD: We aren't wasting any time here toinght. Terror just clobbered Cliff as he tried to get into the cage.

JS: Oh man Terror is letting him have it with everything in site. I can't believe the beating the champion is taking alreay.

CD: Hold on Cliff Hanger with a low blow. I can't believe it. Terror down on his knees.

JS: Cliff Hanger is going throuh his goodies. he's got a cookie sheet. WHACK!! right on the head of Terror.

CD: Terror starting to bled on the top of his head. This is not looking good for the challenger now.

JS: Hanger looking through the goodies again, oh nothing is good enough as he takes the trash can and nails Terror on the back with it. Terror squiriming in pain.

CD: Hold on a second here comes Thunder and Kremlin down from the back, what the hell are thy doing here, every time they try to help Terror he ends up turning on them

JS: They must think that he is the one to help them in the future. Hell I don't know.

CD: Well Cliff Hanger sees them coming and he's taunting them Them from inside the cage.

JS: HOld on Terror is starting to get up. No Clif Hanger sees him and breaks that bat over his head. Oh what a shot.

CD: Cliff Hanger is going for the pin.

JS: Wait how the hell did Thunder end up on top of the cage so quickly. There is now way he could have jumped up there.

CD: I don't know but it looks as if he is about to fly.

JS: Here we go. I can't believe it. Thunder with a leg drop to the back of Cliff Hanger's head from the top of the cage. The big man just flew. I'll be damned.

CD: Kremlin's in the ring now. My goodness look at him. He's got a chair and he is really laying into Cliff Hanger. I will be surprised to see him get up from this one.

JS: Thunder just rolled Terror on top of Cliff Hanger and now they are leaving the ring.

CD: The ref is going to count the pin. Oh my goodness. This is unbelieveable.

JS: Here we go. 1. . . . 2. . . .3. . . . we have a new champion. Terror just won the XXX-treme title. Holy cow.

CD: Wait a second Terror is getting up, he can't believe that he just won.

JS: Wait what is he doing. Terror is ouside the ring and he's setting a table up. Now he's putting Cliff Hanger up on the table.

CD: Terror is climbing the cage. Oh boy this is gonna be interesting. Suicide dive off the top of the cage through the table.

JS: oH boy they are really hurting now. Hold on Terror is actually moving, I can't believe it.

CD: Oh my god Crippler powerbomb through the broken table.

JS: Here comes the paramedics. Well while they clean up the mess why don't we take a brief commercial break. We will be right back.

Justin: Hey punk! You see that? Do you see that ending? YOu lost! FAIR AND SQUARE! Stop whining and being a baby! Your ass lost and you didn't deserve a rematch and somehow you got one. Well, if you do get lucky enough to win, I am challenging you right now! You and me on next week's Shock and for THE EXTREME TITLE! You see I am the most xtreme man in all of wrestling, but somehow you have had the titles around your waists. But not for long! I am sick of hearing you run your mouth about how you are the XXXTREAM ONE. YOu say that you can take a loss better than any man out there. Well, then why did you demand a rematch when you lost like a sore loser? HMMM...Maybe It's Cuz you SUCK! And you really can't take a loss! You say tha you don't go running to Belcher when something goes awry. Well looks like you did. You ran into Belcher's offive and started crying like a baby. Hell, you probably pulled a Ric Flair and cuffed yourself to the desk or something. But, one thating that I know for sure is that your ass and my ass are gonna get it on, at Havoc! And if you don't give me my match, then I will get it myselsf. So I leave you with these parting words. SEE YOU SATURDAY!

Now, on basically the same subject. Terror. YOu see Terror, you may have won that belt, but it doesn't mean that you will keep it. O Hell No! Cuz you see, Terror, I want you in the ring for that Title. Now you may have won it, but that doesn't mean that you will keep it. Becuase Terror, you are far from extreme. Hell if you looked up the opposite of the word extreme in the dictionary, then you would see a picture of you! Terror, you want Extreme? You want a challenge? Well, guess what. You got one. Me and You anytime anywhere, and bring that title with you!

---{The Scene: The camera fades to BLACK and the show goes to commercial.}---


---{The Scene: When the camera fades back in Justin is now coming from the bathroom and Bricklayer is sitting talking to the cameraman. Justin clears his throat as if to signify he is ready. Brick asks away.}

Brick: Justin, you have a match upcoming at Season's Beatings against Kozmo and Derrick Demise. What are your thoughts on that? Is this where you will get your revenge? How do you and Chaimber plan to attack this match?

Justin: Well, I finally get to have them both in the ring at the same time. I get crush both of their skulls at the same time. I get my revenge at the same time. Koz and Demise seem to think that they have this match all wrapped up and in the bag. Well, unfortunately for them, they don't. They are in no way ready for this match. Internal Fear has been training and practicing since the day you made this challenge. When you made that challenge to me, I knew immediately who I wanted at my side. I knew that I wanted Chaimber. The only one as dark and as powerful as Justin Sane. You two want to go around and brag to your Social Misfit friend, Simon, or Sime as Koz seems to call him, go ahead. That little shitwad don't mean a thing. He can interfere in any of my matches if he wants, and I could still beat anyone out there. You see, you and your, "Social Misfit," self should realize something. You cannot win. The Darkside is the thing that drives us and the Darkside cannot be beaten. Unlike what drives you, an ego. That can be grabbed, beaten, and popped like a balloon at one of your loser parties. You guys talk about how Social Misfits will make it happen, well the way I see it, you ain't nothing. You can't make it happen because you don't have the skill necessary to make it happen! You and your little friend are gonna pay for what you did to me. Koz and Demise, when Seasons Greetings rolls around and our match is announced as next, just remember these words...WE ARE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE, WE ARE THE MASTERS OF THE DARKSIDE, WE ARE...INTERNAL FEAR!

---{The Scene: Justin gets up and walks over to the door. He opens it and looks down through the halls. He closes the door and leans against it. He is ready to speak.}

Brick: Ok, well Justin, our final topic now. Your match this Saturday. Actually, tomorrow. How do you feel about that? Do you think Kozmo will try to get revenge for what Chaimber did last Wednesday? Do you think Demise has something up his sleeves? And do you have any stipulations to add to this match?

---{Justin moves over to the TV. He leans on it, but does not stay for long. He moves . He begins to walk around until he gets to an empty locker. He leans against it with his forearm and takes a deep breath. He begins to speak.

Justin: Well, well, well, I get to show the other third of SMF what Insanity is all about. He seems to think that he can beat me. He seems to think that he can end my career. He seems to think that he will whoop my ass and then hand it to me. Well, you are wrong DD. You want to say those things go ahead. But then after you do, go talk to Kozmo and ask him what it felt like to fight Insanity. Ask him what it felt like to be beaten by the TRUE MASTER. For all the millions...{pause}...and millions of the Insaneaholics out there, I will tell you. He will say that the match was the toughest he ever fought, and that I am nothing to mess with. He ran is mouth too, and look what happened to him. He still doesn't remember the whole story. He seems to think that I was at the end of my rope, when he was really at the end of his. Kozmo seems to think that he was the man on top for the whole match when he was the one getting whooped from corner to corner and back again. And on Saturday, you will receive the same fate. Tomorrow, Demise, I will whoop your ass all the way to Timbuktu. Then I will fly there, drag your ass back with me, and deliver THE INTRO TO INSANITY! Then I get the pin and you realize that your pride and career have been hurt beyond repair. Derrick, you are about to enter a realm that few have entered into and none have returned from. When you step into the ring, with me, Justin Sane, you step into a whole new dimension. You step into a ring of chaos and disorder. A ring where Insanity rules! When you dare to face me, you learn what pain is. Not that little pussie pain that you feel when you stub your toe, but the extreme pain that you feel when you get your head flushed down a toilet. You learn very quickly, that I am not one to mess with. I am one to be scared of and to hide from. I am the one that causes you to lay awake at night because you don't want to go to sleep and face your worst nightmare! Tomorrow, Derrick Demise, you will feel pain. You will feel agony. You will feel...INSANITY!

Derrick, finally it is just me and you. No one else. No one to barge in and interrupt this match. It is just me, you, and the cold hard steel of a cage. No Kozmo to interrupt and get in our way. No Chaimber to come out. Just me and you one on one. It will be one of the greatest matches of all time. Merely because I am involved. Have you ever tasted steel Derrick? Have you ever had it shoved in your face and mouth? Well you will know what it feels like after Saturday. Because I, Justin Sane, am gonna thrown your ass around that cage until you are unconscious. Then I will beat your ass even more. And then when it seems like it is all over, you get thrown into the cage again! I am not gonna stop no matter what you do on Saturday. You can have anyone try to come down and interfere, but they won't succeed. Even if they somehow manage to get into the cage, they will not get past me. They will be destroyed just like you will be. They will thrown, by the neck, into the cage, and then beaten. Kozmo, and all who oppose Justin Sane and Internal Fear, take heed of this warning. For if you don't you will not live to hear another one.

Finally, I get to show you what being a true master is all about. Yes sure, you can say you are a master like your friend Kozmo, or you get off your lazy ass and go out and do something. Demise, unlike you, I earn respect. I go out and I prove to people that I deserve their respect. You just go out t the ring and think that you deserve respect. Then some second-rate jobber abuses you. Well, on Shock, a first-class superstar abuses you. I am going to tear you limb from limb. You will be so beaten that even Kozmo and your family will not recognize you! After tomorrow, you won't have a life or a career!

You think that you can beat me with a little move called "The End of Time?" What the hell is that? You think that you are gonna show me to the end of time? Huh? Is that it? Well, I will show you to the end of your career. Son, your ass is so dead, there ain't even a word for it. When you hit me in the back with a chair. You got my wheels turning.. You got me thinking. You made me think about you, Kozmo, and my revenge against The Social Misfits. And the time is coming for that revenge. It started last week, it shall continue this week. And it shall end at SEASON'S BEATINGS! But back to tomorrow, when I get you in that cage and wrap my hands around your scrawny neck and snap it like a twig, you will know what I have been through. You will know the pain that I have suffered. You will know that I am the MOST INSANE THERE EVER WAS, the MOST INSANE THERE IS, and the MOST INSANE THERE EVER WILL BE!

Derrick, I have a question for you? Have you ever had your head shoved into a toilet and flushed until your head is stuck in there? Have you ever been beaten over the head with a car fender ten times? Have you ever been beaten with an actual kitchen sink until the point where you can no longer rationalize? I HAVE! You see, Derrick, you canít beat me, you canít beat us. Because, we are too good for you and too good for this damn federation. Well, you seem to be from out of town. If Iím not mistaken, and I rarely am, you are from England or of English decent. Well, Derrick, I am also from out of town. You see I am from Russia. I was born and raised in Moscow. So, I know what it is like to be an outsider. You stick around here long enough and you will see what I mean. You will see that Insanity RULES!

---{With that note Justin turns to the bathroom. He walks into the shower as the camera fades to BLACK.}---