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---{The Scene: The camera fades in to show a building complex. It is at dusk. The camera pans around. Theyíre all brown buildings. Children are running in the streets and playing in the grass. They are all decked out in their winter clothes. A layer of Snow is on the ground and children along with adults are making snow angels. The sun is setting in the west and the moon and stars are beginning to rise in the east. The cameraman looks around and two men are shown in the distance. As they come closer, the cameraman recognizes them. The smaller of the two is wearing a pair a Blue Levis Cargo Jeans, and a red shirt under an unzipped blue overcoat. The taller of the two is wearing a pair of blue khakis and a blue shirt under a black North Face overcoat. They get closer and the cameraman zooms in. The shorter of the two men is recognized as on half of INTERNAL FEAR, Justin Sane. The other man is tall, but not familiar to the cameraman. The other man walks away towards a building as Justin waives. The cameraman gets closer and Justin stops. Some little kid comes up to Justin. He recognizes him and shows him Justinís action figure. Justin smiles as the kids swarm him and he shakes their hands. One little boy catches Justinís eye. He is sitting alone on a bench playing with some wrestling action figures. Justin leaves the swarm of kids and heads toward him. Justin pulls a T-shirt out and taps the kid on the shoulder.}---

Justin: Hey there, what is your name? ---{The kid does not answer}--- I see you like wrestling. Well here you go. ---{Justin hands the kid an action figure and a Justin Sane T-Shirt.}--- I see that you are not too happy with it. Well here give the shirt then. ---{Justin takes the shirt from the kid. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pen.}---Hey whatís you name. I need it to sign your shirt.

Kid: My name is Justin. Sir. Just like you.

Justin: Well, Justin here you go. ---{Justin signs the shirt. "TO MY NUMBER ONE FAN, JUSTIN. SINCERELY, JUSTIN SANE."}--- There you go. Happy Holidays.

---{As Justin walks up the kid smiles. Justin looks back and winks at him. The kid runs to tell his mother. He tells the swarm to run along and that he will play later. Justin puts the pen back in his pocket and looks at the cameraman, who is in tears. Justin signals to turn the record button and the man tells him that it has been on the entire time. Justin looks upset, but then cracks a smile. He rubs his hands together and blows into them for heat. He runs his hands through his icy hair and begins to speak.}---

Justin: Well, well, well, it looks like that little piece of sh*t decided to show his candy ass around here finally. But, unfortunately for him, he still doesn't have a chance. You see Kozmo, when it hits rock bottom and all is said and done, you will be lying on the floor in need of serious medical attention. NO ONE...AND JUSTIN SANE MEANS NO ONE turns on Justin Sane and gets away with it. You wanna treat me like I am a no one? YOu wanna treat me like I am a little kid in need of candy and supervision? Go ahead and watch your little punk ass land right on the floor unconscious! Kozmo, I have really gotten sick of your bitching and moaning so this Wednesday it all ends. This Sunday you get the beating you deserve AND I GET PAYED FOR IT! But no amount of money can match with the plasure that I will derive from beating your ass all over the ring. This Wednesday, you have NO CHANCE IN HELL of getting out of there the victor. I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure you know how i have felt. But you know what, I don't think we could do that without adding a new stipulation to this match. How about this. Let's make this match a Metal Chair Match. Yea that's right. There will be metal chairs all around the ring and on the outside. But see I know that you can just get another weapon from anywhere, so this is the second part of the rule. NO OTHER WEAPONS ALLOWED! Just You, me and a few metal chairs.

Kozmo, this Wedesday will be the second greatest day of my life. What is the first you ask? Well when "Holiday Greetings" rolls around and I get to fight both you and Demise. But back to the match. This Havoc you will feel pain like never before. You will feel your soul ripped from your very body. You will feel the greatest move of all time! The Intro to Insanity! Yea that's right son. Not just A great move, not just one of the greatest, BUT THE GREATEST MOVE OF ALL TIME! Koz, you just be perpared, becuase I know I am.

---{Justin walks a little further and stops. He looks around and does not see anyone for a while. He loks to his left and then his right. He stops, squints and sees something. He smiles and walks to his right. Justin again blows into his hands and rubs his icy hair. As they get closer the thing seen is clarified as a bench. It is all green with a concrete base. Justin walsk up to it and outs his hand on it. He sits down and smiles once again. He remebers this bench from somewhere. Somewhere in his past. The smile then turns to a frown. He begins to tear. He regains his composure and wipes the tears away from his eyes. He rubs his hands together and wets his lips. Justin rubs his arms over his jacket and takes a deep breath. His hot breath is evident through the fog coming from his mouth. He takes a nother deep breath and lets it go through his nose. He is ready to continue on and he does.}---

Justin: Ahh...This bench brings back memories. She was so good to me. Why did I have to do it. I should have told her to...DAMNIT! O well, I have to get on with my life. She would have wanted it that way. I wonder...O nevermind. Let's get on to to my Tag Match with Kozmo and Demise at "Holdiday Grettings." Well, you two really started something this time. And once again you can't get out of it. Now you may think that you can go ahead and beat me without thinking about it, but you would be wrong. That would just be another mistake oout of the many you have made. And let's go over them shall we? Number One, you turn your back on me and hit me with a chair in the back. Number two, you challenge me, The Master of All that Is Seen and Unseen, to a match for Havoc. Number three, you challenge Internal Fear to a tag team match at Holiday Greetings. And finally, Number Three, you insult me and my finishing move. Now those sound to me like the mistakes of a couple of idiots and a couple of dead men. You see, Koz and Derrick, when you face Chaimber and I, you face your worst nightmares. You face the things that grown men cower and run from. You see, when you face Chaimber and Justin Sane, you face YOUR INTERNAL FEAR! There is no way to win you two, there is no way to win...

---{Justin bows his head. He looks to the right and left He starts to laugh. It turns to an evil laugh. Justin puts his hands over his face. He slowly moves his headup. He has an evil smile on. The cameraman steps back and tells Justin to stop. Justin raises his hands tot h e sky and does the same with his head. He screams, and then resumes the laugh. He moves his head back and stops laughing. He is still smiling. He does not wet his lips or take a deep breath. Instead he just speaks.}---

Justin: Ya wanna know why I was laughing? Well, I was just thinking about Kozmo's latest comments. Now you say I was the one that came crawling to you? That is not the way I saw it. I saw you coming to me asking for a superstar. And you got one. Then YOU went and betrayed ME! I did nothing, you wanna start something, well then make sure you can finish it. You seem to think that you are my authority and that you are gonna shut my mouth on Havoc. Well, pal, chalk up number five or six on your list of mistakes. Son, no one is my authority. All, including yours and Demise's asses bow down to my greatness. I am the true MASTER OF THE RING! You dare call me your bitch?! Not just a bitch, but your bitch? O wait a minute here. Let's see who is lying on the floor beggin for mercy and who is standing tall above you on the top turnbuckle laughing. You think I am the one taking things for granted here? Well, you are highly mistaken. I am not the one going around saying that you van beat my ass with your eyes closed. Well, Koz, I got some news for you, this ain't no dream! I KNOW I WILL BEAT YOU! You say that I am no exception to the rule that you take out anyone anywhere, well while you are in your room fucking some two dollar slut, I am in the gym working my ass off, to be the best I can and beyond that. You stupid schuck, you really don't get it do you. You cannot beat me. I will take everyone bone in your puny little body and snap them like twigs in hand. You will be but a pawn in my hand. You talk about EGOs, well, look in the mirror punk. You cannot match me or my skills. On Havoc your ass is mine!

Now, Kozmo, you say that I have no fire in my eyes, no desire for being a champion. Well, I think that you need to look around at the wrestling world. Look at these othere federations that I have traveled to. I have won so many belts, they have had to shut them down. You say there is no fire, well let's just wait and see who is sitting there with a victory when the match is over. Now you talk about World Gold this and World Gold that, well if you are so good, how come your left before? O yea you are scared of those little shits called EOD. Well, guess what, if you are scared of them, you will be terrified of me. You wanna talk about spreading blood all over the ring? Well you damn right there is gonna be blood all over the ring, but it ain't gonna be mine. You see, Mafia men know what it is like to taste blood and believe me I have tasted it. And I like the taste. I can't wait to see your blood spallttered on every ring post and every inch of the ring. When you have been around as long as I have, you realize one thing you don't mess with Mafia material. Cuz if you do you get shot!

You see Kozmo, you cannot beat me, you cannot even control me. Tomorrow you will know what a real hardcore match is. You will know true pain. I will break your soul in half. I will do to you what the Russian Government did to me. I will turn you into the slave that you are. Deion you will know the pain of my life. Your soul will be tortured like never before. I will make sure that your mind is locked in eternal torment. On Wednesday, Koz, the only gridlock will be the one in your. The debate between the part of your mind that tells you to stay in your locker room and then the part that tells you to go out and give all you have. But it will not be enough. Nothing will ever be enough when you fight pure insanity. Tomorrow Kozmo, you fight the one thing you cannot beat, you fight "PURE INSANITY!"

Now, Kozmo, I had respect for you. I knew that you would be a formidable enemy, but then you went and disregarded that I was any good. That my friend, was a mistake. You see, Kozmo, everything has something that it is associated with. I am associated with insanity. Insanity always is accompanied with the only true emotion in life. TERROR! And that is what shall overcome you. You will be frightened and scared like a helpless animal. Then I strike and prey on your puny soul.

As you lie there in the middle of the ring, helpless and needy, I stand over you. With the gleam in my eye that terrifies even the most worthy of competitors. You then realize something. It is time. Time for the most dangerous move in wrestling. As is pick you up and place you on the turnbuckle, I signal and you realize it is all over. You have lost the match, you dignity, and soon you soul. I deliver the Hurricanrana and set you up for the final blow. The Twisting Moonsault is delivered and you are knocked out. I pin you and win the match. Then after the match is over, you feel my hand on your chest and your soul leaving your body. You feel you very heart ripped from your flesh. You feel the true meaning of, "INSANITY!"

---{On that word Justin looks towards the left. He gets up and walks into the distance. As he walks into the horizon, the camera fades to BLACK.}---.}---