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---{The Scene: The camera fades in to show a wXw camera crew getting ready to go out on assignment. They are bumbling around and dropping valuable pieces of equipment. They are obviously worried. The camera pans around to show crews walking around timidly collecting valuable wires and equipment. All of a sudden, Jerry Lyer comes out from behind the van. He has a clipboard in his hand and is writing down something. Unexpectedly a phone rings. Jerry reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cell phone. He opens it and begins to speak.}---

Jerry: O hi. It's you. Ok, no problem I'll be sure to ask. {Jerry writes something on the clipboard}.......O yea, we are almost ready to go. We are getting set...... We won't screw this up sir. I promise....... Ok bye sir.

---{Jerry hangs up and puts the phone in his pocket. He puts his in the van's front seat. He is wearing a cheap wool sports jacket and a pair of off-white khakis and loafers. He has a blue dress shirt on with a WAWF tie. He walks up to one of the cameramen and asks him something. The cameraman nods and Jerry walks to the back of the truck. He is checking on a piece of equipment when someone drops a metal box with camera parts in it. Jerry turns and begins to yell at him. The man is hysterical. He is weeping uncontrollably. Jerry suddenly calms down and begins to speak.}---

Jerry: Ok, ok, its ok. We are all a little up tight. No one figured that we would be interviewing him, but the boss told me this morning that I had to. EVERYONE GATHER ROUND! Ok now as you all know we are going to the "Asylum" today to interview Justin Sane. I know that he is all scary and tough, but at heart he is soft and caring. Don't worry about it. Just calm down and letís get going. Are you guys ready?

Crew: Yea!

---{They pack the remaining equipment in the back of the three trucks and get in. Jerry signals to a man who is staying behind to open the gate. He opens it and the sun is gleaming into their eyes. Jerry gives the signal and they head out. The camera fades to black.}---

---{When the camera fades back in they are at the same Sunny Hills that Justin Sane was shown at earlier. Jerry gives the guard a clearance card and he opens the gate. They drive up to winding road until they get to the top. They unload all the equipment and walk to the same oak door that Justin was at. Jerry knocks and Dr. Hemlock answers. He says nothing. He merely leads them down the same set of stairs to the sub-sub basement. The atmosphere is dark and dank. It is poorly lit. Rats are scurrying across the floor and cockroaches crawling on the walls. The walk further and Justin is seen in the distance. He is sitting on the one cot writing on his pad. They get closer and Justin quickly puts the pad away. He lowers his head. Jerry approaches him and pulls the clipboard up. He signals the camera crew and asks Justin if he is ready. Justin nods and Jerry signals for the camera to turn on. Jerry asks his first question.}---

Jerry: Ok, well I just have a few quick questions for you today Justin. Number one, we have your match with Kozmo.

Justin: : Ok, no problem. Koz, Sunday, in our match, the standards of the UHW will be redefined. Kozmo, at Havox, we will break down walls and destroy barriers. Nighthawk, your heart and your drive to win matches mine. Your speed and quickness matches mine. My skill edges out your skill. But who knows. Kozmo, I have tremendous respect for you, for what you have done for the sport. But come Wednesday that respect stays in the locker room. Come Wednesday, the only thing that leaves that dressing room with me is my will to win and drive for the lightweight title.

On Wednesday, Kozmo, I have to face you. You my friend, are a man, who knows his limits, and then over steps them. You do anything, and beat anyone to get what you want. But, one of the things I admire about you is your honesty. So I lay down this stipulation right now. There must be a winner. There is no DQ, NO COUNTOUT, Nothing! Only Pin and Submission. There will be no chaepness here. There must be a clearcut decision. I havce to prove to you and to the world what I am capable of.

Ya know, Kozmo, you are going to feel horrible on Wednesday and my punishment will continue to get dished upon you until I defeat your cocky whiny ass for the 1 2 3 and that title of "Matser of The Ring" you hold! Koz, all my life I've gotten no recpect and now I finally have the chance to prove to everyone the real limits of my talent. Tomorrow night is when I finally shine and show the world what I am made of. Wednesday is my big night where I'll beat you across that ring until your flesh is ripped and bloody and so messy that you'll look like walking zombies. I will put that hardcore image of myself in Koz's little pea brain and he'll never forget the agony of losing and the dreadful feeling of receiving jolt after jolt of pain shocks that I will send repeatedly to his weak body.

When the night is over all will know me for the legend I really am. The toughest and most Insane SOB in the world. I have big plans for Wednesday. Some will shape the future of the UHW forever and will stun the fans immediately. Just you wait because the big night is about to take place. The night where the biggest and most important and probably the greatest match in the UHW ever will take place. Tomorrow, INSANITY RULES!

Jerry: Ok, also Justin your comments on the tag match.

Justin: Ya know what! SHUT THE HELL UP! I got more important matters to worry about. Namely my match with Kozmo. So I am going back to that. Ya know what really gets me steamed? I will tell you what. Phonies like Kozmo walking around like they own this place. GODDAMNIT! Image you made the wrong move when you challenged me. And tomorrow I make you pay. Koz, what the hell is this thing called the Kozmopolitan Suite? I mean what are you talking about? Double Vision? Beating of a lifetime? IC Champion in the minor leagues of some fourth rate federation? Well, son, you know what I am talking about. I am talking about pain and punishment. The likes of which you have never seen before. I WILL UNLEASH AN EVIL ON YOU THAT WILL BURN UPON YOUR INNER SOUL!

You see Kozmo, Insanity is a strange thing. It is a thing that you live with, rather than tolerate. Insanity is a thing that feeds you, rather than destroys you. It is the things that urges you on, not the thing that holds you back. But come Sunday, Insanity will be the thing that holds you back. It will be the thing that you only tolerate. And most importantly, it will be the thing that DESTROYS YOU!

Koz, you are nothing to me. You are just a little notch on my way to the top. And soon, very soon, some of my close friends will be joining me at the top! You, Koz, are lucky also. You are lucky that you get to start off your second UHW career with a match against, The Great Justin Sane. You are lucky that you get to fight such a distinguished opponent. But, on Wednesday, it doesn't matter what you have on your side. Because I have ten times that on my side. I have ten times your skill, ten times your strength, ten times, your speed, and ten times your backup. Do you see the name of the guy listed as my tag partner? He could and will destroy you with a mere glimpse. Tomorrow Koz, it's time for school. CAN YOU PASS THE TEST?

Now, onto this little punk ass, who calls himself Image. As my friend, Justin tells me, you like to call yourself, "DA RING MASTA." Well, I got some news for you! You are anything but a master. Do you want perfect. Well take a look at what I have. This is perfect. This is the best thing in wrestling today. This my friend, is the THE MASTER OF INSANITY, JUSTIN SANE! Why should you be worried, you ask? Well, this is the way I look at things, if someone steps into the ring with me the usually dont come out alive! And on Havoc, you will be no different!

Jerry: Any final comments before we wrap this short little interview up?

Justin: Now, Kozmo. What can I say. Kozmo, Kozmo, Kozmo. Every time you fight you just embarrass yourself further. You should just stay in the back and be the humble idiot that you are. You cannot compete with me. You cannot even hope to compete with me. Because I am the man. Plain and Simple. I am the Most Insane SOB in wrestling today. And with each day that passes I get stringer. And the stringer I get, the weaker you get. On Havoc, Koz, I prove to you and to the whole world why I deserve to be the World Champ! I will prove to everyone, why I am the true master of insanity! I will prove to everyone that I RULE!

Poor Kozmo. He actually thinks he has a chance in this match. Well, wake-up call. You don't. You have as much chance in this as o, say EOD would have if they fought me on Wednesday at Havoc. Koz, you say that my skill level is not one of those on yours? Well, after Monday, i will be the only one at that level. All you will see and hear is The Intro to Insanity. And that will be all. Then the 1-2-3! AND INSANITY WINS AGAIN!

Koz is definitely a respectable man, outside of the ring, but that is all. In the ring, there is no way a person ca respect such a talent-less piece of crap, like Kozmo. Kozmo, you see you may be a nice guy, but that doesn't win matches. I on the other hand am I a nice guy, and I have the talent to back it up in the ring. Koz, there are people to be worried about and then there are people to laugh at. You are right in the middle. You are not laughable material, yet there is no way that I am scared of you. So Kozmo, on Wednesday it comes down to this. Can you pass the test?

---{With that note Justin turns to the pad again. he begins to write as the camera fades to BLACK.}---