I Got A New Attitude…

And Guess What…I Don’t Give A Shit About You!

~~~Repitition is stupid. What's the point of doing something again? I mean really? Is there any realy point to it? You did it once, so there is no need to do it again. YOu know the feeling. Well, there's one exception. And I think we all know what that is. HA HA HA. And a perfect example of this comes on Thursday. Justin gets...well more like HAS TO fight Frums again. One Word:Boring*. O well, some good things can come from repitition, wait...exception again....

....Last time we saw Justin he was with Tony, Joey, and Lil Person enjoying life. They were at an Italian restaurant relaxing and living it up. Tony and Justin were disgussing final preparations for the "protection" that Tony was going to supply. After all, Justin has to go up against The Authority, Rated Gay, and whats left of The Corporation. I guess that would be ummm...Paul Timmer? Now that's funny....

....The camera fades in to show Justin, Joey and Lil Person walking along the sidewalk. Justin is wearing A.D.I.D.A.S. windpants and a NIKE windbreaker. Joey is wearing blue jeans and a black sweatshirt. Lil Person is wearing a suit and sunglasses. What...Again? Does this guy have anything else to wear? Or does his entire closet consist of this one suit? DAMNIT! I won't be able to sleep now!~~~

Joey- Why are we doing this again?

Justin- For inspiration.

Joey- Inspiration? What the hell are you talking about? Have you been sniffing glue again?

Justin- First off, that was you Joey. And second off, I don't have tot tell you anything. I tell you what I CHOOSE to tell you.

Joey- No, you have to tell me what I want to know.

Justin- Ok, Joey. Sure I do.

Lil Person- ***Aside To Justin*** Why are you assuring him?

Justin- ***Aside to Lil Person*** Because hsi prison therapist said that he sommitted all those cromes because he belived everyone ignored him. We have to show him we care and that he is the authoritative figure.

Joey- What the hell are you two talking about?

Justin- Nothing Joey. Don't worry about it.

Joey- You better not be talking about me!

Justin- Don't worry, we aren't.

Joey- I hope not.

Lil Person- ***Aside to Justin*** He's an idiot.


Justin- Nothing.

Lil Person- God, you are so paranoid.

Joey- No I'm not.

Justin- You are. Why else would you want to know everything we say?

Joey- Because I think you are talking about me.

Justin- Thank you.

Joey- For what?!

Justin- Proving our point.

Lil Person- That's the exact definition of paranoid.

Justin- Yep. You saved us time and energy.

Joey- Do you always have rag on me?

Justin- No I can rag on Frums. Watch. Frums, you got lucky. Get that through your head. I didn't care about you. I was look ahead to Ragression and your mentally incapacitated friend, FT. Luckily, he escaped Ragression and you escaped that match. This time, it has been different. FT lost to me and now I fight Joe Jobber at Retribution. And same goes for you Frums. Look at you, how long have you been here? I've been here for what...two months and already I'm a main eventer...except when I forced to fight people like you. Why would that be? O yea, because you are still fighting over that Hardcore title EP carries around because you COULDN'T BEAT HIM! Did I mention I beat him too? Damn, I've beaten a lot of people you couldn't Frums. Too bad for you. Because on Thursday, you are going to get beaten. Left, right, up, down and any other way your demented mind can come up with.

~~~Justin, Joey and Lil Person turn left and walk into a store. There is an asian woman at the register. Justin walks over to the sandwich counter.~~~

Justin- Yes, I'd like to order a virginia ham and swiss on a roll with mustard...NO lettuce and NO tomato.

Sandwich Guy- Ok, no problem.

Joey- I never liked these places.

Justin- Why?

Joey- I always get jipped here.

Justin- What?! In every deli that you have been to, in the world, you have been jipped?!

Joey- Yep. It's these damn asian owners, they have this like secret society. I'm wanted.

Justin- You are so paranoid. You are an Italian paranoid freak.

Joey- I'm telling you man. These people are sickos.

Justin- ***Pointing At Lady At Register*** What the fuck are you talking about? Look at her. She seems perfectly normal.

Joey- Yea, now they do. But just wait man. Just wait. Then you will see what I am talking about.

~~~The sandwich guy finishes making it and brings it over to the register. Justin follows and takes out 3.50, thinking it can't be more. He was wrong.~~~

Register Lady- That will be 4.68

Justin- ARe you kidding me?

Joey- See I told you.

Justin- Shutup Joey. Here.

~~~Justin reluctantly hands the lady a 5 and grabs his sandwich. As he begins to walk out the sandwich guy whispers something to the registyer lady. She tells Justin to stop.~~~

Register Lady- Excuse me. You didn't pay for lettuce and tomato.

Justin- Th...

Joey- Let me handle this Justin. That's because he didn't order any.

Register Lasy- Yes, he did.

Joey- No, he didn't.

Justin- I'll pay him. It's only like 30 cents. It's no big deal.

Joey- NO, it is a big deal...***Talking To Register Lady*** Listen up you illegal Chink. My friend didn't order lettuce or tomato. You hear that, that is english. You understand?

Justin- Joey...

Joey- ***Ignoring Justin*** Good. My freind didn't pay and he's not going to. You are lucky we saved your ass in WWII or else you'd still be in Jap Concentration camps. Hell, if I had my choice I would have nuked your ass! You Chinses Commy Bastard!

Justin- Joey, you're not even American. You're Italian. You aided Hitler more than the Japs.

Joey- Not now Justin I'm on a roll. Now you listen here. If you don't fucking apologize to my friend and me, I am afraid I will have to come back there kick your ass! You got that?!

Register Lady- 1 dollar each for lettuce and tomato.

Justin- What the fuck?! Ok, that's it. Now I agree with Joey. WHo the fuck do you think you are charging all that money?! You just waltz into America and think you can chage 5 fucking dollars for a simple ham sandwich? And 2 bucks for lettuce and tomato? Well listen, it's don't work that way. So fuck you, and fuck your secret society. I'll see your ass in court!

~~~Justin throws the sandwich in the lady's face and grabs his 5 back. He, Joey and Lil Person walk out as the camera fades to the narrator's voice.~~~

So many questions...
Will Justin be banned from deli's across the world?
Will Joey really Nuke China?
Will Justin and Joey really take the lady to court?
Are Justin and Joey really that racist?
Does Lil Person have ANYTHING else to wear?!
So Many Questions...So Little Time!


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