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---{The Scene: The camera fades in to show the inside of an arena of some sorts. The camera pans around to see that the place is empty and that technicians are rigging the lighting. The camera pans around some more to see a ring being set up. The men have full-bodied work blue suits. They have the words, "UHW SECURITY AND TECHNICHAL STAFF." The cameraman zooms in on one guy. He begins to walk towards him. The technicianís name is JOE. He has a blue oval patch with his name in red lettering. The cameraman mumbles something to the man and JOE points in direction. The cameraman follows. He walks around other technicians and finally gets around the ring. He pans and shows the entire backside of the arena. He then looks down and Justin Sane is shown. He is sitting in the front row and he as his feet up on the metal guardrail. Justin has a black shirt on with the words "Big Dog" in the top right corner in green. He has on a pair of Nautica Marine Denim jeans and Sketchers Boots. He brings his feet down and stands up. Justin stretches and hops the rail. He begins to walk ignoring all the men asking for autographs. At first the cameraman just stands there, but Justin then summons him to follow. Justin walks up the ramp and through the curtains. Technicians and camera crews are shown getting wires into place. Justin then walks to the back and into a well-lit hallway. He gets to a door that says, "Locker Room of Justin Sane." Justin walks in and picks up a black duffel bag. He walks to the door and takes a deep breath as if he is saying goodbye to something or someone. He shuts the light off and closes the door. The camera fades out.}---

---{When the camera fades back in, Justin has his duffel bag in his right hand below his waist. He is walking to another part of the arena. He come to a door, takes a deep breath and opens it. It is the parking lot. There is a lone car in a marked space. It is the Grey Nissan Xterra. Justin walks towards it and gets in the front seat. he throws the duffel bag on the passengersí side seat. The cameraman gets in the back and focuses on Justin. He begins to speak in a calm tone.}---

Justin: You might want to shut that off. We are in for a long journey. One that none of the wrestlers here have traveled and few have thought about. It is best the public does not see this.

---{The cameraman nods and flicks a switch. The camera suddenly dies. There is about five minutes of dead air and then a preview for "UHW WEDNESDAY CHAOS" comes on.}---

---{When the camera fades back in they are driving on a country road. Trees surround them on all sides. The foliage is amazing. They get to a metal gate. Justin leans out the window and talks to the guard. The camera pans around to see a big mansion sitting on a hill. It has a lot of windows and looks peaceful. The camera catches a bronze sign that says "SUNNY HILLS." Justin pulls back in and the guard opens the gate. The Xterra drives in and up a curvy paved road. They get to the door and Justin exits the car. He tells the cameraman to too. They get out and walk to a big Oak Door. Justin rings the bell and a man opens the door. It is Dr. Hemlock. He begins to speak.}---

Dr. Hemlock: It is all set, just like you ordered. I have the shot here and the room is all ready. Just like you wanted it.

Justin: Good. Is it where I told you?

Dr. Hemlock: Yep, just follow me.

---{Dr. Hemlock leads Justin to a stairwell. They walk down and down and down. Finally they get to the bottom floor. It is poorly lit and dark. A rat scurries across the floor in front of the cameraman. He steps back. They finally get to a cell. It is a room with a single cot, a pillow and white wall blanket and a pad and paper. Justin steps inside and sits down and he begins to speak.}---

Justin: This is it. This is the place. Just like home. This is perfect. Do you know what this means?

Cameraman: Uhh. No. Is it bad?

Justin: OF COURSE IT'S BAD! For the wrestler's of the WAWF. This marks a new attitude and a new beginning for Justin Sane. This marks the beginning of the end. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am back where I came from. No not Russia. An Insane Asylum. Doc and I agree that I have lost my edge. It is time to go back to my roots. Back to where I came from. This will be my home away from the ring. This will be my domain.

---{Suddenly, a sound is heard from the stairwell. It is the sound of someone stumbling down the stairs. A voice cries out," Wait for Me!" The camera turns to show the same fat man from the interview in the ring. It is Jerry Lyer. He has abandage on his forehad and an ice pack in his hand. He is out of breath. Jerry stops at the bottom becuase he out of breath. He stumbles towards the interview area and stops. He tries to say something but can't. Justin waits. he has a disgusted look on his face. Jerry finally catches his breath and starts off the interview.}---

Jerry: Hello Justin. Didn't you get the message that you were supposed to wait fo me?---{Justin sighs and rolls his eyes. Jerry continues.}--- O Well. Let's get down to buisness. First, lets start with a rumor flying around. Justin people have seen you in the back with certain former members of EoD. Are you with former members of EoD? Are you forming a stable? What is going on there?

Justin: What? Where the hell did you here that one from? You think that is true? Don't Answer. To tell you the truth I hate EoD. They walk around the back like they are the greatest and all that other nonsense. I cannot stand them I really can't. If i had my choice. I would take them all on right now. Especially that lying and cheating scum called Cliff Hanger. OOO Wow! You can have a press conference you should feel special! Ya know what, Cliff, the only reason you are giving me a non-title shot is because you are scared that you are going to disgrace the EoD by losing your title. Well, I got some news for you. They were already disgraced. By everyone. They think that they are all that, but look what happened. Styx and Chaimber leave the EoD, and already there is a stable that is completely against EoD. And do you wanna know why> Becuase EoD is too damn cocky. You guys walk around like you own the place. Well, Clif that is about to end. If you had any kind of balls at all, you would give me my title shot and get it over with. Cuz Son, you and your EoD friends are in for a big surprise. You think that you are the greatest thing to hit wrestling since Hulk " I Can't Bath Myself" Hogan? Well let's just see how things turn out when the odds are against you and your little EoD freinds. Cuz when it is all said and done. You will be laying on the floor and I will be holding The XXXtreme Title!

Now, onto this thing about being seen with some former members of EoD. You damn right I have. I have got to have friends aroud here. And the people that I know are just the right people. They know what to do and hwen to do it. My friends and I are going to shaking things up around here very soon. So keep your eye out.

---{Justin turns around to the shelf on the far wall. He gets up and walks over. he grabs his piece of paper and brushes the dust off of it. He then grabs the pencil and does the same. He walks back over to the bed and sits down. He wets the tip of the pencil and writes. The camera tries to get a closer look, but Justin pushes it away. The cameraman falls back and hits Jerry Lyer. Jerry then proceeds to fall out of the metal chair that he is sitting on and land on his fat ass. The metal chair then falls and lands on his head. The other three look up and there is a silence. Suddenl, someone chcuckles and then the three break out in laughter as Jerry regains his composure. He lifts the chair of of himself and picks it up. He places it in the same spot in before and dusts it off. Jerry then dudst himself off and sits down again. Justin calms downa nd finishes writng. Justin finishes and Jerry asks to continue. Justin nods and he does.}---

Jerry: Ok, very funny, but seriously, let's get down to theimportrant stuff here. First your up and coming Pay-Per-View Debut match with The Social Misfits, Kozmo and Demise. You commented yesterday about this match, but as the day draws the cloder the people expect more. Could you please make some more comments. And possibly reveal your mystery tag partner?

---{Justin wets his lips and takes a deep breath. he looks at his notes and ponders what to say. He takes another deep breath and places the pad and paper to the side. He looks straight at the camera and continues on.}---

Justin: Well, well, well, the fat ass wants more comments huh? Well, I got some for ya right here. ---{Justin points to the lower part of his body}--- But. knowing how you would probably like that, I have decided to refrain from using those comments. I'll stick to these. First off, Koz and Demise are really in deep now. You guys challenged the wrong guy and now you are gonna pay. You guys wanna talk about how you can take me down without a thought? Well, too bad, cuz that ain't gonna happen. Demise, you may have your eye on Cliff Hanger, but he is mine. You wanna show someone hardcore, well show me. In that tag match you are going down. I will take your ass and beat it ten times from broadway! Derick, you got your eyes on the wrong people, and soon it is gonnna come back to get you! Now, Kozmo, what can I say, it will be very entertaining to see you in the other corner, scared for your life, but just wait. Your time will come too.

Now, as far as my mystery partner goes. I guess that now is a good time to announce him. He is, like me, a man among children. He is a fellow EoD hater. And he is one o the best damn wrestlers that I have ever seen. He is...CHAIMBER! Yes that is right ladies and gentlemen. Chaimber, is my tag partner. At the PPV, Koz and Demise face off against the greatest duo of all time. We are...INTERNAL FEAR! And come the PPV, you all shall feel the power of THE DARK SIDE!

Jerry: Ok, now finnally, can we get some comments on the Kozmo match this wednesday. Kozmo has been absent from all shows after hearing about the event. What are your feelings on that? And also, do you think Derrick Demise will have something to do with the outcome of this match?

Justin:eally? Are you serious? That little piece of chicken shit hasn't even showed up to defend himself? Damn! What a fool. He really thinks that he has this match in the bag. He thinks that it is going to be a piece of cake. He thinks that he is going to just walk in here and win wihtout thinking twice. Well let me tell you something Kozmo, you can go ahead and think that, but you will just be digging yourself a bigger hole.

Kozmo, I have been in many of these matches before. My first if the federation, that is. And this will be like no other. The night of our match, you will undoubtedly be bragging to all your friends on how you are going to tear the rookie apart. Your music will hit and you will walk out to a huge cheer. You will be cocky and proud. Pride in your talents, pride in your skills, and pride in your overall self. You will walk down to the ring and get ready for the match. That is your biggest mistake out of the many that you have made.

All of a sudden the lights dim. A reddish tint fills the arena and mist and fog cover the entranceway. Mental Breakdown begins to play and the fans begin to cheer. Your pride and cockiness soon turns to wonder and inquisitiveness. Without warning red and black fireworks shoot down from the rafters and green and white fireworks shoot up towards the heavens. The mist and fog in the entranceway become heavier. Then, unexpectedly I, Justin Sane step out of the entranceway with trusty Dr. Hemlock at my side. The fans erupt in a cheer of, "INSANE, INSANE, INSANE..." The feelings of wonder quickly turn to fear and you are enlightened. You realize that challenging me was the biggest mistake of your sorry excuse of a life. As I make my way down to the ring in my black wrestling tights you begin to realize something else. You cannot beat me. As I step into the ring Fire shoots from the turnbuckles. You and I are now entrapped of an ever-present ring of fire. The flames die down and my straight jacket is removed. My muscles shine and flex. Veins are showing and the glare in my eye has made your heart race. You emotions are running rampant. Seconds before the bell is rang, the crowd quiets and you feel one and only one emotion, TERROR! Throughout the match, you become severely beaten. You feel pain in places you thought you would never feel it in. And then you realize the true meaning of hardcore wrestling. You realize that there is no escape from, "INSANITY!"

Now, as far as Demise goes, I think he will get involved. But the thing he is, he will not have an effect on the outcome. Derrick, I dare you to come down to ring side. I dare you to try and pull something. See what happens Derrick. SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

---{With that note Justin turns to the pad again. he begins to write as the camera fades to BLACK.}---