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---{The Scene: Outside an arena somewhere on the eastern seaboard. The camera pans around showing steel mills and factories. In the horizon a river is seen, and a ballpark. The camera begins to turn more. A Billboard is seen. It says: "Welcome to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Home, of the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins!" The camera then shows a white marquee outside of the arena. The words CIVIC CENTER are at the top of it in yellow, with black outlining and home of The Pittsburgh Penguins below that in black. Advertisements for upcoming Penguins home games against The New York Rangers, The Philadelphia Flyers, and The New Jersey Devil flash across the screen. Then an advertisement for the UHW flashes across the screen. It reads: "UHW TOUR OF INSANITY STOPS HERE ON DECEMBER FIFTH! BE THERE OR BE THEY WILL COME GET YOU!" The camera begins to wander to the street. A Nissan Xterra is seen in the distance. As it gets closer, you can clearly see the license plate. PURE INSANITY. The car pulls up to the arena. It turns towards the parking area under the arena. It stops at the security booth and someoneís arm sticks out and passes the Security Man a card of some sort. The camera gets closer. The security guard is heard saying, O itís you. They are expecting you inside. You are scheduled for the evening." The arm pulls back inside the car and a metal door is lifted. The Xterra drives in and the gate shuts. The camera fades to a commercial for The Steelers game on Sunday.

When the camera fades back in, The Xterra is pulling into a marked parking space. The driverís side door opens and Dr. Hemlock gets out of the car. He is wearing casual clothes. He has on a pair of Levis 402 comfort fit blue jeans and a black T-shirt with the words SWO on it in blood red letters and Sketchers boots. He turns to get two black duffel bags,. and the back of the shirt is shown. It says, Purely Hardcore. He has a concerned face, and seems to be very upset. Finally, the passenger's side door opens. Justin Sane gets out of the car. He has on a pair of Blue Dockers Baggy Cargo Khakis on and a red shirt on. It has long sleeves and the words SWO on the front in white. Justin looks stern, but you can tell that something in wrong. He walks towards the camera and then makes a right. The back of the shirt reads, "Where Insanity Rules," in white letters. Hemlock and Justin walk out of the parking lot and into the arena. They walk further into the arena. Justin asks a member of the stage crew something. He points in a direction and Justin nods. Hemlock and Justin walk a little longer to a door that says, "LOCKER ROOM OF UNITED STARZ ALLIANCE." They enter and shut the door and the camera fades to black.

The camera fades in to a sold out arena. The fans are jumping and really hyped. They can't wait for the card to begin. All of a sudden the lights dim. A reddish tint fills the arena and mist and fog cover the entranceway. Mental Breakdown begins to play and the fans begin to cheer. Without warning red and black fireworks shoot down from the rafters and green and white fireworks shoot up towards the heavens. The mist and fog in the entranceway become heavier. Then, unexpectedly, Justin Sane steps out of the entranceway with trusty Dr. Hemlock at his side.

The fans erupt in a cheer of, "INSANE, INSANE, INSANE......" Justin makes his way down to the ring in his black wrestling tights with the words,"INSANITY" written on each leg in red. As Justin steps into the ring fire shoots from the turnbuckles. He is now entrapped of an ever-present ring of fire. The flames die down and his straight jacket is removed. Justin's muscles shine as he flexes. His veins are showing and the glare in his eye makes everyone's heart race. Justin looks around and walks towards the corner. He looks to the crowd for inspiration.

Justin checks if the mic is on and is about to speak, when all of a sudden a heavy set man runs out fromt he entrance. He has a mic and a clipboard in his hand. He stops on the outside of the ring to catch his breath and then slides into the ring. He pauses, gets up and walks over to Justin. He speaks.

Man: Hello, Justin. My name is Jerry Lyer and I have been sent to conduct this interview.

---{Justin sighs. He looks down and scratches his forhead. He walks around the ring with his hands on his hips and stops facing the ring attendant. He says something, but the camera doesn't catch it. Justin then walks back to Jerry and Jerry speaks again.}---

Jerry: Ok, first off Justin what about these rumors that Kozmo and Demise did not make a mistake and you actually did turn your back on them? Is there any truth to these? And also what about this tag challenge layed out by Kozmo? Do you accept and whata re your feelings?

---{Justin rolls his eyes. He has a disgusted face on. He looks as if he is about to hit Jerry. He motions and Jerry cowers, but Justin puts his hand back and laughs. Jerry laughs too,b ut Justin looks at him and stops. Justin answers.}---

Justin: What the hell kind of question is that? Huh? God, you people are just fucking idiots. Yea I turned my back on my best friends just so I could be all alone and have everyone against me. What the hell were yout thinking? I'll tell you what you were thinking. You thouight that byu squeezing some answer out of me, you could get some brownie points with Koz and Demise. Well, son, it is not going to work. But you will get this out of me. Koz, Demise, I did not do shit to you guys, and then you go and hit me with the chair? What the hell kind of friendship is this anyway? You guys don't even trust me enough that you would believe some bogus rumor started by herbs like this guy over here? Well, bad move. You guys call yourselves THE SOCIAL MISFITS? What the hell kind of name is that. Sounds like someone is running low on creativity. Well, if you guys really wanna believe all of these bullshit rumors go ahead. But it ain't my fault if you get burned. Becuase remember, INSANITY LOVES COMPANY!

Now, onto this Tag Challenge. Let's see here. Hmmm... Kozmo and Demise in the ring at the same time as me? And I get to beat the living hell out of them and get payed for it. Well, I guess you got youselves a macth. Now, my partner. Hmmm... That could be a tough one. Who would want kick your asses as much as me. That will take time, but trust me, BY THE NEXT PPV, I WILL have a partner and will take you on. But know this, it will be no easy match. This will be the toughest match you will ever fight. And when you step into the ring, you will know TRUE INSANITY!

---{Justin turns and in effect knocks down the clipboard of Jerry. Papers go flying around the ring. Justin sees one goes past his face and has a puzzled look. He turns and sees what has happened. At first he is disgusted, but then he cracks a smile and falls to the floor laughing. Jerry is hurrying to get all the papers together. He fumbles papers and they are now out of order. He gets all of them, and is trying to them back into order when Justin grabs him by the shirt and picks him up. He is now seriously angry. Justin points at the papers and Dr. Hemlock comes over and grabs all of them. Justin lets go of Lyer and Jerry is scraed. He has no questions and no defense if Justin attacks him. Jerry makes a signal to continue on and Jerry hesitates. Justin gets angrier and Jerry goes on.}---

Jerry: Ok, ok...Ughhhh, Ok well I think i was going to ask you about...No not that. Was it... No that's not it either. O wait here it is. Justin it was just announced that you will be facing Kozmo on Wednesday at Chaos, in Indianapolis, Indiana. How do you feel about your first match being against your best friend, turned worst enemy? And do you have any special plans for this match?

---{Justin pauses as if he is contemplating a decision of life or death. He does not know what to do. He wants to speak on the subject, but he does not want to offend his friend any further. He decides it is best that he continue. Although, he does not want to offend his friend, he realizes that he must win his first match. He finally comes to the conclusion that Demise and Kozmo are no longer freinds, but are now mortal enemies of...}---

---{Justin wets his lips, takes a deep breath and continues on.}---

Justin: O really? I am? When the hell did this happen. Don't answer! Well I guess I got lucky. And I am not going to let this oppurtunity get away. This is my first of many chances to prove that I am a superstar. You see, I am one that takes oppurtunities when they present themselves. And when tehyd o come, and trust me they do come, I seize them, I use them all up. I make sure that only I, Justin Sane, survive. Finally I get a chance to prove to the millions and millions of fans what I am truly worth. Yes, I have wrestled in such minor league federations as IWF and wXw, but the UHW is the big time. This is where it all happens. This is where you prove to the enetire buisness of wrestling that you belong here in the ring and not out on the streets like Kozmo and Demise do. This wednesday, I will not leave you dissapointed.

Now, onto Kozmo. Kozmo, Kozmo, Kozmo, what can I say about you? Hmmm...Let me think. Koz, you talk about how your motto in Social Misfits is to defy authority, well guess what son, Iam your authority! And you will not defy me. Koz, when you get into the ring with me, you get into the ring with the deadliest man in wrestling. You are facing the man that has destoyed entire federations with a mere glimpse. Youa re facing the man that can take your ass down with one move. The most feared move in all of wrestling today. THE INTRO TO INSANITY! You see Kozmo, it looks like you like to start things that you cannot finish. First you start off here in UHW and then you leave like the little chickenshit that you are. and you start a feud with me, but in your mind, you know you cannot win it. Now, you wanna say that I have no chance of beating you or Demise, well we will see. Becuase, Koz, when you hit me in the back with a chair, not only did you change my way of looking at things, but you started a fire that has not burned within me for a long time and Wednesday it gets unleashed upon you. You say that thinking that I could beat you would be Insane. Well, I guess that's why they call me Justin Sane. So, you know what Kozmo, Wednesday, you bring your sorry ass down to the ring and we will see who leaves in one piece. Well I think that is all. O wait, I GOT TWO WORDS FOR KOZ AND SOCIAL MISFIT ASS...


---{With those words uttered, Jerry dropkicks Jerry in the head. His music hits and he heads up the ramp to a mixed reaction}---