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---{The Scene: It is right before Wednesday Havoc. The show has not yet started and the fans have already begun to enter into the arena. The camera pans around. It catches crews unwrapping wires and takind speakers out of padded boxes. All of a sudden, Bricklayer comes into view. He has a brown leather briefcase in his right hand. He is wearing a black Armani striped suit. He has on a blue gap dress shirt and a red silk polo shirt. He is walking towards the locker room area. He tells the cameraman to follow. They walk down hallways and hallways of locker rooms, including, Socail Misfits', EoD's, and Mystikal's. Finally they get to a big blue door. There are security men posted at the door. They tip their hats to Brick. He opens the door and Justin Sane is sitting there, alone. He is watching some tape on a big screen tv. The cameraman walks around and catches a glimpse of the tv. It is Kozmo's latest interview. Justin is sitting in silence studying him. He is completely solemn. Justin Sane stops the tape. He has his black wrestling tights on and a black T-shirt with the words "INTERNAL FEAR" on the front in blood red. It looks as if it is bleeding. Sweat is dripping from his forehead. He has just got back from training for his match upcoming that night as Havoc. He runs his hand thourgh his hair to make sure it is still there. He is still shocked at Kozmo's latest words. Bricklayer opens his breifcase and sits down on a metal chiar. He takes out a couple of pieces of paper with writing on them and begins to speak.}---

Brick: First off Justin, how are you feeling. You have your first match tonight and what a big match it is. Kozmo seems to be prepared and ready to face off against you. Are you ready? Do you think that there will be any problems tonight? What ar eyour feelings?

---{Justin looks around the room. He takes a red powerade that is next to him and drinks from it. He stops, wipes his lips, and lets out a sound of satisfaction. He puts a towel on his shoulders and sits back against the wall. he begins to speak.}---

Justin: Well, Brick, I feel great. I just got back from about a ninety minute pre-match workout, and I am still not tired. I know that even though I still have five hours to Havoc, I could beat Kozmo's ass right here and now if I had to. As far as being ready. I am as ready as I will ever be. I will and can whoop that sorry sonuvabitch's ass tonight on Havoc. He thinks that he is all big and tough and that he is ready for me, well he is wrong. I cannot wait for this match. I am so ready, I am brimming with anxiousness. Problems Jerry? What do you mean? Like during the match? Problems with beating him? Or problems with Demise keeping his nose out of our buisness? Don't answer. I will give an answer to all of them. As far as overall problems in the match go I think there will be a few. First we have which way do i throw Kozmo and beating his so bad that He cant stand. I mean do i throw him into the center of the ring? Do I take him and put him on the turnbuckle? Do I throw him outside of the ring and take him out, out there? O well, those answers will present themsleves tonight. Now, onto the next question. Will I have any problems with beating him you ask? I don't think so. In fact, I know that I won't have any problems beating him tonight. Tonight, on Havoc, will be one of the greatest nights of my life. I will finally get some of my revenge on that little piece of shit for betraying me. Now, the question of Demise comes to mind. Demise, this goes straight to you, so listen up! On Havoc, Demise, you stay in your locker room. If you come anywhere near the ring, and I MEAN ANYWHERE near the ring your ass will feel nothing but my hand in your face, and my foot up your candy ass! Before we go on I would like to add one more question to this little answer. The question of will Kozmo be able to shut his mouth. Kozmo, you want to take little pop quizzes and joke around, like a class clown? Well go ahead. Make another mistake. It osts you. Not me. It just gives me another reason to hit you with a chair. Remeber Kozmo, in this class I am the teacher and you are the pupil! AND IT'S TIME FOR A TEST! WILL YOU PASS?

---{Justin bows his head. He takes the towel that is to the side of them and wipes his face with it. He looks up witht he towel still on his face. He takes it and dries his hair with it. He gets up and moves over to the door. He leans against it. He opens it and sez hello to the gaurds. Justin looks down the hall and sees no one. None of the other superstars have arrived yet. Justin say hello once more to the gaurds and closes the door. He leans against the door once agian with his head down. His hair is dangling. He lifts his head up in a flick. The long black hair goes flying back except for a few strands which shade some of his face, including his eyes. He takes a deep breah and walks back over to the bech with his hands at his side. He sits back downlowly and wipes his face once again. He takes a sip of the powerade next to him and slilngs the towel over his shoulder. Justin looks at Brick and waits.}---

Brick: Ok, well what about this tag match up and coming? Demise and Kozmo seem to think that they have to have this whole thing all wrapped up in a nice little package. They say that you have no friends and that Chaimber means nothing to them. What do you say to that?

---{Justin is silent. He was just finishing that segment up. He has a lot of comments for the two. Justin takes another sip of powerade and wipes his forehead again. He speaks.}---

Justin: Ya know, I am really starting to get pissed off about this. It seems like two stupid little pieces of crap like to to walk around in wrestling tights and think that they are good. Well, Demise, Kozmo, it is time for you two to learn your lesson. You two think that you have this all wrapped up. You think that THE SOCIAL MISFITS are the best. Well, unfortunately for you, you are way off the mark. You are anything but the best. And tonight, I prove that to one of you. You two wanna walk around thinking that you are the best well go ahead dumbasses. Go ahead and think that you are the best. It is just an advatage for us. You walk into the match all cocky with your heads held high, and then when the match is over, everything is different. Not only, can't you stand, but you also can't keep your head up. Cuz after we get through with you, there won't be anything left. You little shits think that you are so great, well at Holiday Greetings, you two get a wakeup call. Now I hear you in the back talking about how you have this big surprise in store, well I can't wait. How about this, that surprise can be an early Christmas present for me. But then, we need to give you guys something. O yea, how about this, A GOOD OLD FASHIONED...ASS WHOOPING! You two are about to get a good lesson in manners boy. You guys won't be going around dissing me and Chaimber anymore. Internal Fear is about to cause you internal bleeding. You bitches wanna fuck with me? You wanna say that I have no friends. Well, why don't you walk over to the locker room of Chaimber, and ask him if he has any friends. And if you walk out unscathed. I will give you a medal. You wanna fuck with Internal Fear go ahead. SEE IF YOU SURVIVE TO TELL THE STORY!

---{Justin sits there and wipes off his arms. He gets up and grabs his duffel bag. Justin walks to thedoor and tells them to follow. Justin opens the dorr and walks down the hall. until he gets to two big oak doors. He has now left the locker room area. Justin opens the doors and reveals a gym. Full with machines and equipment used to train the body. Justin says high to a few front office members who are riding the stationary bikes. Justin looks around and finds a bench suitng to him. He sits down and tell Brick to sit opposite. The cameraman moves into position and pushses the record button. Brick looks around and continues.}---

Brick: Ok, now before we wrap this thing up. Becuase I see you have to work out, what are your final comments on Koz. He claims that he is coming into this match with his head on straight and you are not. He claims that you are too cocky among other things. What are your overall final statements before the match?

---{Justin removes the towel and places on the bench. He places his black bag in front of him and opens it. He pulls out some weights and his powerade. He takes a sip before finishing up. he then continues on.}---

Justin: Koz, do not talk about something that you no nothing about. Coming in with my head no on straight am I? Well, actually, nevermind, you know a lot about that. But then again you will know what if feels like to have your on backwards after I am done with you. Kozmo, You come out here and run your mouth about how you can whoop anyone, how you are a myth and legend, well if you are then how come yu got kicked out before? If you are so great, why am I The True Master of The Ring ? If you can whoop anyone, how come I am the one with a shot? Iíll tell you why. Cuz you are just another jobber from some second-rate minor league federation. who thinks he can walk down The Peopleís Ramp, and into The Insane One's Ring, on The Insane One's Show, and take down The Insane One. Well, UH-UH, NO WAY! Justin Sane says NEVER...AND JUSTIN SANE MEANS NEVER beat The Insane One.

Kozmo, you talk about how you only 22 and nearly a legend. Well, that's not the way I see it. You are nothing but a sorry waste of space. And tonight I will prove it. You say that Hell is coming my way? Well yea I guess you can look at it that way. Becuase the messenger of Hell, Chaimber is now with me. And World War Three is an understatement. Becuase aftre I am done with you, there will be more bloodshed and needless violence than all the wars combined. You little shit, you actuall think that you are better than me? Well, news flash! I can and will whoop your ass. Now, Koz, you are right, there will be metal chairs and metal bats all around the ring. And before the night is over, each and every one of them will have hit your head! Kozmo, this Wednesday, will be your last. When Insanity reaches the ring and Terror overcomes you, you'll realize what I have been talking about the whole time. You will realize that...INSANITY ALWAYS WINS!

Koz, shut your mouth. BIGGER, BADDER, AND STRONGER? Yea and my ass is green! Well son, guess what it's almost time to find out who really is the biggest and baddest and strongest. And when the dust settles I will standing high atop the turnbuckle ready to finish you off with the deadliest move in all of wrestling. Yes I know you have heard this before, but here it is again...THE INTRO TO INSANITY!! This, as you all know shall be the end of Kozmo. This shall be the end of all who oppose me. Then after you get hit with it, you feel a sudden pain in your chest, it is the feeling of your soul being ripped from your body, and your heart clenching to contain it. Then after I have beaten you and taken your soul, I will pin you and humiliate you in front of millions. I will show to the world what you truly are. A sniveling, little, shitfaced punk who can't keep his mouth shut! Tonight, Kozmo, it ends for you. Tonight it ends for you and for your litle Social Misfits. Tonight, THE REIGN OF THE SOCIAL MISFITS END, AND THE REIGN OF INSANITY BEGINS!

---{With that note Justin turns to the weights. He continues his workout as the camera fades to BLACK.}---